Sutherland Global Services - Ready to...

Sutherland Global Services - Ready to File Bankruptcy?

There are 179 comments on the story from Feb 14, 2008, titled Sutherland Global Services - Ready to File Bankruptcy?. In it, reports that:

Rochester NY based Sutherland Global Services is facing a legal battle that could bankrupt the once profitable and marketable company and it appears to be getting worse as each day goes on.

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Melissa Cooper-MCgee

Rochester, NY

#1 Feb 19, 2008
Finally they got caught. There were using and abusing the people that worked there. I am glad I pulled out along time ago. It is ABOUT TIME>>>>>
Arwin Lawrence

Madurai, India

#2 Feb 23, 2008
Wow.......I did not realise that the company bullshits globally.......I joined the company at chennai, India in march 05 and was with them untill may per the company's promise the company had said that it would pay an EVI, or rather loyalty bonus in other words to those who worked with the company for a particular duration. The scheme said that they will pay Rs. 15000 on completion of 12 months, and then Rs.30000 on completion of 18 months and another Rs. 30000 on completion of 24 months. They paid me the first 2 sums of money but then refused to pay me the third sum inspite of the fact that i completed the 2 year tenure in march itself. They claimed that since I quit the company the scheme was void when they failed to make the payment as promised on time. This actually upset me mentally and also upset my health and a couple of my commitments. "SUTH ruined my life". Atleast the guys in the US are have laws to protect your interests.....

P.S: Its a good company with an arrogant bunch of people in the top management who are selfish and only interseted in their profits....I dont wish to give names.....

Chennai, India

#3 Feb 23, 2008
I joined the company at chennai, India on june 2006 unfortunately i am still wit this company i think its time for me to get out of this shit place, Arwin Lawrence is true the top management who are selfish and only interested in their profits....they do any thing to bring up there people they will give promotion to people who are in favoure of them and people who are not fit be a manager are managers and are still going to be managers....

P.S: the company is a gud company but the management sucks bigtime.....

Guntur, India

#4 Feb 23, 2008
The company really does not care about the employees most of the things happening inside various process does not even go to the top management!!! really wondering what kind of a reaction we will get when they know about thingzzzzz

Chennai, India

#5 Feb 23, 2008
Guys this company is Good but the Managements suck. There was a process called as Hp and now due to big time Integrity it was closed. There is a process as dell which was so cool and wonderfull now the Assoles who were managers in HP are shifted to Dell. They are ruining that process too. very soon even dell will be closed. The managers from there are excellent in Politics and are Pure Bastards.
Ruined Employee

Indore, India

#6 Feb 23, 2008
No wonder this company has been suied by many i am thinking why shouldn't i do that?? Full of Bullshitting people across the process...i worked with 5 different process everything are like the same...full of womeniser's...especially all program managers...if a man wearing a lady dress they will go behind them and give a promotion...i dont understand why its is not visible to Dilip....when program is running loss...everybody including PM are getting promoted to next level just because GN like their faces...all TL moved into GL...TM moved to OM...PM moved to Sr.PM...then how this company will be able to see profit and growth...there is nothing to react here...all these kind of companies end is like this...i moved out from this shitty i am Zonal Manager for South INDIA in a very good company...suth doesnt know whom to promote whom not to...anyways thanks for opening my eyes.
NA Trainer 05-06

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

#7 Feb 23, 2008
If you worked for them in India, are you truly that surprised?
I was one of a team of North Americans hired to improve customer service in India by providing softskill, pronunciation and cross cultural training. Towards the end of my second year, I was an L4 in a meeting of 150 others, VPs and Dilip where I heard an interesting comment in a speech from an associate VP. He was talking about managers' professional growth and learning from mistakes. He said making mistakes was ok if one learnt from the mistake and didn't make it twice. He then eliminated the corporate opportunity to deal with mistakes by saying that he "knows that no one was making the same mistake twice." That's a pretty big thing to publicly claim to know. It's an unfortunate thing to claim too because it means one can't later address observed repetitious mistakes because it's been publicly stated they don't exist. Unfortunately, repetitious mistakes happened all the time and not only at COL. The Sutherland writer above says that after losing HP, the management team was moved to Dell. And, the Dell program is doing poorly. Contrary to my VP's comment, the same mistakes are being made all the time. Are we surprised these are now haunting them?

Mumbai, India

#8 Feb 24, 2008
Well, I'm a former sutherlander, GLAD AND HAPPY AS HELL ABOUT IT!!!I first joined the company in july 2006 and just waited for the year to contract to finish. As soon as it was i was out of there in a jiffy. Let me give you a brief outline as to what happened. Womanizers, drunks and drug abusers were the top notch of this so called good company. But that was alrite. I've been with such bunch during college. So its tolerable. But then to have it happen at work and see people get promoted cause they were really good at pimping and getting people stash and also the women that were easy or just didn't mind fu@king to get their way to top, Well people this is the company that you want to be in. Its not only the men that are like that its the women in the top management position as well. I know the so called HP process all too well. The first person that i met after joining this company was from that process and he walked around like he was MR MILLIONAIRE, and he would boast about the women that he had in his house every weekend. He'd say that almost every new recruit that was a woman was in his bed cuz he was a manager. Same was said by the female TL's on the floor. Well these are just few of the things that happen in this Glorious company. My personal experience with the company was to just do my job, get through the day, pick up my sal, wait for the time to pass, and GET OUT !!!. When the time came and i started to look for another job it wasn't easy to get one as my job profile stated that i worked at Suth. The number of interviews that i had gone to before landing this one, lets say is a lot. I know some of the guys who have posted up here. No they aren't stating something that's outrageous. This is just the plain truth. Believe it when I say that there is a lady who got promoted to a Group Leader cause she was and still is fu@king a couple of managers in her process. The woman doesn't even know how to calculate attrition, she's got no TECH knowledge but is in charge of a tech process. Some of the people who worked with her in her previous company always say that she's a wh@$e and has slept with many people. How far this goes I have no idea. A friend of mine who unfortunately still works for the same company tells me that she gets sexually harassed by her program manager, who has in more than one time asked her directly to come over to his guest house to have sex with him. There were also rumors that a few people got fired cause they refused to sleep with other managers and TL's. For those of you who are still with the same company. Please search for another job ASAP and GET OUT OF THE COMPANY. The current management doesn't manage, ITS WHORING THE COMPANY. GET RID OF ALL THE MANAGERS AND RE-STRUCTURE THE COMPANY IF YOU WANT TO SEE IT SURVIVE.

United States

#9 Feb 24, 2008
I have gone through the above mentioned comments by the various people. This was fun. I got the link pinged to me a couple of days back but have been busy with work. I have to meet up with this other guy who has posted before me. I think that i kind of know who all he is talking about. Well I cant say that all this is true as I have heard many stories about a lot of people but then am yet to catch anyone in the act. All i can say is that when i stated that I wanted to change jobs they asked me to stay and even offered to give me a promotion. I decided against it as i got a much better offer and also the company that I got the offer from is one that I have wanted to work for all my life. All i can say is that if all this is happening it should have happened only after I had left. Most of the guys that I had worked with were wonderful. I did work with Celestine and Arwin and scorpion and Sutherland and may have worked with Mavrick and the other two. Well i have one thing to say.... MAVRICK has got a lots of balls to post what he has posted.

Bangalore, India

#10 Feb 24, 2008
I wish to give all the names out there as what they are doing and the kind of illegal and abusive pratices that are being followed there. Right from the Director to the Team Managers. I worked there for 4 years and I know in and out as whats happening there. Anyone wann know about it can post a comment here with their email address and I would send u all the information required.
You Know Who

Bangalore, India

#11 Feb 25, 2008
This compnay was wat i thought was the stepping stone to success.... but gladly it's all balls.... they just cheat you.... i was promoted as a communication trainer but the people over there never gave me the oppurtunity to take over the duties... wat they are bothered abt is the money they can make freom you... not the employees health.... they just have fun and the top management.... bah.... i can write an award winning story about it.... all lying bastards.... they are glad to give you promotion if you let them get into your pants.... they are all losers and i'll be glad if they shut the compant down... and some other strong and just person runs it.....

Mumbai, India

#12 Feb 25, 2008
Hey Guys, Very funny to hear all your comments. Except 2 of you I know each one of you who has posted here. I just wanted to say a few things, Suth is screwed and there is nothing tat can be done about it. We all have worked together and know how the system works in Suth, just as there are diff rules applied in US and India, its the same way here in Suth and other companies. If you stick to this company you will see that you will go places and enjoy the same perks tat the top management is enjoying, I was the very first person to quit and was happy to do so. Guys let me introduce Microsoft to you, this is a process where only 10% of Suth rules apply, here you wont find the dirt as you find in other proces, as you very well know, we were promised a bonus for the sales we make, but we never got paid, but in Microsoft its all professional, atleast when I was working there I did see a lot of good TL's who did a good job being a TL as well as I saw a few Bastards who were spoiling the good name of Microsoft. This is life guys, just remember 1 thing, Suth is the only company who prepares you for the world. Try to learn a thing or 2 from Suth management. It really helps, I did and have been very successful.

One of you have asked for the email address to provide names and all, dude I have screenshots and proof's that will shut down the process tat we were working for. But guys lets take this in a positive note, we did learn a lot from Sutherland.

sathish chennai

Chennai, India

#13 Feb 26, 2008
Atlast truth is coming out... they screwed my EVI.. i was never paid properly for my 6th working day.. let them be sued and pay an hefty fine for the employees...

Koyambedu, India

#14 Feb 26, 2008
Wat a weany co....

Chennai, India

#15 Feb 26, 2008
Great....but this is too late...I was expecting this few years back when they hold my monthly salary with out any valid reason and they paid it in installments..They don't respect employees..lot of partialities.....Nothing is proper in that company....People worked and working in suth will know how worst the company's HR dept is.....Sutherland is one of the Greatest Cheaters in BPO Industry....GOD finally will give them back wht they gave to the ex-employees.....I think GOD now started answering the ex-employee's questions..Great News :)
Mahesh Chenna India


#16 Feb 26, 2008
I have been the part of this Fucking company for almost 20 months. I am in the Screwed up project of Suth HP.The project and top managers working in the project were nuts. They forced us to extend the shift and 6 th day is a must for ur project.They forced us to literally rip of the whole day in the office but no extra pay no 6th day pay.We have been trained in such a way to screw each and every call we get and rip almost every customer for a sell irrespective of TECH or NON-TECH.
The best Rip of is i didn't get my PF,Final settlement,Experience Certificate etc....They forced me to stay in this company.I never seen such company sorry i never imagined such a company like this in my life.They want to cheat all the customers and Rip them apart. The HP name was spoiled entirely by SUTH.
Suraj Chennai

Chennai, India

#18 Feb 26, 2008
Again, to the Mumbai friend, go places - who cares about going places mate. All people care about is some respect and positive treatment. A good "JAALRA" - ASs LiCkeR stands a better chance.
You cant deny it for your PM in Mumbai is a nitwit. When I handled process training he was sleeping. His credential comes from DELL, so he should have stayed there and not try to do things that are unethical.
I have seen the project billing its clients for a whole batch of 30 members when the pass out number to the floor is only 21. And this is how you are able to see places - with others' money?
Guys... if you really hate this company - please dont post anything on website. Even to type the "S" word is a Sin. So, go to the holy waters and wash away all your sins. Dont let it revolve around you.
Lets check our vocabulary shall we??
1. To Managers: Stupid, Irrational, Two timers, Idiots, Unrealistic, Empty heads - I know of a Sr. Manager who didnt know to use his Mobile's SMS dictionary and he learnt it in Mumbai. I mean, you are the Sr. PM and you need to know everything as complex as possible.
2. To Company: Sexual Values, Policies to Deter Employees, Cabs to kill, All Work, No Hike.
Have you seen any company that gives you a level .5 increase? How about working for 4 hours a day for that .5?
Suraj Chennai

Chennai, India

#19 Feb 26, 2008
OH... iF YOU SUTH supporters think I am ruined and that is why I am venting out... certainly not...

I work 9am - 6pm and I get a 4 star hotel accommodation whenever I travel out of Chennai with a AC Car pickup with a driver holding the Name plate. I am the National Training Head for all you wise heads.... as I wouldnt have got this chance to see whole of the country and hold such a respectable position if I had beat the bush in Suth training.
SDN from Suth

Bangalore, India

#20 Feb 28, 2008
Hmmm...well...I don't want to say anything about this Company...many people here told about his company...its a PURE FACT!!! I agree with all points. One thing is for sure that people here will not promote who are Sincere and truthful. They will promote whom they like but not with their performance. Thankfull I moved i am in a very respected position. One suggestion for everyone...please get out from this company asap...because nobody is getting job now who are out from suth...if you want ask your friends who has been thrown out from HP process. They dont know how to treat people there...they will treat like slaves.
Dilip Vellodi - I wanted to tell you what are all happened in this company with name...if at all if you see this page...give me your number I wil call you and tell you or ur email address...
some one


#21 Feb 28, 2008
you all are selfish , without any work ethics , how many of you have worked sincerly ? ever thought that , did you give your 100%, then why expect the same from company ?

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