Brother Wease undergoes heart procedu...

Brother Wease undergoes heart procedure, feeling good

There are 411 comments on the WHEC-TV Rochester story from Aug 16, 2010, titled Brother Wease undergoes heart procedure, feeling good. In it, WHEC-TV Rochester reports that:

Surgeons at Rochester General Hospital removed fluid from around Brother Wease's heart Monday morning and friends say the longtime DJ is feeling good.

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Holley, NY

#450 Oct 27, 2012
Alan is one of the most selfish persons who has ever walked the planet.. Now if you ask Alan if he is selfish he will be aghast at the thought of any one even thinking he is selfish knowing full well that he left a baby and mother at their most vulnerable time .

But in Alan's mind because he wishes for everyone to be happy and buys play stations for kids( by the way that actually hinders children from studying so instead of helping children he ends up hurting them) but in Alan's small feeble old mind he is never wrong and he is better then any one else.

He is fighting a very very tough market environment and he can not even break number one any more .But hey ,the big fake phony deserves the harshness of the free market and it is true that he rapidly closing in on a very precarious time considering his health and his former problems with cancer.Once you have that in your mind it is impossible to forget and even though Alan is the master at lying on the show he is on ,the truth always wins in the end

But one must give credit where credit is due and Alan is still able to work at his age and he does know how to generate free publicity.On the other hand being that old and working that hard is not recommended as his own doctor will tell you.

semper fi forever

Rochester, NY

#451 Oct 28, 2012
You are such a phony piece of CRAP. You just ignore, everything that is posted , that proves, you know nothing, and continue to write, OLD GARBAGE, all because, you are SO JEALOUS of him, because, he has fun, he enjoys what he's doing, and he make a HUNDRED TIMES what you make. You are just a sad little man, SAD,SAD,SAD..................

Holley, NY

#452 Oct 28, 2012
What the truth is regarding Alan Levin is that he is selfish .His only concern every day is to get as much as he can from everyone he can and live another day knowing he was able to grab as much as he could .

Oh an by the way be as rude and crude and loud and obnoxious ( the grumpy jew) to as many service industry workers as possible.What people must understand about Alan is he really believes he is better than other people and because he has been surrounded by yes men for so long he is sort of like Obama .Obama has been now shown to be way over his head and he seems to be at the very least dumb founded at what is happening .Alan has perfected a false persona and nothing can come in between what he is truly like and the completely false image of him saying he cares about people but has only play stations for children as proof of his kindess.

He might actually be so stupid as to believe buying a playstation is good for a child but that would only mean he is dumb and selfish.Either way Alan Levin is struggling to stay relevant and that is a fact
semper fi forever

Rochester, NY

#453 Oct 29, 2012
The only fact, you make, is that you're irrelevant!!!When was the last time, YOU, bought ANYTHING, for a kid, in the hospital??????????
See, look in the mirror, and all you'll see, is a VERY SAD LITTLE MAN, who is a LOSER, always been a LOSER, always will be a LOSER. So, go ahead, and RANT on, little man, live your lonely little life, in your mommy's basement, spanking your monkey, while you look at KIDDIE PORN, on your computer, SAD,SAD,SAD, little man!!!!

Holley, NY

#454 Oct 29, 2012
So it is true that Alan does not help children or families with their medical bills?? Hmm

What a very selfish man Alan is .I on the other hand have donated time to helping children learn to read and to write so that they do not have to depend on a hand out from Obama .Nothing is better then watching a child learn and then applying that so they can grow and become independent as adults .Alan must love to watch people become addicted to public assistance.Just a modern day version of a plantation.Dam Alan, I thought you wanted children to be truly happy.Why do you believe material gifts are so important.It must mean you buy everyone around you gifts to keep them liking you.What a shallow and hollow life.

Listed below are his words not mine.

Services We Do Not Provide

-payment of medical expenses/bills

-donations to fund raisers

-payment of energy bills

- purchase of automobiles

-travel expenses

-purchase of appliances

-assistance to adult family members

-home remodeing
semper fi forever

Rochester, NY

#455 Oct 29, 2012
So, when was the last time you helped ANYONE with their medical bills??????????
Hey, when was the last time, you helped ANYONE, WITH ANYTHING??????????

Holley, NY

#456 Oct 30, 2012
I in no way have the immense money that Alan Levin has at his disposal.But one must ask how much money has Alan donated to his own cause?? Does Alan feel that using a charity for self promotion means he does not have to donate his own money or does he use it for a tax deduction on top of it being a self promotion machine?

I believe I have enough info about the responses coming from this particular person to know that they have a inherent reason to make sure Alan is not to ever see the truthful posts that are written on this site but to make sure he continues to bring home the bacon.

Is it sad ,is it selfish oh yeah .But that is what society has become.For Alan it means buying a toy for a child as opposed to really helping them allows him to feel he is better then other people and he can be as bombastic as he wants to be.For the people who depend on him to sustain a life style that very few people can imagine it is even more vital that they build up his ego and push him to ignore his senior age and have him work well past the average retirement age in the USA.It is a vicious cycle of money and me first attitudes that has Alan working even with his physical ailments.The stress of that particular job is immense and the pressure is non stop.Personally I believe he wants to retire but knows if he did he house of cards would fall down.Not a good place to be .
semper fi forever

Rochester, NY

#457 Oct 31, 2012
Once again, you IGNORE the QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!
When did you ever help someone pay their medical bills? When did you ever buy a toy, for a child, in the hospital?? When did you do ANYTHING, for ANYONE??
You're a USELESS human being, face it. Wease does more in an HOUR, than you've done in your ENTIRE LIFE
He doesn't have to, he WANTS to. Yes it makes him feel good, but, that's what it's supposed to do!!!!!!
You should try it. You're such a SAD, SAD, SAD, LITTLE MAN!!!!

Holley, NY

#458 Oct 31, 2012
I guess helping children learn to read does not count on your Alan meter .But than again ,Alan is a very very selfish man and of course it makes sense that the people who depend on Him for a living are just as selfish as he is.....

As they say the apple does not fall far from the tree and Alan Levin is all talk when it comes to really helping people and that is a fact.

It is obvious that this particular person is dependent on Alan as are millions of people dependent on Obama for there bread.
The only difference is how Alan provides a huge allowance to keep his dependents at bay and they are well aware that without him they are broke.

Alan is well aware that without the money flowing he is just a grumpy man who hates everyone and so it goes .I almost feel sad for how he really thinks people view him.I think he really believes people care about him and is oblivious to the fact that all they care about is how much he throws there way.And by the way this is no small amount.

For these people it is important that Alan keep working and bringing in the Doe and that is no joke.He is no more than a cash machine and that is opinionated fact
semper fi forever

Rochester, NY

#459 Oct 31, 2012
Just once, you SAD, LITTLE MAN, answer, the QUESTION!
Please, don't ramble on, about his age, or any other
nonsense! JUST ANSWER, THE QUESTION, asked of you. Are you capable, of understanding, this??????????
Have you ever given anything, to anyone??????????

Holley, NY

#460 Nov 1, 2012
Well giving the gift of reading is the best gift of all .Can I brag as Alan does about merely giving material gifts to children the answer would be no,But do I donate actual time and effort to helping poor children learn to read and write and help them with their homework the answer is an outstanding YES.Alan's entire life is centered around materialism and with out that cash that he desperately needs every week his entire existence including family ties would disappear.

In one sense Alan is very similar to Obama and that its easy for them to point fingers and blame people and then buy them off with some money.But ask of them to really help and spend time with needy children and its a 1000 excuses .Alan truly is a two faced person who only cares about taking whatever he can to keep the graft flowing.Trust me on this ,he is well aware that if the cash stops it will destroy the house of cards .It is all built on money and he is well aware that he can never stop worrying about ratings and you can count on the people dependent on him to push him to work no matter how unhealthy it is for him.Sad but true.

Hey Alan ,how many toys did you buy for kids instead of really helping them succeed in life.But hey ,just as you left a mother and child your so called help will probably end up with kids growing up and copying what you did and then they too will want help buying toys for their children.But it is what you do.
semper fi forever

Rochester, NY

#461 Nov 1, 2012
Here are the FACTS! He can lose more in a card game, than you make in a year! Fact, he has a very beautiful wife, who's educated, and has a good job, you, have your "BLOWUP DOLL"! Fact, he has, a large home, and a cottage,, and you have, your mommy's basement. Fact, he has,many many friends, and you have, your, "BLOWUP DOLL"! Fact, he has a job, he loves, doing, and makes tons of money, and you, have, Mickey D's, and your mommy's basement, where you play, disc jockey, and whack your weenie, to kiddie porn. It's no wonder, you're so jealous of him, but to SLANDER to guy, because, his FOUNDATION buys toys, for kids, in the hospital, and he's just following the lead, of one of the all time greats, in Rochester, EDDIE MEATH!!! Especially, since you don't give a DIME, to anyone!!!!!! DUDE, look in the mirror, before you throw anymore stones!!!!! NOW THESE ARE FACTS!!!

Holley, NY

#462 Nov 2, 2012
You talk about money alot D.It is as if without it you would not have a reason to live and that explains the anger and hatred in your posts.

The people surrounding Alan need to keep him alive as long as they can to secure their own graft and in a way they all deserve each other.It always about money all the time and nothing else.And that is why Alan's entire life is always dependent on him bringing home the bacon and nothing else.He buys off his guilt and then buys every one he knows with money and that is opinionated fact. But hey at least Alan knows he is just a means to an end for the sharks that surround him.

At the end of the day I know that my effort of teaching poor children to read will give them a much better chance than a kid who was given a play station not bought by Alan because he is extremely shrewd but by people he conned to donate to his cause and that is fact.
By the way I sure do sense that Alan and Obama just want to make people dependent on the government for the same reason .Any man that can walk away from a new born child must have a very very nasty gene in him.In other words it must be genetic.He truly is a very very very selfish man.
semper fi forever

Rochester, NY

#463 Nov 2, 2012
Hey, you're the one, that keeps bringing up money, like it's a bad thing. Hell, that's why we all go to work!You, seem to begrudge him, for making the kind of money he does! Why is that?? We all know, you're jealous of him, being you're a WANNABE DJ! You must have had a ball, during the CB craze!!!Sitting in Mommy's basement, broadcasting to the world!!!!!!!!
So tell us all "slammer" how much money, or time, you've donated to ANY charity??????????
THE FACT IS, not one STINKING dime, or SECOND!!!!!!!!

Holley, NY

#464 Nov 6, 2012
It sure sounds as if Alan will be waking up a very very angry man I mean a angry non human person tomorrow morning. But then again he is always angry and always trying to tell people how to live their lives while he lives a life of a one percenter. But I guess even one percenters leave mothers and daughters to fend on their own.So I guess why would any one ever believe anything he has to say about being compassionate? After all he is a liar and a selfish millionaire is he not?
Slam Garys teeth loose

Rochester, NY

#465 Nov 16, 2012
Slammer, do your abandonment issues have to do with your parents dumping you on a Hospital Doorstep becuz they didnt want you as a baby?
You were missing teeth then and you are now.
Semper Fi Forever

Rochester, NY

#467 Nov 16, 2012
HookNose wrote:
heart procedure?
It wasn't even a heart procedure.
They drained fluid from his chest.
a "heart procedure" would be something that they work on the heart.
You have it done, and then tell us, what it's like!!!!

Holley, NY

#470 Nov 18, 2012
Alan will stoop to the lowest level possible to make people in the small market of Rochester NY feel sorry for him. But ask almost any of the service industry workers and most have a story about how rude loud and crude he is.He is very demanding and when he is told no or he might have to wait he goes in to a tizzy.

I heard a story from a very close friend about how a place was closed and it was dark and Alan being the selfish man that he is does not believe that rules apply to him.I am not sure if they were already closed but in society today where people are barbarians ( as any one can see from the Black woman who demolished a kind and lovely grandmother by punching her in the face for no reason at a walmart)the girls were rightfully nervous about opening the doors when it was clear that they were closed/..However to Alan he is above the law and only what matters is what he wants and of course he berates the girls for no reason what so ever.

It is what he does and it again shows how selfish and rude he is.But hey Alan is just grumpy.He justifies his behavior by giving away toys he does not pay for and thinks it makes him above the law.

I can honestly say he is so crude that he would even defend that black woman for smashing a womans face .Alan is not a good person and that is a fact .

Holley, NY

#472 Nov 19, 2012
There you have it.Alan always does have a reason for any type of behavior no matter how violent it is.If you really want to know who destroyed the black race look no further then whites who feel guilty about what happened to blacks 150 years ago.

I can tell you this that Alan is very adept at getting what he can from as many people .Free is Alans favorite four letter word and he has no class to grab as much as his dirty hands will let him take. He truly is a classless crass rude man who knows only that if he can not get what he wants then all hell breaks loose.What kind of man yells at two girls when it is dark outside and they worry for there safety in this cruel world where violence is the norm and responsibility is not expected .After all its never the poor black kids fault so why not rape and hurt people .And for Alan to be so cruel as to yell at these girls for thinking about their safety is exactly the kind of person that he is and its why he is so hated by most people in the restaurant business.

By the way
Semper Fi Forever

Rochester, NY

#473 Nov 20, 2012
Hey, did you forget your grammar lessons?????? It's
THEIR, not there!!!!!! I told you, those bad teeth, were going to cause you problems, and you didn't listen, now, your IQ is dropping to all time LOWS, just like the interest rate.

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