thinking about moving to Rochester...
you said it beautifully

Honeoye Falls, NY

#22 Mar 20, 2007
Funny Stuff wrote:
And not only diversity amongst races, but opinions as well.
As a lifelong resident of the city and witness to a lot of inner city blight, perhaps the worst case of all is the Midtown Plaza shopping center, plus all the non Plaza locales as well. A while back I was reminiscing with a few old acquaintances about all the restaurants and book and music stores we would patronize. A shame that all of those places we went are gone. And by 'all' I mean thus:
Midtown Plaza and all of its stores and restaurants
Record Theatre
Radio Shack (I believe they pulled out of the plaza early this year)
Record Theatre
Neisner's Department Store (and had an old timey type lunch counter)
Restaurant Delight - family owned and home of the dollar spaghetti and meatball plate
Duke Spinner Music
Waldenbooks pulled out
...but I don't know whether the closings were a result of urban blight or urban flight.
As far as crime is concerned, unless you look in the Park Avenue and Upper Monroe areas you're fine. The other three quarters of the city are referred to as 'The Crescent', due to its shape that begins in the Beechwood section and winds around the rest of the city limits.
Weather is weather; can't do anything about that. Winter's a mess but summer's fine.
But just my opinions and observations.
And BTW, does anyone remember the huge bookstore on East Main Street? I'm drawing a blank here.
You seem to have knowledge , your comments are the best , some of the comments i wonder about , But you said it great just complamenting you .Theres alot of culture in Rochester Ny , wide choice of food places . You think positive and make sense .
you said it beautifully

Honeoye Falls, NY

#23 Mar 20, 2007
Radio Shack is there on 2nd floor , thet closed Mand T bank on 2n d floor The Radio Shack makes a booming business , well Pebbles, Dollar store , 2nd floor Hallmark does great also on 2nd floor , then a salad sandwhich lunch place 2nd floor , so back to 1st floor food court , , shoe stores , payless shoe store , post office , rite aide few other little stores , you what would you like to see in midtown . That world arosoul like is beautiful , . From Long Beach California originally .Beautiful there.
RIT Student

Rochester, NY

#24 Mar 22, 2007
Rochester is the ugliest, deadest most pathetic city I have ever experienced. The life here sucks and thats not just on campus but the city is like a horror movie. There is no community whatsoever and everything is closed at nightfall. Go anywhere else. I am not kidding this place sucks, I spent a winter in Anchorage and it was more active then Rochester. I grew up in Denver and even the worst part of the city five points as it is called is safer then the nicer parts of Rochester. The people are rude, low class. I know several people who have watched people hit their cars in parking lots and speed off. The weather is crappy, the sun never shines. Move anywhere else.

Webster, NY

#25 Mar 23, 2007
If you don't like it here, just move that simple. The sun NEVER shines, give me a break, a bit of an over exaggeration there. For the people talking about no crime in the Park Ave area or Monroe Ave area, you must be blind, there are more dope houses on and just off of Monroe Ave, and the car larcenies and burglaries in the Park Ave area are up there. It all depends on what you like or dislike and what type of living you are acustomed to. Some of you people really need to get a life and get out more.
Blind Justice


#26 Mar 23, 2007
Deborah Lerro wrote:
What are the summers like? I know all about the winters, but I'm hoping that the proximity of Lake Ontario allows for a good strong wind pattern that keeps the clouds from hanging over for days like it does in Syracuse.
Also, what are your favorite neighborhoods to live in in one is seeking a two to three bedroom apartment? Advice welcome!
Rochester, NY (Monroe County) is #4 (FOUR) NATIONWIDE in property taxes after equalization. 2nd highest in murders in the state, and #2 in foreclosures nationwide, not to mention teen pregnancy and unemployment due to downsizing at Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb. There are also numerous environmental issues, and lack of good government leadership and plenty of nepotism to go around. Lots of tax assessment criminal prosecutions, and national high cost premiums for health and property insurance.

Run, don't walk away from this town. Check out the archives at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle newspaper site and you can reference the statistics there.

United States

#28 Mar 25, 2007
to Funny Stuff:

Regarding: "And BTW, does anyone remember the huge bookstore on East Main Street? I'm drawing a blank here."

I do believe it was Scrantoms. They moved around the late 70s or early 80s from E. Main street into Midtown Plaza on the 2nd floor, near the Fruit and Salad Co. and then closed shortly thereafter. Alas. The sign is still there...

For all the nay-sayers dissin' my hometown - If you're looking for the negative, you'll surely find it. I've been to Miami, Los Angeles, Portland (ME and OR) and a bunch of other places. Loved 'em all. But this is my home. If you can't find anything positive about Rochester, you're obviously choosing to see only the negative. Try Highland Park, try the myriad of free and moderately-priced live music at local coffee houses, try the Rundell Library, try the ABVI Goodwill store, Try Geva Theater, Try smiling!
Funny Stuff

Rochester, NY

#29 Mar 25, 2007

I've been wracking my brains the last few days trying to remember Scrantom's.

Agree: there are good and bad places everywhere on earth. It's just very disheartening to see the degeneration happening before your eyes. But playing the 'I remember when' game is pointless. When you have to fear for your safety not only in your own neighborhood but your home as well, there's no other choice but to flee (and never mind how much you paid for the house or how much in taxes you paid: take your losses and cut out!)

But - "I can remember a time when all of my aunts and uncles lived off of Portland Avenue and my grandparents lived on North Street" etc, etc

Rochester, NY

#30 Apr 4, 2007
RIT Student wrote:
Rochester is the ugliest, deadest most pathetic city .. BS snipped is crappy, the sun never shines. Move anywhere else.
Wow. Your comments about Rochester are nuts.

I've spent a lot of time in Denver. I passed on an offer to relocate there a few years ago. Why? 1) The brown prairie scrub-land that most of the homes are built on is depressing to someone like me who grew up in lush greenery, forests and hills and numerous waterways of the Rochester area. 2) Too HOT in the summer.

I've lived here all of my life - and love it.

Get out of the dorm once in a while, and get to know Rochester. Your comments about the city are ludicrous.
Missing Rochester

Stuart, FL

#31 Apr 4, 2007
I'm from Rochester and currently live in West Palm Beach Fl. Florida is not what it once was. Florida crime is at an all time high. If you think people in Rochester are rude, come down south.
What do you pay in house insurance a year?
I pay over $5,000 a year. Iím lucky I even have an insurance company they way they drop people left and right down here.
Try going six months out of the year worrying if your house will still be here after hurricane season. My taxes are also over $5,000 a year. Florida nickel's and dime's you! You know all the nice post cards you see with the palm trees and the beach.....Ha, Ha, Ha, think again! This state is full of transient scum. Plus the no good sucking off the country non speaking English illegalís and legal. I could go on and on. I know someone will ask why I stay. I can not leave my job at this point in my life...if I could I would!
If I can just win the lottery I would never look back!!!!
I love Rochester!!!!
Rochester Relocation Soon

Shelton, CT

#32 Apr 7, 2007
Aside from a few of you (those who seem to know how to articulate your responses - and you know who you are...), this string of replies is a bunch of over-opinionated, under-informed crap!
I, too, will be relocating to the Rochester area soon. It is by choice! And, I have done my due diligence in researching the area (in-person & on-line). For all of you ignorants who can't spell or grammatically structure a simple sentence, do all of us a favor: LEAVE! Everyone complains about the "Welfare State". If there weren't so many ignorants in the Rochester area, maybe there wouldn't be so many on the local doles, and thus, maybe the few remaining, hard working folks wouldn't have such high taxes to deal with!
Until then, shut your trap, be happy your subsistence is paid for...and learn English!
P.S.: I look forward to living, working, and playing in Monroe County. It seems like there is much to offer anybody here, including (unfortunately) the Ignorants.
P.P.S.: And yes, I am arriving with an attitude. ;-)
move or not move

Honeoye Falls, NY

#34 Apr 8, 2007
Each to their own choice , my own familys hate NewYork state , Most live in South and North Carolina , There was no money , they are Drs , They are greedy selfish , But no money is made with on the people with medicade , Its amazing how many are proud in being receieving welfare , many receieve in nys , Others live state of Washington , others in Washington ,DC . 2 that live and own property in Hawaii3 there , 1 lived 30 years there others 20 years then 3rd 5 loven it , Rochester and NYS is sight for sad eyes , But for people to complain costs its cheap check out prices of areas where mentioned ab ove , Which alot nicer , For that one complaining in Florida , Best areas there are Palm Beach , West Palm , we have a town house there and a lovely yacht , well all where one can afford , and likings , and as for remarks about Rochester Ny , The buses are flithy , people right there in there home area , For that one about speaking English , perhaps you ought to learn another lanuage your self i speak 4 , my husband 6 as well as speak English , Have done alot of voleenter work in 3rd world countries , some need to go there see it there. Some good schools 1 is in Spencerport , 1 in Brighton, 1 on University Avenue. To the one from Mer iden , Ct Beautiful areas there also Also family in Ct but the expensive nicest area, Yes your state has its promblems also . Some bad areas in Ct are New Britian , . I know some of the worst amtrack stations ever seen . Meriden Ct that area is not that great either , But theres stores there , I Will say streets and malls are very clean . Wish you luck . one of the best things Rochester has so many beautiful cultures , me i love culture . But no matter where in Florida hard for insurance and storms , . Do your home work this state offers alot of assistance to those that need it . Buses you can get around very well , . Iknow certain areas of Ct there buses not good .Rochester good transit . On this form well midtown is a dis grace fact , East Avenue and Park Avenue great eat places , and shops that are great . Just come to Nys if you love it great , if not try some where elese , People here waiting for a bus are very helpful . To the 1 in Ct i lived there years ago . 1 area i say good morning to my neighbour oh do i know you . Honestly i didnot like Ct i found people cold . Great culture variety of foods and restruants for any culture here , People feel that Rochester Ny needs to offer more things thats all . But look at the pluses of why to move to NYS . What are you looking for . Good luck to all that are moving . For the ones that think green pasture good luck looking , to the ones that think Rochester is so wonderful more power to them .Also winters are milder in Ct . Some nice beaches there . 1 in Rochester Ny is often closed , and need to do something . Bye .

Webster, NY

#35 Apr 9, 2007
for someone that states they can speak four languages sure can't spell or form a sentence. As far as Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, yeah there great if you in your 60's or older, apparently you don't get out much down there, crime is pretty high against the elderly.
angry dad


#36 Apr 10, 2007
I have lived here all my life in the city & the truth of the matter is, that its set up to be biased towards the minorities,ya know just because my kid isn't black , etc , that makes him or her not allowed all the 1st choices for schools & programs but it truly back fires because of it. Its like bad parents raising bad kids, you know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, A vicious cycle so it seems, I pay high taxes for a lead paint house with minorites across the street living off the system drinking 40 oz of beer & smoking weed until 4 in the morning ,loud bass music, with no jobs,just drug sales, I will move soon to a better place for my family, because the youth in certain areas look up to the gangster type hoods & try to dress ,act & be these people,not good if you aren't in the music business or an actor.

Webster, NY

#37 Apr 10, 2007
That's the problem with society, the liberals have made this way and if they continue they will have crime running rampant in the city, even worse than it is now.
To Webster

Honeoye Falls, NY

#38 Apr 10, 2007
LOL wrote:
for someone that states they can speak four languages sure can't spell or form a sentence. As far as Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, yeah there great if you in your 60's or older, apparently you don't get out much down there, crime is pretty high against the elderly.
our winter home only is there, yes i admit spelling is right but not for this country . Any where elderdly as well as young can get attacked , even INConnecticut , etc. Of course we will never understand crime . But certain areas more then others same with writtings on the wall .As for spelling the word English way the word is sound and spelled .
To Webster

Honeoye Falls, NY

#39 Apr 10, 2007
Me again, Theres not all old frogs that live there heehee , . Like stated crime every where .

Webster, NY

#40 Apr 10, 2007
Your right there is crime every where, you just made it sound like where your winter home is there was no crime, I know better, especially after being in law enforcement for so long.

United States

#41 Apr 11, 2007
rochester sucks come on just look at 104 west has to be at least30 or more empty buildings midtown plaza medley centre high falls fast fairy joke high taxes limted jobs double shooting as i am typing this downtown is beat jobs are leaving at a alarming rate kodak still layoff just ask some who still works therenot even in the paper any more winters suck roads are bad come on there is even progams to try to to stop the young people from leaving don t bother living here

Honeoye Falls, NY

#42 Apr 12, 2007
Wow all sorts of views , and even how some spell write. Good luck to all in their comings and goings .Like to ask Badge where does Rochester Ny rate in regards to murder . Will all the innocent lifes our families of murderd victim ever have for closure . Also told canot obtain certain documents till crime is solved why is that .

Webster, NY

#43 Apr 12, 2007
Rochesters murder rate is pretty high when you rank on the per capita rate. They average about 42 homicides a year, the vast majority of thse are inner city and confined to high drug, prostitution areas.
You cannot have any documentation about the crime until the investigation is closed. Until it is closed it is still an ongoing investigation. They don't want vigilantes out there. You could read a portion of the report and get names, addresses etc. You don't need that information.Plus things may be pending with the District Attornies office and any interference from family members could jeaporadize the investigation or worse the prosecution of the case. You need closure.

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