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Taney County, Mo

#21 Jul 31, 2008
CINDY M1: First off & most important, it is very good that Mace is improving and doing better. If what you say is fact, it should be pursued to the fullest, to see that justice is done. Regardless of the situation, we are still dealing with a juvenile and that deserves special attention and care, so as to put or keep this young person on the right track in society without instilling a hatred within them.

I still am not clear as to where this took place or what happened (known thus-far), as earlier posts stated he jumped, fell or was pushed from a bridge in Ozark at St. hwy 65 & county hwy. F. You, as a family member, now say it took place at the Walmart In Ozark. Could you please clearify for us the exact location so that we might have a better understanding.

Pass along our best wishes and thoughts to Mace. It is often a big "plus" in recovery to know that you have people in your corner, pulling for you. Let him know that regardless of what took place that eve. it can be worked out and resolved. Although it was a traumatic day, for him and family, in the "big picture" it was 1 day, and there are many many good days yet to come in his life. Hopefully each of those will help to relieve the prevailence of that incident from his memory. May God bless you and yours........D.C.
law student

Spartanburg, SC

#22 Jul 31, 2008
Hmm_Something_Aint_Right wrote:
Thanks, law student for your apology. I wasn't sure what I did to offend anybody so i just stayed off the forum. I didn't see CNN, what time was it on? I tried to go to their website to watch the video but I couldn't find it, all I found was a list of all the local newspaper articles from July 28 and before but nothing recent. Do you have a link you could post? Thank goodness the kid is recovering, hopefully he can clear up all the questions regarding his ordeal. Did his parents ever say what he was doing wondering around? One of the articles said he was hitting cars? Did any of the folks who were driving by think to stop their cars and find out if the kid needed something? This whole thing is weird. I've given up the thought of having my Sunday school class make him a card since everyone on here made such a big deal out of it. Maybe when he gets well enough he will know that many strangers wished him a speedy recovery. If you're his friend could you let him know he's on a prayer list? Thanks.
It was on Headline News a brief clip
law student

Spartanburg, SC

#23 Jul 31, 2008
CINDY M1 wrote:
i am mace's great aunt, and mace is doing better. we still are unsure as to what happened that night , as mace still does not remember. all we do know is that when the police found him although he had a broken back, broken leg, crushed heel, and punctured lung and disoriented they felt it was alright to tazer him up to 19 times and handcuff him before the ambulance arrived. when have you ever happened upon an accident victum and seen the police tazor and handcuff a person or do anything to them before paramedics arrive. they claim they were afraid that he would roll or run into traffic. well what ever happened to diverting traffic ar setting up an accident scene instead of using the measures that they did?!!! it was physically impossiable for mace to roll into traffic let alone get up and run into traffic. the officers evidently got upset, because once he became agitated from pain and not cooperating like they thought he should, then they used excessive force. and no, the doctors found no drugs or alcohol in his system. and they had to check for everything in order to know what they could treat him with. this is not second hand info, i was there, and do know how unfairly he was treated by the police. this happened at the walmart super center on 65 in ozark,,and since there is an investagation going on into the police that night i am not sure that it is such a good idea to send people to the ozark police dept. it would be better to reach his parents and they can pass it on to the lawyers. as far as i am concerned, there is no reason or justifacation for 2 to 4 officers to use the kind of force that they did on a 16 year old 120 pound kid that was not drunk nor high nor physically capable of causing 1 let alone 2 officers any harm. if he was running at the mouth maybe it was because he was in so much pain and they were continueing to hurt him even further. if they were not big enough ar strong enough to hold his arms to keep him from "rollin into traffic" then maybe they should become lingere salesman so the will be with people that they wont feel threated by!!!!
Hi Cindy very sad when we got the news..Ben tried to start a little site for Mace..praying for his recovery..It happened by the Walmart overpass in Ozark did it not? feels for him and the pain he endured all his friends from Rockaway are praying as well..Something is just wrong here Mace would not have jumped..He was such a lively boy and full of fun..I think the Ozark Pd want to know maybe How he fell but the tasing was defintely over the line ..Bless his heart
Concerned Missouri

Eldridge, MO

#24 Jul 31, 2008
Mace is at home and has been treated for a broken back, punctured lung, and broken heel. He will be on the news KY3 at 10 with an update to the story! He is in fair condition...His parents are working on getting the tox-screen from the hospital released, to be aired on the news.
law student

Spartanburg, SC

#25 Jul 31, 2008
Concerned Missouri wrote:
Mace is at home and has been treated for a broken back, punctured lung, and broken heel. He will be on the news KY3 at 10 with an update to the story! He is in fair condition...His parents are working on getting the tox-screen from the hospital released, to be aired on the news.
I am glad that they are getting the toxicologist report...and I am so happy that he is home but the pain that boy endured ..I just can not imagine..prays for him

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#26 Aug 1, 2008
Please let Mace know that he is in our prayers.

Since: Aug 07

Taney County, Mo

#27 Aug 4, 2008
Haven't heard any updates on what actually took place that eve. Is it still being investigated? I had a thought as to why so much doesn't make sense based on the info. thus given: SUPPOSE....At 2am the police stop to check out a juvenile (teenager) pacing back & forth across a bridge (is he a "jumper", drunk/high, throwing things at traffic below??) If as it was said, he was irrate with police, name calling, threatening and obinsanent and they tazered him to put him down and bring him under control with least amount of physical injury to them or him. When tazered, he was near the edge and tried to run or fell in the wrong direction and went over the bridge accidentally? This would be something very hard for most of us and I'm sure the officers to handle. Just a senerio of possibility. It appears that at that time of morning traffic and wittnesses were nill. With something like that on the conscience already, would someone try to keep it from being on the record and front pages? Either story would not change the outcome and injurys. Just a thought to ponder.
law student

Spartanburg, SC

#28 Aug 5, 2008
Here is a scenario..Mace is small built walking along the highway at an odd hour of night? Could a passerby have called concerned for him.Knows Ozark quite well the bridge in question has a 3-4 ft concrete rail. It looks to be about a 30ft drop.Also Ozark after a certain hour is very quiet and well maintained. So seeing a young man maybe the passerby thought he was younger than his age..Anyway I heard and just say heard that the police thought he was drunk and he was laying in the road or on the shoulder..face down and they were concerned for his safety and he was not complying ..So I assumed it was after the fall that Ozark pd made contact..

But what baffles me is if that being the case surely he would have been evaluated ..physically first before the tasing..Maybe they will write more after they conduct their investigation..

I just do not see any one falling by accident from the bridge its very well built..and the rail gaps between the railing..

Hes not Has not seen little Mace for sometime but The person I knew I can not see him jumping..Maybe they can find out his where abouts that evening..hopefully peice it all together...

prays for a speedy recovery
copying posts

Spartanburg, SC

#29 Aug 12, 2008
Law Student is not only a liar and perpitrator of false truths, but has trouble with facts or intentionally changes or omits them! The post was in reply to a "Post" by Benj. Baker who chose to enter into a discussion (very heated) bashing the Police and an entire community. I was on the side of the community and Police dept. and since the person posting did not give their age, a reply was left saying that if they were doing drugs, selling similar criminal actions, it would be best for the police to catch them than me. I said they should be given a dirt nap and when they awaken, they would not REMEMBER their mother's name.....nothing said about seeing or face! I still hold to that! If this bitch is going on a crusade, the least she could do is take time to read and then get her facts straight. That is the problem most encountered : LACK OF INFORMATION, STATING OPINIONS AS FACT OR JUST PLAIN LYING. Again, Sorry this has disrupted your forum and quest for informations but, This wretched unscrupulous broad posted on here and as I said, I will not back down nor let it slide. Have a nice day and I hope you folks acquire the informations you seek.
Ben asked a question he said he felt he was being harrassed by a certain officer in rockaway you do not know what transpired the previous evening..And your reply was actually something he was charged with falsely..and then a few others discussed his charges less than 24 hours after the incident..strange indeed then instead of answering the question you threatened him with a dirt nap he from what I have re read did not put your precious Officers down in any way I am curious how many knew his charges before his court which is soon to come .No one uses him as a crutch we need not need to use him as read the posts. We have done everything to help him and for you to come on here and act like your the victim. And this Dc Dolly what is wrong with you two where is your values take a look at your selves closely inside and look at all the names you have called others jeeze your bullies

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