Lemme be the 1st one to thank the Low Integrity Posters that work so diligently to Cut/Paste the tripe that they see as Legitimate News on their "Favorites List" of Sheeple Sources, for us in the Great Unwashed that are unable to glean the Tripe on our own with our Computers.

Some may see these Cut/Paste Sheeple as Ignorant Automatons that Recite Propaganda from the back of their Kool Aid Packages.

But I feel as though these Sheeple are misunderstood because of their Low Integrity, Low Knowledge Lives.

These Sheeple are True Believers and the facts of their Low Integrity, willingness to post others distorted perceptions, as well as their Lack Of Knowledge, should in no way disallow them from having a Vote over the Kings and Queens they seek to feed these Sheeple.