Proposed Mount Tabor Historic District

Proposed Mount Tabor Historic District

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Ghost of Evelyn Clark

Phillipsburg, NJ

#1 Mar 2, 2011
The Mount Tabor Historical Society is trying to put in place a Historic District in Mount Taoor. They claim it won't impact your individual property rights, but that's subject to debate.

The MTHS is attempting to get a $50,000 grant from the Morris County's Preservation Trust Fund to use, in part, to put the State and National Historic Districts in place.

Good Luck Mount Tabor. You might consider selling your house sooner rather than later, just in case this thing blows up in your face.
Ghost of Evelyn Clark

Milford, NJ

#2 Mar 2, 2011
To read what appears to be myths and nonsense, Cut and Paste:
Strowbridge Resident

Whitehouse, NJ

#3 Mar 4, 2011
It seems the Camp Meeting Association board has been taken over by historical society people. I guess Mount Tabor residents are getting an historic district forced on them through the use of sneaky, backhanded tactics. Did any of you hear of this before it as posted? Did anyone ask you if you wanted an historic district? I wonder if these people will do away with Children's Day without any of us knowing?

Rockaway, NJ

#4 Mar 7, 2011

This is not a good idea. If the history of Mount Tabor stems from being a Methodist Episcopal camp meeting, then why isn't all of the Mount Tabor camp ground included in a historic district, and why is the Methodist Church left out of the district? I think the people who are proposing this district have a hidden agenda.

Paterson, NJ

#5 May 13, 2011
If you don't support the Mount Tabor Historic District, you leaseholders you're going to get billed for the roofs on the Tabernacle and the "manager's" house, and that's big money.

Mount Tabor leaseholders don't know how to take care of your houses. The historical society and the CMA is doing you a favor by stepping in to preserve Mount Tabor before you people destroy the entire place. The best thing for you would be to have strict, local historic regulations so you don't trash up the Mount Tabor's houses anymore than you have in the past. You people just don't know what's good for you.
Good-bye Old Tabor

Liberty Corner, NJ

#6 May 25, 2011
You people in Mt. Tabor are screwed. A power-mad group of misguided people are trying to change your neighborhood for the worse forever. You're not just going to get a historic district you don't need. You're most likely going to get restrictive ordinances forcing you to maintain your homes as dertermined by a radical local Historic Preservation Committee. Dig deep in your pocket to get the cash to fix your homes in the future. Forget the new car and saving for your child's education; it's all going to be spent on your house to comply with a bunch of nutjob historic regulations. Good luck you suckers!
Anti-Historic District

Verona, NJ

#7 Jun 1, 2011
For those of you who do not know these facts:

1) The alleged organization that claims to be the CMA, or camp meeting association, does not own the land known as Mount Tabor (the camp-meeting grounds).

2) The alleged CMA is not a church or religious institution.

3) The alleged CMA is not a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

4) The alleged CMA falsely claimed to the IRS, up until a couple of years ago, to be a "Recreation and Sporting Camp, Day and Overnight."

5) The alleged CMA now questionably claims to the IRS to be a 501(c)4) civic league or social welfare organization and is classified as a "Neighborhood, Block Association." However in the alleged By-Laws of the alleged CMA, it claims its organization to be a stockholder company.

Moreover, the alleged CMA bases its existence on Chapter Law 185 of the NJ Legislative Session of 1869, page 484, The chapter law says the association had the right under state law to operate as a religious camp meeting for the benefit of the Newark Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church. The Methodist Espicopal Church ended it existence in 1939 and there hasn't been an official Methodist Episcopal religious camp meeting in Mount Tabor since the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

6) The alleged CMA is not a municipality and it does not have governmental powers.

7) The alleged CMA is not a homeowners' association, not a membership association of any kind, not a condominium, not a planned-unit development, and not a block association.

8) The alleged CMA has taken the identity of the original Methodist Episcopal camp meeting and uses this identity to further its questionable objectives.
Nick Homyak

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Jun 13, 2011
Concerning your proposed historic district. well history might bring some sense to all this division and make a country or state out of all this mess. what mess the USA which seems to be only about property rights and dam the history and sacrifice. We americans spelled with a little A are pretty dumb. Support History if its real and investigative...
Ghost of Evelyn Clark wrote:
The Mount Tabor Historical Society is trying to put in place a Historic District in Mount Taoor. They claim it won't impact your individual property rights, but that's subject to debate.
The MTHS is attempting to get a $50,000 grant from the Morris County's Preservation Trust Fund to use, in part, to put the State and National Historic Districts in place.
Good Luck Mount Tabor. You might consider selling your house sooner rather than later, just in case this thing blows up in your face.
Nick Homyak

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Jun 13, 2011
Support good investigative history find out what was or what was not. All this nonsense about property rights just proves we are not united in a sense of we the people, only me the I and mine. Freedom is bunk responsibility is key, no history no faith and concept of our own humanity, just individual rights over all others, if that is what America is all about well then leave it..Too bad Army can't fixed things for awhile get rid of the crooks..
Nick Jr

Chatham, NJ

#10 Jun 25, 2011
We're glad the Mount Tabor Historical Society got the grant of $17,600 from Morris County to create a state and national historic district in Mt. Tabor. Now all the hstorical society needs to do is follow through with its mission and get restrictive ordinances for Mt. Tabor that regulate what people can and can't do with their houses. It is astounding that the people of Mount Tabor have been allowed to trash their homes for the past 100 years. This must be stopped...NOW!
Important Reminder

Liberty Corner, NJ

#11 Jun 29, 2011

So now you'll know who to blame when you can't afford your next car, or to save for your child's education, or to put away some extra money for your A vacation or even for your retirement. You'll know who to blame if certain historic-minded people are able abolish Children's Day. They already got rid of the Firemen's Beer Garden traditiona that always took place at the Simpson Avenue Firehouse on Children's Day weekend. You'll know who to blame for all the upcoming unpleasant changes in the Mount Tabor community.
Old Tabor

East Orange, NJ

#12 Jun 30, 2011
If you disagree with being bullied into living in a hostoric district and all the negative stuff that can go along with it, then refuse to put your house on the Mount Tabor Historical Society's house tour in Sept. 2011. Don't support any historical society activities.
Tabor Past meets Present

Orange, NJ

#13 Jul 6, 2011
Won't it be wonderful when Children's Day becomes like it was years ago. No loud fire engines or concerts. No sports events or dances. Just joyful boys and girls marching around The Circle wearing white suits and dresses. After that they go into the Tabernacle to recite poems and sing folk songs. After that is finished they have some ice cream and then go home. It will be a delightful few hours on Sunday in August.
Attention Taborites

Jersey City, NJ

#14 Jul 28, 2011
Pay special attention to Children's Day next week. See if the local historical society has an increased presence during the weekend. Are they marching in large numbers in the parades? Do they decorate the "history house" more than in the past?

If so, is this the beginning of their attempt to take control of Children's Day s part of the historical society's mission to establish a historic district in Mount Tabor? Will Children's Day eventually become a fundraiser to support the repair and maintenance of historical society clubhouse?
Bishop James Fitzgerald

East Orange, NJ

#15 Sep 25, 2011
What's happening with the Mt. Tabor Historic District?

They need a historic district so certain people can use restrictive local historical ordinances to wage war on people they don't like. People who don't agree with the ultra-liberal agenda.

They need the historic district so they can force non-liberals out of Mt. Tabor and make the whole area a radical Democratic voting block within Parsippany.

They need the historic district so that sometime after district approval they can apply to New Jersey to expand it to encompass the entire golf course. This will be the beginning of the end of country-club operations and the golf course eventually will be turned into wetlands and woods.

They need the historic district to further their efforts to take control of the Camp Meeting Association and its land a buildings.

They need the historic district to force the Methodist Church out of Mount Tabor and to possibly replace it with some kind of ultra-liberal center for meditation, storytelling and peace studies.

They need the historic district to make sure the Township of Parsippany has as little influence over Mt. Tabor as possible.

They need the historic district to turn Mt. Tabor School into an ultra-liberal charter school.

They need the historic district to be able to hustle tax money out of Morris County and the State of New Jersey.

They need the historic district to make sure Mt. Tabor is an entertainment venue with rock concerts and tours.

They need the historic distric to force the firehouse out of the Taberancle.

** Good-bye Mt. Tabor as you knew it.**
Dr Truth

United States

#16 Sep 27, 2011
LOLOL...Thanks Jim, that really was an enlightening bunch of posts! You really have too much time on your hands.
News Report

Phillipsburg, NJ

#17 Oct 19, 2011
If you are opposed to the Mount Tabor Historic District proposal, voice your opinion at the October Camp Meeting Association monthly meeting on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 8 PM in the Bethel.
Ken from Freehold

Port Jefferson Station, NY

#18 Oct 21, 2011
Just stumbled upon this thread by accident. I wish my home was in a historic district and actually I am looking to move into one. While I maintain the historic character of my home, the others in the neighborhood are not which encourages me to move. Bit by bit ever so slowly, homes are changing to become Home Depot advertisements.

My home is not in the neighborhood that it was and I want to buy into the security of having a neighborhood that will stay the same.

If you don't believe it, then drive around in other historic districts. Imagine how they would look if they were not protected - or if they were protected years earlier.

There are studies of how homes in districts increase in value on my website. Ck it out.
Truth Detective

Phillipsburg, NJ

#19 Feb 27, 2012
The alleged "Ken from Freehold" appears to be a post from one of people who want to destroy Mount Tabor with a historic district.

Do you really think it will be easy to sell a house in Mount Tabor if there is a historic district with local ordinances to restrict what you can and can't do to the exterior of your house?

Mount Tabor home sellers are already burdened with unconventional land leases instead of fee-simple ownership, an annual association land-rent payment, postage-stamp properties, a serious lack of community parking, and small, old houses that take a lot of mainentance. Moreover, many of the people in the proposed historic district have no or little parking on their properties and are forced to rent parking spaces from the association for $240.00 per year per car. Do you really think all of this helps you to sell you house compared to other areas without these issues? Do you think these drawbacks help to increase your property value in a serously bad economy and an era when it is hard to get a mortgage?

It's time for these historic distrcit people to start telling the whole truth, instead of trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Mount Tabor.

Jersey City, NJ

#20 Apr 8, 2012
Here in Jersey City historic districts seem to keep things from getting better. It costs to much to fix up the old houses to meet Jersey City standards. No one has that kind of money except the wealthy and they don't want to live in these neighborhoods. People with that kind of cash buy the new condos along the river and up in Hoboken.

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