Singapore's approach to defence is shaped by both the unique circumstances surrounding our country's independence and the enduring geostrategic limitations we face. As a small state, Singapore lacks the resources and other natural advantages that bigger states enjoy. With an open and globalised economy, our survival and development are greatly dependent on a peaceful and stable regional environment. Given our strategic circumstances, a strong defence is necessary to ensure that we enjoy peace and stability, and that our sovereignty and territorial integrity are protected. A strong defence also provide us with the political space and the freedom to act in our best interests.
Deterrence and Diplomacy
Singapore's defence policy is fundamentally based on the twin pillars of deterrence and diplomacy. The first pillar of deterrence is provided by developing a strong and capable SAF and a resilient Singapore, through the institutions of National Service and Total Defence, as well as by taking a prudent and stable approach to defence spending.
The second pillar of defence diplomacy is built by establishing strong and friendly ties, through extensive interactions and cooperation, with defence establishments and armed forces in the region and around the world. We also play our part as a responsible member of the international community in helping to uphold and shape a regional and international system in which all countries abide by international rules and norms. Singapore keenly understands that small states can survive and thrive only in a world where sovereignty is respected and where interactions