That state trooper did the same to me---she crossed the highway in a dangerous u turn to get me. I will admit that I was speeding (12 miles over the limit) I was astonished when I saw the cruiser taking a u turn in front of head on traffic. It was a large risk for such a minor violation. I though she must have been on the trail of a serial killer or some terrorist by the foolish stunt. These cops are supposed to work for the public, to make the highway safer, not to use an overpowered cruiser to get an adreneline rush. She uses poor judgement and is a hazzard. I felt that I should have repremanded her and made a citizen's arrest-trust me I was tempted. I would have if I would have had a witness and then I would have gone to the media. I would have charged her with-driving to endanger-misuse of power-speeding-crossing a DOUBLE YELLOW LINE. I would have PULLED HER bagde and license. I'm not a bit surprized that she caused a dangerous accident-