God made cops so firemen would have heroes.

Update: Prince George's Co, MD officer faced criminal charges for striking teen w gun; found not guilty on all counts http://t.co/ASoc9ezv6E

Washington Court House, OH officer sentenced to 6 yrs prison; pleaded guilty to burglarizing ex-wife’s home http://t.co/QR577btnKN

E. Washington Borough, PA chief faces prison; offered protection to undercover agents he thought were dealing drugs http://t.co/QHXi4RFpQy

Fort Worth, TX high-ranking officer officially lost his job; arrested for DWI http://t.co/g45EgdQA6O

Greensboro, NC several student claim an officer used excessive force; the dpt is looking into it http://t.co/IAhPR3Ipfk

Horry Co, SC officer pleaded guilty to misconduct in office; domestic assault while on duty; he has been jailed http://t.co/M55EXxoZn6

Boynton Beach, FL police sergeant has been fired for downloading pornographic images while on duty http://t.co/8wSt9Mtl1G

Damn !! and this is what protects us !!!!!
Tisbury, MA officer allegedly interfered w firefighters, threatened to kill 2 officers responding to fire at her home http://t.co/HMvdwmfAV6