The Tibble House?
Jane from Rockford

Rockford, IL

#103 Jul 28, 2011
Bu-wife wrote:
To Anyone who lived in Rockford and had a connection with the Nelson family, I would be interested in hearing from you via email - I'm writing a book about this hoping to stir up enough interest in him to thwart his next parole hearing (in 2008),and any future parole hearing he may have. Please email me [email protected] Thanks!
Strange I ran into this post and today they were going to have a parole hearing today down in Springfield. Our Representative, I believe States Attorney went down but they put it off until mid or end of August. Today is 7/28/11. They said they needed more time to read all the letters they received at the parole board. I looked up the old house on line. It is up for sale again. I noticed the huge range of prices this house has sold for. Unbelievable. My guess was it was haunted but there was an owner on here that posted it wasnt. Ive got to wonder though. I bet it is.
Jane from Rockford

Rockford, IL

#104 Jul 28, 2011
Tony Nelson wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you Judy for being there for them. The memories flood back in waves sometimes deeper than I want to go. It has been huge dealing with pre-Rockford for me as it relates to my childhood, yes there are parallels I have come to see between SPN's two families and more I am sure that you can share. I don't know if he had firearms in Rockford but he did in Indianapolis where we lived. He came home drunk one night and woke my mom Cathy up and during the ensuing fight & fired 3-4 shots into a box of insurance forms we all had helped him assemble the day before. After my mom and he divorced, I have good memories of Ann and SPN taking my sister Beth and I to the Indy 500. She was really nice. later, I did visit them and kids when I was a teen, before Susie started visiting. maybe he had slowed down on the alcohol then as it didn't seem as chaotic at that time. My sisters, in order: Beth, Susie and Meg. My mother and he divorced, then got my mom to remarry as he was threatening suicide, Meg came along somewhere in between and then he met Ann. In 1978 I was living in Arizona when I picked up the newspaper and the rest sadly was true. He wrote an "I'm sorry" letter to us four kids but when I replied that he should have got the ultimate fate for his acts, well the communication ended. I moved to Oregon that February and have lived here ever since. My wife Gail of 27 years knows about this but all three of my adult children do not.
I am shocked that there was another family that had to endure the sickness of this man. I find it very much by fate that you and Judy made a connection on here that would have never happened in a million years. I came on this link because I heard on the news that today they were holding a hearing for his parole and that our States Attorney was going down to springfield on behelf of SPN's kids to see that he does not get out. I thought to myself what the children who are in heaven? Then I read your comments. I believe he was talking about your family. On behalf maybe on you and your siblings. I thought I heard you say you were the only one of the four who were still alive. Is that correct. You are clost in age to me. I am 54 and will be 55 in December this year 2011. Anyway the parole board meeting was postponed until later in August because of all the letters they still had to go through and read. I remember this story so well because I was born and raised here. I did not know them personally but live just on the other side of the River off of Highcrest Road. 61107. My opinion about telling your adult children is mixed. When I realized what they would learn if the just googled his name they could forever more be haunted by what they can now look up and read the horrific facts. Not so sure that is worth them knowing. Only if for some God for Saken reason he is released then they need to know. For safety sakes. What happened to your other siblings or did I mis read your statement. Maybe you said you were the last living son.
Jane from Rockford

Rockford, IL

#105 Jul 28, 2011
Maureen wrote:
I am trying to find the parole hearing date for 2011. I grew up several houses away-1300 block of Camp Ave. I babysat for the family who lived in the house during the 80s. I will not stay or sometimes even enter places that make my hair stand up on my arms. I NEVER had any bad feelings/vibes in that house. The house is NOT haunted. I have read all of these blogs and I know many of the people mentioned. The tragic event affected everybody. I struggle with where I stand on the death penalty but I do know that life in prison means no parole. I feel that this is a waste of tax payers dollars just having these hearings but I guess the law is the law. I now live near Hillsboro, Il where SPN is incarcerated. I feel like I need to go to the next parole hearing , if just as a visual representation of the many people of Rockford. I feel like as time continues to pass, the memories of the children may be forgotten to the parole board. The board should also be reminded of the many people that SPN's actions forever changed. On a final note, Tony, my heart ached when I read your post. I will pray that someday you will find closure
The parole dated was originally today 7-28-11. They postponed it until mid to end of August. You can google SPN and it will tell you the new date. It was all over the news tonight.
Jane from Rockford

Rockford, IL

#106 Jul 28, 2011
Megan wrote:
To 007-A: why would anyone else murder these kids? Also, why do you hate Dan Doyle much? Were you convicted of a crime in Rockford? Half of the people in this town don't even know who Dan Doyle is. If SPN didn't kill them, then who?
He does not know what he is talking about and is just trying to stir things. up. Just ignore that person.

Rockford, IL

#107 Oct 11, 2011
ok, so, first... I used to live on Kennedy Hill Rd. and have driven up and down that road and never saw the "Kennedy Hill ghost".
I have recently heard more stories about "Bloods Point".. went out there when i was younger, but didn't experience anything.
My stepdad, however, said that when he went out the old farm house that, supposedly, "witch buehla" lived in, there was a radio with no batteries or plug-in was playing music.. they got scared and left. Well they turned back around the check out the cemetary, when they saw the house again..and the window they were looking at the radio through, there was a light on. Has anyone ever experienced any lights on in the old house? anything similar to his story?

Roden, Netherlands

#108 Oct 14, 2011
ok, lets go over this one more time.
most people in this "chat" believe what offical sources tell them. "weapons of mass destruction in iraq", "the gulf of tonkin incident", "the spanish blew the maine up", "taxing the wealthy is bad for the economy", ect. ect. what can i tell you? you'll believe anything someone in a suit or uniform with a title tells you, until another person in a suit or uniform tells you different.
let's change the subject, what about an OCCUPY ROCKFORD movement????

Springfield, IL

#109 Oct 18, 2011
007-A: Do you feel any remorse for killing your children?

Canyon Lake, TX

#110 Oct 27, 2011
Bu-wife wrote:
I am writing a book about the Simon Peter Nelson murders and would like to talk to you - can you contact me by email? [email protected]
<quoted text>
My Grandmother ID'd the bodies and was a coroner's assistant at the time. Her husband and now herself are buried next to the plots. I grew up hearing about id'ing the bodies and the effect it had on the community.
Jane from rockford

Chicago, IL

#112 Oct 28, 2011
007A... How about you going to a different site and change the subject. Obviously the rest of us are here because we are interested in the subject.

Roden, Netherlands

#113 Nov 12, 2011
go rent "the big one" by micheal moore and watch what happens to the rabbit, that's rockford. dan doyle, and a bunch of retard catholic corrupt weaklings ,took your town to the cleaners, because they were such genetic mistakes, it was the only way they could make a buck, by organized criminal activity. during this obscenity, the framing of mr. nelson was just another chapter. thanks to genetic engineering, soon such malformed deviants, such as dan doyle, will not be born. until then these creeps will ruin other's lives, for a couple bucks in their bank account. joe paterno, sandusky, ect,

Springfield, IL

#114 Dec 7, 2011
Ok, so Dan Doyle framed you for the murders of your own children? And, how exactly did he profit from this?
Jane from rockford

United States

#115 Dec 7, 2011
Wilbur, so 007 is the monster? How did you find out?

Roden, Netherlands

#116 Feb 3, 2012
rockford ill. was just named the 9th most miserible city in the us by forbes magazine. you thank dan doyle again!!!

Rockford, IL

#117 Jun 15, 2012
A friend of mine served time with SPN (he died of cancer last year). He said that SPN got abused pretty bad by the other prisoners - so much so that he has to wear diapers for the rest of his life. I have to be honest and say that I don't feel sorry for him one bit.

Austin, TX

#119 Aug 9, 2012
linda wrote:
<quoted text>
Its my house and its not torn down. its for sale matter of fact.
The house that was called the Tipple House WAS torn down. I am not talking about the house on Camp Ave.

The Tipple House was on Tipple Road, which is off Prairie Road.

Austin, TX

#120 Aug 9, 2012
rodster wrote:
<quoted text>
This guy is an idiot---ignore his post.
How am I am idiot? I was NOT talking about the house where the Nelson murders took place.

There WAS a house out that way on Tipple Road that was supposedly haunted due to murders. I am not saying the story is fact. I was just telling people where the house used to be.

And I am a woman, idiot.

Belvidere, IL

#121 Aug 24, 2012
I'm 14 going to be 15 years old. I was looking up Rockford murders and i found this. When i was reading about what had happen to the kids , i was crying. Its so sad knowing that a dad would kill his kids. I know this may sound weird to say because i didn't know them , but i will always remember the Nelson Kids . May They Rest In Peace. <3
jane from Rockford

Rockford, IL

#122 Aug 29, 2012
I looked back at my notes and it said that his parole hearing to be this month I wonder if it came up already


#123 Sep 10, 2012
well if dan doyle want's to "man up" and admit he help frame nelson, so many years ago, nelson might get out. but dan doyle has slid on his belly for most of his life, don't think he will change now.

Rockford, IL

#124 Sep 10, 2012
Really? He was framed?
OO7-A wrote:
well if dan doyle want's to "man up" and admit he help frame nelson, so many years ago, nelson might get out. but dan doyle has slid on his belly for most of his life, don't think he will change now.

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