Scott's attorney says case should be ...

Scott's attorney says case should be dismissed

There are 101 comments on the WHEC-TV Rochester, NY story from Jun 23, 2009, titled Scott's attorney says case should be dismissed. In it, WHEC-TV Rochester, NY reports that:

The lawyer for a Greece man, charged with shooting and killing a Hilton teenager, says his client didn't shoot the teen as he ran away.

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stupid enforcement

Alden, NY

#1 Jun 24, 2009
I love how now its the people of greece that wanted to charge this guy with manslaughter..not the police because apparently now its ok...Green get ur story and side straight!
Hockey Lover

United States

#2 Jun 24, 2009
LOL what a joke, his "lawyer" should be dismissed.

Webster, NY

#3 Jun 24, 2009
somebody comes running at me at 3;00 in the morning,im blowing his head off.scott should be let go.

United States

#4 Jun 24, 2009
the guy is a stupid cold blooded murderer. Who leaves their house with a gun and goes on another persons property and instigates? Rot in in hell.
Kelly C

Avon, NY

#5 Jun 24, 2009
This was not fair at all.. i'm sorry he needs a worse charge. i went to school with Chris, and he would not do that... being shot in the hand first?! cmon.. who would charge at a guy who obviously has a gun, and is willing to shoot... obviously not fair. RIP Chris <3
What the

Rochester, NY

#6 Jun 24, 2009
The kid should have been inside at 3am. If the kid never left the house this wouldnt have happened. But cant charge a dead kid. Sorry he died. But his parents should be charge for lack of parenting and lack of keeping their kid under control. Everyone should thank Scott for cleaning the streets. And dont tell me hes a good kid. HE WAS BREAKING INTO A CAR AT 3AM. Thats not a good kids thats a peice of trash. At 17 years old I respected other peoples property by leaving it alone.

Waterloo, NY

#7 Jun 24, 2009
He should pick up the roadside for a weekend. That would be a fitting sentence. To bad that kid was so stupid.
Kelly C

Avon, NY

#8 Jun 24, 2009
you ppl are ridiculous.. obviously the parents didnt know he left... why would they let him leave at 2 in the morning?! i agree with that.. but no one needs to die for that even if he was breaking in a car.. big deal? like srsly? ppl have killed ppl and live long lives afterwards, never experiencing punishment for it. this was uncalled for and not even Scott's property... so therefore, not his business. if Chris had been physically hurting a person, then i could obvy see him trying to intervene... but he wasnt. it was attempted burglary. it never actually even happened did it?! and why just blame Chris? his cousins were there too... did they get hurt? No. I dont appreciate your "hes a piece of trash" because no person is. everyone deserves a chance at forgiveness, and Chris never even got that chance.. and it was such a minor crime compared to Scott's.

United States

#9 Jun 24, 2009
Well I am not a fan of guns in general. This guy should have called the police. I am sure the teen would have gotten away with this anyway as he would be long gone before police could get there. I agree that the parents should also be charged. At the very least they are responsible for all the damage done to the cars and any property stolen. It's too bad as it seems the parents only care about their son now that he is gone. Life is short, parents wake up. You are not your kids "friend" or "buddy". Make rules and enforce them, that is your job!

Hamilton, Canada

#10 Jun 24, 2009
I dont think he deserved to die for what he did. Right, he shouldnt have been doing it...but the fact that the guy shot twice? Obviously a lot of rage behind that gun that he should not have had. Why not just a warning shot? But to shoot twice? come on. There was some intent other then to scare him

Saint Paul, MN

#11 Jun 24, 2009
The way parents parent today is: My kid's perfect no matter what they do, say or take, or who they hurt. As long as my kid doesn't get hurt, isn't the butt of a joke, no one corrects my parenting and they don't get caught. Get it, perfect parents/perfect kids. I know I am not the only person that sees this and is disgusted by the attitudes I am reading about how great this kid was. There was no respect for property, no respect for the law. They figured if they went out on a stormy nite, no one would hear, and no one would be able to do anything about it because they could be gone by the time it was noticed! Yes, the parents should be responsible. To say whether they knew he was out or not is just being childish. All you kids responding, wait until you own a home, have a family and someone breaks into your hard earned stuff and then you will possibly change your mind. And being a parent isn't as easy as some of you think. It isn't all fun and games. It's staying up late at nite, especially when you know your kid is getting into trouble or hanging with the wrong crowd, to make sure they are @ home. It is teaching your child that sometimes it can be more responsible to stay away from the cousin choosing the wrong road in life. And that there are times when people get hurt or die because they made stupid choices. This is one of them. And a terrible tragedy happened because of bad choices all around.
missing the point

Knoxville, TN

#12 Jun 24, 2009
scott didn't shoot the kid for breaking into the car.He went out with to check on what was going on.He brought his gun because he did not know what to expect.Good thing he did because the kid rushed him with a weapon. Had he not had the gun he could have been stabbed. The kid was shot for attacking Scott not breaking in a car. Never bring a knife (or screwdriver) to a gun fight.FREE SCOTT.


#13 Jun 24, 2009
The fact is that the three boys were doing wrong. There are consequences when one chooses the pathway to crime. This time, the "cost" was pretty steep. Cervini & his pals were wrong to sneak out. They were wrong to enter even one car. Chris Cervini was dead wrong to move towards a person who just told him to "Stop!" and announced he had a gun. They call that "defiance of authority." I'm pretty sure he had quite a history of defying authority.

In the end, this case is one that should be nominated for the Darwin Awards ... stupid criminals who die while committing their crimes thereby removing their inferior genes from the pool of life ... ie - survival of the fittest. Thank you, Mr. Scott.
Kelly C

Avon, NY

#14 Jun 24, 2009
thats crazy too...i may be a kid but i have the Bible behind me. you're supposed to forgive. and shooting isnt forgiving. the fact that HE was a kid makes it even worse.. we all make mistakes. he was going through a really hard time when he was doing that. so obviously he made the wrong decision. and yes, lessons must be learned. but lets let God take care of that; its no one elses job or business. like i said, if he had been physically hurting someone my opinion would be slightly different. but he wasnt...
Kelly C

Avon, NY

#15 Jun 24, 2009
he wasnt attacking anyone. he did have the screwdriver to open the car door... but whos word do you have on what actually happened?! Scott saying he told Chris to stop and that he had a gun. the shots were fired one after the other. and Chris was the one who stayed there.. the other two ran away. why didnt he try to get them? but still... no one was being hurt. should NOT have happened. Chris was across the street; Scott needed to stay inside his house and call 911
Parma Resident

Victor, NY

#16 Jun 24, 2009
My thought is they have already said you are only allowed to defend yourself from someone entering your house. The reason is because no one accidentally enters your house. They are only there if they are committing a crime. This kid was not even on his property when he shot the kid. The reason they do not allow people to defend their neighborhood with a gun is you need to be trained to asses the situation and use only the force necessary. This guy did not have the skills that a law enforcement individual has to go out there with a gun and handle the situation properly. It would be a huge mistake to not charge this guy as it would give the green light for every gun owner to do the same.

North Chili, NY

#17 Jun 24, 2009
For all the people who say "It wasn't his property so why did he intervene", you must make awesome neighbors. If your neighbors house was on fire, would you think "Psssh, not my property, not my problem." No, you'd run over there, call 911, etc etc.

On a dark and rainy night, three suspicious looking people breaking into a car looks a heck of a lot like three suspicious looking breaking into a house. This man was trying to protect his neighbors lives.

And sure, he knew the kid was unarmed. Didn't the police report state that he happened to have X-ray goggles on at the time. Oh wait, it didn't. Same goes for the kid. It's easy to see a gun in someones hand from across the street. At night. In a rainstorm. I think not.

Why didn't he call the police? He did. But hooded figures were threatening his neighbors. Yes, let's wait for the police to show up.

Why did he shoot twice? Why didn't he fire a warning shot? Warning shots are for.....warning. When someone is running at you and your life feels threatened, warning shots go out the window. Why did he shoot twice? Because the first might not have worked or he panicked. Again, dark and stormy night with potential killers, not the indoor firing range.

Long story short, kid doing something monumentally stupid and risky gets killed. Not news.

Newark, NY

#18 Jun 24, 2009
Scott is a murderer, plain and simple. Parinello is a scumbag, that is clear enough. Cervini died at the hands of a murderer and that murderer should pay. What 17 yr old kid would RUN towards a larger armed man, threatening to "get him"??? Scott is a liar for sure!!! The shot in the back just makes it that much more clear what really happened!!
Sue In Wayne County

Ontario, NY

#19 Jun 24, 2009
Given the fact that this occurred when Rahn was still chief of police, I wouldn't trust any conclusions issued by the Greece police. No wonder they are now trying to shove this charge off their shoulders and onto the "people."

I agree that the boy did not deserve to die, but three teens roaming the streets at 3 a.m. breaking into cars (or worse) are playing with fire. It's too bad but not very surprising that one of them got burnt.
Parma Resident

Victor, NY

#20 Jun 24, 2009
missing the point wrote:
scott didn't shoot the kid for breaking into the car.He went out with to check on what was going on.He brought his gun because he did not know what to expect.Good thing he did because the kid rushed him with a weapon. Had he not had the gun he could have been stabbed. The kid was shot for attacking Scott not breaking in a car. Never bring a knife (or screwdriver) to a gun fight.FREE SCOTT.
I think you are missing the point YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO BRING A GUN OUTSIDE IN ATTEMPTS TO DEFEND YOUR PROPERTY CASE CLOSED. He is not trained to know that the kid was not charging him he was running away. He is not trained to know it wasn't a gun he had so using a gun to shoot a kid with a screwdriver is WRONG. I do not know what is the correct charge but you cannot let this guy go unpunished as it was not an accident. He was out there prepared to shoot when no matter what he is not legally allowed to shoot someone like that. If the kid entered the house that is different but he was not on Scott's property.

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