What Ho! is Albany so pristine, be Washington so disinfect that
the DemoRats therein must now descend upon the hinterlands of
upstate NY, sniffling for morsels of slander?

The notion that our tax and spend Democrat governor, Attorney
General and "NY' congresswoman, that is, when she ain't stinking
up Washington, would dain to school the locals on budget issues,
would be laughable, were it not for the target of their instigations.
If our less than useless DemoRat governor, his worthless DemoRat AG and their over the hill old biddy of a DemoRat congresswoman want to trim corners, might I suggest they start with the governor's state jet, and fly him and his staffolococci, commercial. They could cut back on the AG's and His staffolococci's limo service. They could shave a few dinar from Slaughter's and Her staffolococci's Health Insurance Lobby congressional junkets. Let them nibble their cheese from the congressional and governor's office supplies.

Tell them to leave their slimy sleazy hands off of the
telecommunications of Upstate NY's First Responders!
Here, in Monroe County , NY We are Not going to send our
firemen, emergency personnel and police into harm's way
carrying cutrate bargain bin Chinese walkie Talkies, linked
together with fishing twine!

We are not impressed by the governor's, his AG's and his
congresswoman's Drago Blagoyovitch Chicago gangland extortion
politics. Cuomo, Schneider and Slaughter can all jump into the next railway slime tanker with their president and crawl back to the
snotball garbage dump of Chicago, with Rahm Emanuel.