This statement is for our strong recommendation of Mr Spillmann...A man of his word and his work. If you are looking for an owner who does not just talk the talk, but takes the time and has the extreme patience to explain the process, be involved in the process from prep, labor and clean up. Not a "drive by" owner who just stops when payment is due!! We are so amazed at Spartan Concrete Coatings Inc. process and final product on our once hideous pool decking. George turned our yard into art....on time, no add on's, no complaints. We are now interested in driveway, second patio, stone columns, and living and dining rooms floors. George took the time to provide 6-8 samples and make 4-5 visits to the house with zero pressure to sell us. If you are looking STOP...Spartan Concrete Coatings inc. is your answer. I gave George the ok to give out photos and our number for anyone looking to see his work. Good luck, and thanks again and your guys are great to work with.