The owners of Ethos 360, Ellisa Brenneman and Karl Christian Brenneman, are scammers and criminals. They closed the company overnight on the 24th October, 2011 without any warning whatsoever. They didn't deliver business plans they had in progress and fled Oregon with thousands upon thousands of dollars of their clients' money. Additionally, Christian Brenneman has prior fraud charges against him from 2004/2005. He used fake names back then to dupe clients, just as he did at Ethos360 under the name Ray Spears. See the following article for more details:


Also avoid the companies Business Battle Plans, Inc. and Ethos 360, LLC in Florida. Ellisa Brenneman has just registered these (even after abruptly closing the company in Oregon). She intends on starting afresh in a new state to continue her scam. Avoid them at all costs. These fraudsters will steal your money and not deliver what was promised! You have been warned.