gaylord mansion and bridge hauntings ...

gaylord mansion and bridge hauntings in nora springs

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Gaylord mansion hauntings

United States

#1 Dec 7, 2008
i just want to know about the gaylord mansion in nora springs and the bridge and some stories youve heard
Mason City Boy

United States

#2 May 2, 2009
aite well since i live in that area itsreally weird cause you must turn your car off under the bridge and honk your horn and youll hear things and see things our lights started going on and off but i dont know if thats why i was in the back of the truck so im not completly sure.. but when we decided to leave it so happens that the truck wouldn't go over about 5 mph and it took us a wile to get out. as for gaylords mansion its got an electric fence around it and cows in there cause they found crack pipes in the basement but if you get inside which you can...cody kicked the door in... than youll find the room where he killed everyone if you wait there after midnight youll hear people talking but i guess i was just paranoid. the cops watch it alot i wouldnt recomend trying it if you want to though go right ahead

Dubuque, IA

#3 May 14, 2009
Im curious about this place since my family and I will be moving around that area. Anyone know who owns it and the mystery behind it.

Mason City, IA

#4 Oct 19, 2009
If anyone one can tell me what goes on in those places please tell me I've been wanting to go check it out!!!!!!=)

Grand Rapids, MN

#6 Mar 5, 2010
I grew up in Nora Springs, and have been to both places numerous times..whether or not they are actually haunted, is anyone's guess...are they spooky? Absolutely. The mansion, sadly, is all defaced now with spray paint and empty beer bottles. I never heard it, but the stories say you can hear the piano playing at night. Yes, there is a piano in the living room. At least there used to be when I was kid.

Hibbing, MN

#7 Apr 2, 2010
Last nite was very scary....,
they brought me to this house, i was screaming & crying. my friends made fun of me.

Cedar Rapids, IA

#8 Apr 28, 2010
I have no idea where this Mason City Boy heard about Gaylord killing his family, but I'm pretty sure that's far from the truth.

The rumored haunting of the train bridge northwest of town is a story about a person hanging themselves from the trussel. Supposedly if you park your car under the bridge at midnight, shut everything off and honk, you can see the shadow of the hanging body. We tried this in high school... no shadow, but was still creepy!

I did hear the rumor about the piano playing at the Mansion. However, I never experienced it myself. It is a pretty cool piece of history and property in Nora Springs. Very defaced by spray paint and other junk, but whoever owns the property has started to clean it up. A few years ago, trees were cleared out and the land was picked up a little.
noraspringsrockf allsboy

Clarksville, IA

#9 May 6, 2010
okay welll no one hung themselves..... its all connected gaylord hung a little girl from the bridge....

Hibbing, MN

#10 Jun 17, 2010
u guys are gay

Webster City, IA

#11 Jul 22, 2010
does any one know where the gaylord bridge is located?
Tammy Portis

Cadiz, KY

#12 Jan 14, 2011
I have lived in a home supposedly owned by the Gaylords. 111 s. Iowa in Nora Springs Iowa. There are hauntings experienced there. Not I but someone else has used a oujie board and it spelled out John G. gaylord lurks in this house. I am very concerned, my son lives there!! There is a basement where there is a hole in the wall and we found a little girls dress up in there that was filled with blood you could tell it was blood cause it reaked of Iron. If anyone knows of the history of this house please repost. In the deed of the house, John G. Gaylord was listed as an owner. Very creepy.

Floyd, IA

#13 Apr 3, 2011
When ur coming into nora from the west u'll go over a bride turn right on the next road and their will be rr tracks keep going then their is a road under constrution keep going turn left on the next one and go around the curve and turn right keep going down and turn left and the dead end go down that trail and theres the bridge

Springfield, TN

#14 Apr 7, 2011
I have been to both lots of time, as fr the house no one was killed thre nor did gaylord kill anyone! Love how stores change over the yrs.
Its said the piano will play and you can hear ppl talking as if there is a party going on. Its also said there is a lady in a white flowing dress that wll desent down the steps from the upstars. Its said she is dressed in turn of the centery clothing.

As for the bridge. I belive it has been changed t a bif bridge. The gaylord bridge is the one south of town if you go down main street you will come to the old metal bridge that is now nolonger able to be crosses by car. Back in the day you cld drive over the old metal bridge that went over the river at th end of mainstreet and drive around the little gravel road. Befor going up the hill you came to a train bridge/tonel this is THE GAYLORE BRIDGE.

Yes its said a fellow that worked on the RR hung himself from the brigde. And was found hanging at the opening of the tunle of the train trusle/tunle.

Its said if you pass under the rr bridge/tunle and look into your rerview merrior you will see the man hanging and swing back and forth as if he had just done it.

I lived in nora springs and grew up there. The stories along the way have changed a lot from when I was a kid!
spirit wind

Santa Clara, CA

#15 Apr 7, 2011
a few years ago we were at the gaylord mansion and the ground was frozen but the ground around the house was soft u would sink in the dirt and it look like some one was hanging from a tree
spirit wind

Santa Clara, CA

#16 Apr 7, 2011
there is a old cematary over in that area to it is very creepy some of the gaylords r buried there and the ground is almost aways soft around there graves
spirit wind

Santa Clara, CA

#17 Apr 7, 2011
i have heard the piano play when i was younger it was a erie sound and u could see some one hanging in the window
north star

Mason City, IA

#18 Apr 15, 2011
i went there last night with some freinds and i felt a pain in my chest and the door slamed shut with no wind twice,any comments?

United States

#19 Oct 24, 2011
Its true the storys change over the years.. but gaylord did kill his family.. they say that he just went pshyco.. he killed his wife in the kitchen. And a child in the living room and his boy was killed in the smoke room.. I believe he killed his little girl in the kitchen too. I brought this place up to my dad. And he told me a story of when he was a kid that they were attacked there.. him and his friends were walking around in the house and had finally made it down to the basement and from the basement there is a tunnel witch leads to the smoke room. They were getting ready to leave and my dads friend said lets go nothings happening.. then as they were leaving they all heard a voice Then his friends back hadnail marks down then from fingers.. didn't rip the shirt only his back.. we told me to never go there. And now I can't wait to go. I love haunted houses. The cops do watch the place pretty closely tho.. I also hear that the floors have rottend out and you have to walk on Beams.. excited if I experience anything ill let you know.
Mary Claude

Topeka, KS

#20 Nov 18, 2011
We lived in Nora Springs, as a matter of fact we moved there twice my children went to school there and my son graduated there. Its a wonderful place to live if you like small towns. I also have been curious about the Gaylord Mansion and have tried to find pictures of it but have not came across any on the internet. Does anyone know how to get to that site? We lived across from Boulder Park and were told that the Gaylords had lived in that house, but am not so sure. Anyone with any information on any of it,I would love to hear from you. My E-Mail address is:

Laveen, AZ

#21 Dec 12, 2011
Iwould love to hear from someone who can tell me some of the true history of Nora Springs

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