Is Randy Hagar a quack?

Is Randy Hagar a quack?

Created by Anon on Apr 30, 2008

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#1 Apr 30, 2008
Well, I think he is. The Hagar family has lived in Citrus Heights for decades, since the early '50s. The youngest son died of AIDS, the middle Hagar has spent half his life in prison, and now Randy got a job with NAMI and the California Psychiatric Association. He's lobbied for lots of psych laws, involuntary commitment and forced medication.

Practice what he preaches, is my guess. The father was vice-principal of Sylvan Junior High, the mother a little different. And what's happened to their neighbors over all these years? Whew! Ask the Roseville Post Office!

Incorporate Citrus Heights? No, better wish to have the old town back. Now you get the Hagars committing you for nothing and taking your property. Fire the mayor!

United States

#2 Apr 30, 2008
Hey, what about that Boy Scout troop that used to meet at Sylvan? Troop 82? Nowhere around now, but Saathoff's a big name in San Diego. And the things they used to do, just like in the Austin Powers movies. What a racket, Hagars committing everyone one way, and Saathoffs making Oscar movies with old Sylvan Boy Scout skits.

I don't think they should have incorporated Citrus Heights. Just a new generation of rip-offs.

United States

#3 May 1, 2008
I think Randall Hagar's a quack. All the children who live in Grand Oaks and went to Sylvan are committed now, thanks to those assembly bills that Hagar and NAMI and Lee passed. You know the violent video game thing? Yup, there's Hagar! His little brother went to prison lots of times, lots of burglaries and gun thefts. No sense in any Hagar lobbying for anything to do with violent video games or such, they're just not believable. They've been trying that since Death Race 2000.

And there it is in Grand Oaks, pre-DD. Hagar can DD right on out of politics, his legislation and psychiatry is just entrapment and fraud.

Skip the slang and don't get stang, mang! Put NAMI and the California Psychiatric Association out of business once and for all. It's good for your head.

United States

#4 May 1, 2008
The middle Hagar son had a friend named Bobby Lee, lived on Hill Drive off of Cross (Cross used to be named Almond Drive until the '70s). The elder Lee had a gas station on the corner of Old Auburn and Sunrise; it's been gone since the '60s, the gas station there now fairly new. That was long before Sunrise Eskaton was built; there were old houses there then next to the Lee gas station. Matter of fact, that was before Woodmore Oaks was built. There wasn't much on the end of Almond/Cross except an old mansion right about where the 7/11 is now. That burned down in maybe 1960 or '61.

Anyway,that Lee got into lots of trouble. My guess is he's related to Frank Lee, and everybody knows what Frank Lee did to the feds. So all of this Hagar/NAMI stuff goes 'way back. Has more to do with Citrus Heights getting incorporated than a person would think right off.

Poway, CA

#5 May 2, 2008
Nothing good came from anyone living on Hill Drive, that I can think of. One of the older remaining unpaved roads in Citrus Heights (I think it's still a dirt road), and a reminder of how scenic the town used to be, but everyone who lived on it was touched.

Mean thing to say, but look at American River College's Black Chalks/ACT test deletion scandal. You know the Hagars had something to do with that, what with Randy Hagar trying to put everyone on thorazine and commit them to Napa or Atascadero or where ever. Just one big cover up! If you go to AR, you're going to get deleted and committed, sure enough.

I think Hagar committed everyone on Hill Drive a long time ago, he graduated from UCD in the '60s or early '70s. He's been at it for a while.

There was an English teacher at AR named Ms. Hill. Probably the same Hill family. She even told people to hide their ACT scores!

And now Frank Lee has even put it into the federal government. I tell you, it's a mess.

Poway, CA

#6 May 4, 2008
You know what would happen to Prop 36 if Hagar's little brother would ever be asked anything about David Holt. Prop 36 would be really shown to be the trash it is, since it isn't retro.

Hagar's up to no good, glad you brought this to everyone's attention. They should make Prop 36 retro and put all the frauds out of business.

Carlsbad, CA

#7 May 4, 2008
I remember now, Hagar's grandparents lived on Orange off of Fair Oaks. That Smith family, lived down the street from the Kaestners. That was trouble.

What did that have to do with H&H Market getting torn down? Lots of people used to shop there.

But I agree, no matter how you look at it, Randy's not supposed to be getting people committed. A nice, law-abiding man, but not for this. He has too many external influences playing into things. And his family still own their home, while all the neighbors and businesses have had all kinds of harms and razings. No, that's not right.

Escondido, CA

#8 May 5, 2008
Citrus Heights used to be a nice little town. Peaceful and all. Now everybody's getting committed by Hagar and NAMI? I don't agree with that, I don't think that's right.

But that post about Prop 36 rings true. If it was retro, then those people who had to go to an unlicensed rehab before Prop 36 could get back into court. Unlicensed treatment is just like Randy Hagar going around committing everyone just because he wants to. I guess that's fun for people with a certain type of mentality, but it's not professional conduct nor is it legal. And it doesn't mean the committed person is crazy or guilty of something.

I'm sure there's some kind of Hippocratic Oath in there that has to be followed, and isn't at the present.

Hagar's little brother knows something that would shed some light on all of this? The Holt family used to be involved in construction around town, weren't they? Well, there's one answer, anyway.

But keep us informed on what's up. Sure don't want to see anybody get committed for things they don't do!

United States

#9 May 10, 2008
Yes, I think Randy Hagar's a quack.

United States

#10 May 16, 2008
Well, I know his mother lied to the investigators they use to check security clearances for military personnel. The ones who do the background checks for soldiers who need security clearances.

Isn't that a federal offense or something? That's real bad, isn't it? And Hagar contacted Principi when Principi had the Veterans Administration. I wonder what all he lied about then?

Hey, that's real bad! I'm not going to let that family commit anyone I know!

United States

#11 May 20, 2008
ooo wrote:
Hey, that's real bad! I'm not going to let that family commit anyone I know!
Well, if he's head or something of the California Psychiatric Association, that just about put that place out of business. I don't think I'd believe anything anyone from that place says anymore.

My guess is if they say someone's crazy, he's not.

What a bunch of quacks and charlatans! "The Age of Quackery" is a trite phrase now, but we just got put in it. That's real bad!

Escondido, CA

#12 May 23, 2008
ooo wrote:
You know what would happen to Prop 36 if Hagar's little brother would ever be asked anything about David Holt.
Personally, I don't like Prop 36. I don't like the people behind it or the way they went about making the law. It has good intent, no argument there, but it just doesn't work right because it doesn't protect the entire state's populace. Now, the right answer there is of course it doesn't, it's only made to cover felons who are non-violent drug offenders. That's not everyone in the state. It's not supposed to be for everyone.

And that's where it's bad! It's supposed to be for drug offenders, but it's not! Those private interest people from the East Coast have made it so Prop 36 only applies to their friends! Only their accomplices can use the Drug Courts! That's right! If a person had a conviction before the Drug Courts and had to go to an unlicensed rehab, that's just too bad! There's nothing he can do about it, Prop 36 doesn't do anything for him at all!

That's where Prop 36 is parasitical. It just leeches off those who went before it, it does nothing to heal the state. It drains the life out of the state's citizens, and makes it impossible for them to get an impartial trial. It's entirely for private interest groups, and is discriminatory and prejudiced in who it serves.

No? Yes; wait'll you try to use the lawyers that Prop 36 has brought into practice with it. They're not lawyers anymore. I don't know what they are, but they're not lawyers.

Boy, they really need to make Prop 36 retro!

Escondido, CA

#13 Jun 1, 2008
Randy Hagar? What's Randy Hagar doing committing people?

No way Jose!

United States

#14 Jun 7, 2008
Hagar and his cronies totally destroy due process, don't they? What irony for his family, so upright and well respected in the community. Their son does so much to ruin democracy.

That's what the CPA and NAMI's doing, you know. Removing free speech and civil rights from the populace. The assembly bills that Hagar lobbied for are sufficient in themselves to do that by making people suspect just for minor ideosyncracies that they might publicly display. An odd word or expression is enough to get you committed and pumped full of thorazine.

No, Hagar's taken the wrong road. Let's hope he doesn't lead the entire state into the blue. Empty blue's a bad place to be.

Poway, CA

#15 Jun 26, 2008
Hey, I just found this thread, and I've always thought that Randy Hagar's a quack. Funny someone else thought so, too.

Was he friends with that Recio fellow? That guy had some odd friends and would lie about and frame people, but that was a long time ago. No, I don't think that Hagar would be a competent individual to commit anyone.

Vista, CA

#16 Jun 26, 2008
Recios? That whole family was liars and thieves, but I don't think Hagar had anything to do with them. Don't think that'd enter into his medical practice (not that he has one to speak of, quackishness included).

But all the more reason to discount anything NAMI/CPA says.

Well, there's that.

United States

#17 Jul 11, 2008
Why, look at what I just found!

This is a fake obituary of a woman where it's asked that donations be sent to NAMI in her name. Except she wasn't really dead at all!

This is when Randy Hagar was working for NAMI and everything! What could this mean? And the other people involved with this lie a lot about everything! No idea why, but it seems to be a factor in everything.

So, I personally don't believe much of what anyone involved with NAMI says. I sure wouldn't want these people to become involved with any legal issue I might have. Financial, either.

United States

#18 Jul 20, 2008
Yes, quack defined. Definitively. The definition of quack is found herein.

Here it is.

United States

#19 Jul 24, 2008
Well, his little brother (the one who knows enough to jettison Prop 36) got a nose job 'way back in the early '60s. In grade school, matter of fact. A meaningless comment, unless Dennis Publishing makes more nose jokes.

What's that got to do with anything? That's where it gets weird.

San Diego, CA

#20 Aug 10, 2014
Honestly, this man should have no authority over the state in any capacity, NAMI, CPA, any lobbying efforts for California at all.

Senator Yee is history now. Randy Hagar should be, also. He has important things to do, he's a really intelligent person. But, not for us.

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