NCO call center to add 500 workers

NCO call center to add 500 workers

There are 96 comments on the Rockford Register-Star story from Aug 10, 2007, titled NCO call center to add 500 workers. In it, Rockford Register-Star reports that:

“It was a chance we could not let go of”

ROCKFORD - One of the largest employers on the northeast side of town plans to get even bigger by the end of the year. via Rockford Register-Star

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Columbia, MO

#21 Apr 19, 2009
Crystal Riley wrote:
It is a really great place to work. Whatever you hear about it...if it is bad dont is actually a great place to work...
no it isn't. i worked there 2 yrs. Marshall is a nice guy (at least I liked him) but that place sux.

Columbia, MO

#22 Apr 19, 2009
present wrote:
personally i understand they ask for alot>> but honestly if ur not multi-task...and u dnt believe you can do it!!! then dnt waste ur time to go to wrk o to even write a dumb comment >>.bcus to me real it all sounds like ya bunch of cry-babies!!!!
You must be a manger there.
The best sup NCO ever had

Rockford, IL

#23 May 19, 2009
Today I was told my supervisor has been let about a curve ball in your life..Jessica Cardenas the best supervisor I know at NCO.We slave to drive the customer's happy and Jessica was one to keep our spirits up.Knowing Jessica what ever happened I am sure it was not for harm it was for the good.Basically in the customer service industry the customer is always right..If a customer makes a complaint and there is no proof of it basically it is the customer's word for it and you can and will lose your job. We lost what kept me going here at this dead end job.Jessica always said education comes first and always pushed for us to do better. I use to complain all the time she would say nothing is going to change unless you make it happen and she would then ask are you doing anyting to make your future better. I would say No she would then say great your future is with me now auto in and laugh...she said it in such a funny amusing way and put the accountability on me I had no choice but to laugh with her and auto-in..Jessica you are the best and are very much strive me to do better...enjoy the sun out there you been in the dungin to damn long...

Rockford, IL

#24 May 31, 2009
the Rockford, IL call center is a joke! i got let go because my phone kept actiing up i was not able to hear the customers when they called. i was accused of "customer mistreat" yeah my ass. the managers there are jokes!! the day i got let go this buck tooth saggy ass flea infested looking TC lead kept stalking me and looking at what i was doing on the computer. there were other people shoping online, playing games, etc....AND ME? i was looking up new upcoming phones on GOOGLE! and i got a pathetic warning for that. like WTF!! i hate how he supervisors act like their the shit. i got more education than 90% of all the sups but i was stuck as a rep . the place is filthy dirty too. the night cleaning mexican crew...all they do is dust the top of our cubicles and when they do alll the dust comes down on the desk and keyboard! UGH!!! it pisses me off sooo much!!!! I got my last paycheck yesterday and i am missing a day of work....8 hours. lord knows i will call them bitches tomorrow and demand my money. that place has so much negative energy it literally kills you mentally and emotionally, i know so many people there that have quit or REALLY want to quit. one of my friends CRIES on her way to work cuz she cant stand that place. the sups there dont give a shit about people. except a couple of them like the abouve post with jessica cardenas...she was nice. everyone else tho is a joke. PEOPLE AT NCO NEED TO GO AND GET YOUR DAM COLLEGE DEGRE OR SUMTHIN AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT PLACE. PEOPLE there are like " this is the place place in the world!" fukn ridiculous. I hate that place and will never go back.*WARNING ANYONE WHO APPLYS THERE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!* you will get treated like a little kid and a slave by 10th grade educated "sups and managers"

Hamilton, Canada

#25 Jun 20, 2009
its all rigged

Rockford, IL

#26 Aug 1, 2009
I've been there since the beginning of the year at first I was like shit all I got to do is sit on my ass all day and talk to people about their phones that's easy enough. Training was okay but it seems like they go over things you don't even class got shit for everything... in pda they never went over desktop manager...which is all you pretty much use to fix a training i got 3.5 and 3.25 but i get on the floor and i get 2.75...ooh but my quality says she likes me so she doesn't want to give me a 2.5 and get fired!! ya right....they tell clarance wallar or wutever his name is when he is about to get scored so he will get a 4.0 or higher on his phone which i find ridiculous of course we would all get good scores if they told us when we were getting scored i hate it there im hoping the tech chat is better...but for sure im going to school so i can get out of there...and with that shift bid poor ppl got screwed over im just glad it will all be over soo for me

Chadwick, IL

#27 Aug 3, 2009
NCO -- Dont apply wrote:
First off, not all sup's thing they are the shi*! We go through a lot more than you little complaining ass pieces of shit reps could even imagine. All you do is put up with rude customers (okay really rude customers, and a lot of shitty policies and quality guidlines)!!!!! We put up with U, all these little teenagae acting, problem starting, drug dealing, idoits.
As if that wasnt bad enough upper mangmt is up our assess all day yelling about numbers never being good enough, you are right about one thing, all upper mngmt here is DUMB, they have no idea how to even take a call!!!! I cant wait till they change to a diff project or close so i can get a serverance package THIS JOB BLOWS the BIG ONE!!!!
Pay SUCKS at agent and Sup level!!!!!
Hours expected to work is CRAZY (I work 60 hours a week, no OT because im on salary)!!!!
Reporting is extensive and unnessasary and takes all week to find the right numbers!!!!!
Quality is a flipping Joke!!!!!!!!!
Expect NOT to have a life out of WORK!!!!!!
Worst of all NO APPRICIATION for hard work from upper mngmnt!!!!! EVER!!!!!
If you are a suprvisor there, apparently everything everyone is saying is true. Just look at how you had degraded everyone under you.

Bettendorf, IA

#28 Aug 6, 2009
I can definetly understand all your concerns about NCO. To all the people who complain about the "Educational" level and that your educational level is higher than all the supervisors at NCO, you educational level cannot be all that much higher. Because it seems like you cannot even type a full complete sentence. So, your statement pretaining to that is laughable at best. If you do not like working there, don't. No one is forcing you to stay. You are all hot shot employee of the year's, go find another job somewhere else. All the "real" uneducated person who work there make my life there twice as hard because I have to fix the BS information you relayed to the customer because you are jacking off during training. So NCO is fair and everyone is treated the same. Senior supervisors can be eliminated as fast as a newly employed representative can. If you do the right thing you should have no issues. Just like any other job.
Red hat Ho-fax lead

Clermont, FL

#29 Aug 6, 2009
your mom works at NCO

Mount Hope, KS

#32 Aug 9, 2009
I was hired at NCO in Joplin almost a month ago and I love every moment of it. I'm happy to work at a company that devotes the amount of time they do to training, and to ensure that customer's have the best experience. Everyone I've met at this job I have became great friends with.

Maybe it's different in other centers, but the call center in Joplin is great.
stupid girls

Houston, TX

#33 Aug 12, 2009
Rockford is prolly a cigarret company's dream what bothers me the most you see women nearly the end of their pregnancy and smoking on every break like their cute I hope you guys like killing your babies and they all wonder why their babies come out messed up....a soon to be mother who smokes have no appreciation for their child's life....its so sad
Former Trainer

Machesney Park, IL

#36 Aug 21, 2009
If you enjoy making friends, then this is an ok place to be, if you want to make money, DON'T WORK HERE. If you like emotional and mental abuse, go to the bus station in Rockford and ask for Recruiting since that is where they get all of their applicants anyway. NCO is filled with ignorant managers looking to make a buck off your sweat and tears, rude employees looking for an easy way to make money (even if it's selling drugs in the bathroom) and personally, you put your heart and soul into something hoping that it will help others and you get kicked in the teeth. Don't waste your time. The doors are closing anyway!

Philadelphia, PA

#37 Aug 24, 2009
just got our walkin papers site closing oh well we knew it was about to end managers laughing and yelling telling us to perform till the end. alot of good people(reps)gonna be unemployed. gave us some blah blah blah explanation lease expired sending our work to some oter site not a great place to work unorganized equipment sucks everybody on or selling drugs(prerequsite to getting a sup position)rude managers dont even know how to dial the program the run haha time always wrong but my co workers were great gonna miss them all
Former Employee

Los Angeles, CA

#39 Sep 7, 2009
present wrote:
personally i understand they ask for alot>> but honestly if ur not multi-task...and u dnt believe you can do it!!! then dnt waste ur time to go to wrk o to even write a dumb comment >>.bcus to me real it all sounds like ya bunch of cry-babies!!!!
So How was that Protine Shake Marshal gave you?
Crooks there

Los Angeles, CA

#40 Oct 10, 2009
Will someone just investigate these crooks already. Especially Marshall. There are so many violations in so many different areas of the law it spins your head.

United States

#41 Nov 1, 2009
My supervisor Shelley Graham I liked.She was very understanding to my needs.Josh Dent was a frigging moron(Carlton from Fresh Prince reject)Travis Bull was a fat piece of crap who ate all day.NCO is the most unprofessional place out there.
NCO is a joke

United States

#42 Nov 2, 2009
i just worked at NCO for three weeks and couldn't take one more second of it. the supervisors and trainers are complete idiots. i haven't been around such retarded, self inflated, morons since sometime in early pre school. if you want to feel like shit go work there otherwise a job at mc donalds would be better.
a bad joke

United States

#43 Nov 2, 2009
nco is the worst place i've ever worked. don't work there, its not worth it. they underpay you. and you will be trained by idiots. if you want to be surrounded by a bunch of ghetto going no wheres then maybe its for you. i couldn't stand it for more than two weeks.
a bad joke

United States

#44 Nov 2, 2009
idiots let loose. Casey Farrel, Heather Evans, Ashley Davis, and Jessica Rushing are the biggest jokes out there.

United States

#45 Nov 14, 2009
a bad joke wrote:
nco is the worst place i've ever worked. don't work there, its not worth it. they underpay you. and you will be trained by idiots. if you want to be surrounded by a bunch of ghetto going no wheres then maybe its for you. i couldn't stand it for more than two weeks.
I could not agree with you more..

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