Demokrat Criminal Leaders

Demokrat Criminal Leaders

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Demokrat Sheeple

Grantsburg, WI

#1 Feb 20, 2013
Gawd Dang!

The Topix Sheep go nuttso when their Exalted Leaders are exposed as the Ruling Elites of the Criminal Class every day in the Amerika that the Sheeple have created with their Dependency!

Ya would think that the Sheep would be accustomed to the High Level of Depravity from those they empower, given the Depravity of yer Basic Demokrat Sheeple that voted the Criminals in to Lead them and degrade America.
Demokrat Sheeple

Grantsburg, WI

#2 Feb 20, 2013
Dis here be the Classic response of yer Basic Amerikan that Votes Demokrat as a Sheeple unable to create an independent thought, when their Criminal Leaders are made to pay for the crimes that created and sustain the Peoples Demokrat Sheeple Party.

(Do you defectives "Feel" that nobody KNOWS your Plantation Massa's are criminals?)

"Yup, Yup, Yup, My guys are just like your guys so there!"

"Uh huh vote for Scumbags that feed and cloth me, and gimme Free Shaat Yup, Yup, Uh Huh"

"Ya well what about your guy huh?

"Ya that's the ticket, My Criminal is clean, and YOUR Politician is dirty! ya, yup, Uh huh, so there!"

"And since my Criminal is Clean, the Other Guy must be YOUR guy!, ya yup, yup, yup, Uh Huh!"

(Again, WHY do these iddiidts have a Vote?)
Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#3 Feb 20, 2013
House Republican fundraising chief, Rep. Vern Buchanan, is under multiple ethics investigations for what has been termed an "extensive and ongoing scheme" to reimburse his employees for contributing to Buchanan's congressional campaign.

Read More, PDF

The FBI is potentially investigating Rep. Michael Grimm for extorting as much as $500,000 worth of campaign contributions from a rabbi and his followers.

Read More, PDF and The Grimm Files

MARCH, 2012
Rep. Mary Bono Mack and her husband are being investigated for potentially cheating on their taxes.

Read More, PDF

APRIL, 2012
In March 2012, a Florida Republican seeking to unseat Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns claimed that the FBI was investigating Stearns for allegedly attempting to bribe him out of the primary.

Read More, PDF

MAY, 2012
Rep. David Rivera remains under IRS and FBI investigation for potential campaign finance violations and tax evasion. Recently, a state criminal investigation found that Rivera likely violated the law, but was spared prosecution because of legal ambiguities and excessively stringent statute of limitation requirements.

Read More, PDF

JUNE, 2012
The New Republic recently revealed that the FBI is investigating Rep. Jim Renacci’s fundraising operations. The FBI investigation concerns $110,250 in questionable political donations the Ohio Republican received from employees of Suarez Corporation Industries and their spouses.

Read More, PDF

JULY, 2012
Rep. Vern Buchanan's legal and ethics troubles grow as allegations and investigations into his potential misconduct intensify. The FBI, the IRS, the House Ethics Committee and a federal Grand Jury continue to investigate Rep. Buchanan for his alleged roles in a scheme to funnel corporate money into his campaign coffers, tax avoidance, and witness tampering.

Read More, PDF

AUGUST, 2012
From improperly using government-contracted laborers for her political campaign to helping her political cronies get cushy jobs and government contracts, Maggie Brooks claims to know nothing. But New York voters should be asking Maggie Brooks how, as County Executive, she didn't know about or couldn't control her own administration.

Read More, PDF

Many might know Republican congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian for claiming his African American opponent was pretending to be black, or his strategy to appeal to the African American community by highlighting his ties to local basketball programs, but Tarkanian's career has also been punctuated by fiscal irresponsibility and putting his political interests ahead of his obligations.

Read More, PDF
Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#4 Feb 20, 2013
Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick and Rep. Pete Sessions skipped their oath of office to improperly host a fundraiser in the U.S. Capitol.

Read More, PDF


Congressional investigators allege Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon received a preferential loan not available to ordinary borrowers.

Read More, PDF


MARCH, 2011
Rep. Scott Tipton may have violated House Ethics rules three times as a freshman Member of Congress.

Read More, PDF


APRIL, 2011
Reports indicate that the FBI may be investigating Rep. Gary Miller for tax evasion.

Read More, PDF


MAY, 2011
Rep. Frank Guinta "forgot" to disclose a "mystery" bank account worth as much as $500,000.

Read More, PDF


JUNE, 2011
Rep. Charlie Bass may have improperly used his office to promote a tax rebate program that would have benefited a family member's company.

Read More, PDF


JULY, 2011
Rep. Stephen Fincher violated campaign finance law.

Read More, PDF


AUGUST, 2011
The New York Times took Rep. Darrell Issa to task for using his public office for personal gain.

Read More, PDF


Rep. Joe Walsh may owe more than $100,000 in child support payments to his ex-wife and three children.

Read More, PDF


Rep. David Rivera is under simultaneous state and federal investigations for his involvement promoting slot machines and a contract awarded to a company controlled by his mother.

Read More, PDF


Karl Rove's protégé, Rep. Tim Griffin, led an effort to suppress African American voter turnout and was intimately involved in the firings of nonpartisan U.S. attorneys for nefarious political reasons.

Read More, PDF


Rep. Pete Sessions may be under a House Ethics Committee investigation for receiving a preferential loan not available to ordinary borrowers.

Read More, PDF
Irish MN

Saint Paul, MN

#5 Feb 20, 2013
Hey! Starting threads on vague unprovable rants is my area. Back off Jack!
Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#6 Feb 20, 2013
Having a hard time keeping track of all 10,000 GOP scandals? Between fired U.S. attorneys, deleted RNC e-mails, sexually harassed pages, outed CIA agents, and tortured Iraqi prisoners—not to mention the warrantless wiretapping, plum defense contracts, and golf junkets to Scotland—you could be forgiven for losing track of which congressman or Bush administration flunky did which shady thing. Renzi—now, was that the guy with the skeezy land deal? Or the woman Paul Wolfowitz promoted?

We're not saying that Democrats never do anything shady.(Cash-stuffed freezers come to mind.) But as the saying goes, with great power come great opportunities to screw up royally. And if your memory is as hazy as ours, you could probably use a handy refresher.

For an interactive feature on the many scandals of the Republican party, click here.

Minneapolis, MN

#7 Feb 20, 2013
Demokrat Sheeple wrote:
Gawd Dang!
The Topix Sheep go nuttso when their Exalted Leaders are exposed as the Ruling Elites of the Criminal Class every day in the Amerika that the Sheeple have created with their Dependency!
Ya would think that the Sheep would be accustomed to the High Level of Depravity from those they empower, given the Depravity of yer Basic Demokrat Sheeple that voted the Criminals in to Lead them and degrade America.
Oh Sht Bugs then woke up to have his nightcap of volka and maddog 20/20
Demokrat Sheeple

Grantsburg, WI

#8 Feb 20, 2013

The Sheeple makes the point that the Grown up stated.

"Ya well what about your guy"

Tell us defective, which poster here has defended the Criminal Acts of their Leaders....Hell, which posters ACTUALLY Worship thier Leaders?(Hint; The Defenders of the Criminals are called Demokrats)

By the way, use that Google that you Cut/Paste with and educate yourself.

The Republicans forced Richard Nixon to resign.
The Feminist Branch of the Demokrat Victims Party attacked the Women that Bill Clinton Sexually abused.


Keep your Meltdown Flowing.....Get the drool rag out, your mouth breathing is getting messy!
Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#9 Feb 20, 2013
Republican Sex Scandals

Republican scandals list. Politics and sex scandals have made their way into both the Democratic Party and Republican Party. Regardless of whether or not it's election time, Republican sex scandals have consistently popped up. From Political John conservative to liberal adulterers, the two parties are pretty even in terms of sex scandals since 1976. Democrats have edged ahead in recent years. The Republican party led the way in the '80s and '90s. This politician list is full of dirty sex scandals.

Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#10 Feb 20, 2013
Corrupt Republican of the Month Calendar

Month after month, House Republicans have become entangled in new scandals—including investigations from the DOJ, IRS, and FBI.

We’ve created a montly calendar to help you keep track of them all.

Size Closed: 5.25" x 5.75"
Size Opened: 10.5" x 5.75"
Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#11 Feb 20, 2013
Sex scandals: Gallery of Republican rogues

Rudy Giuliani

Ex-wife Donna Hanover accused him of "notorious adultery"; he's now married to Judith Nathan, his girlfriend at the time.

Phillip Hinkle

Allegedly agreed to pay a man named Kameryn Gibson $140 for a sexual encounter.

Mike Duvall

In 2009, Duvall, then a California assemblyman was caught in assembly session gossiping about his recent extra-marital affair with a fellow lobbyist, not knowing that a nearby microphone was still on.

Mark Sanford

Affair with a woman in Argentina.

Mark Foley

Involved in a texting scandal with male House pages.

John Boehner

It is rumored that John Boehner, the new Speaker of the House and married father of two, had an alleged affair with lobbyist Lisbeth Lyons. In addition, he is also being accused of having an affair with Leigh LaMora, a press secretary to ex-Colorado Congressman Joel Hefley. But, it's important to keep in mind that these allegations are rumors at this point, but time will tell.

Herman Cain

It is alleged that the hopeful Republican nominee for President sexually assaulted former subordinates when he was the head of the Restaurant Association. Up to 3 women have come forward surrounding the issues at hand, each with different allegations of a sexual nature.

Helen Chenoweth-Hage

Admitted to a six year affair with a married rancher in her home state of Idaho.

Chris Myers

Alleged to have paid a gay prostitute (known online as "Rentboy") for sex. Photos said to be from the encounter - showing Myers in only a pair of blue underpants - later surfaced online.

Bob Allen

Solicited oral sex from a male undercover cop.

Comment: This is the political party that considers its views "God given" and therefore attempts to remove reproductive choices from women and opposes gender equality. Obviously these sociopaths feel that laws and morality do not apply to them - only us sheeple who are forced to live under their rules.
Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#12 Feb 20, 2013
Rating the Greatest GOP Sex Scandals of the Past 20 Years

From Clarence Thomas to Mark Sanford, the definitive guide to randy Republicans
June 26, 2009 |

Give this to Republicans: They know how to conduct sex scandals in style.

Oh sure, Democrats have their sex scandals, but they're not nearly as interesting. For one thing, most Democrats busted in sex scandals aren't the same type of overbearing moral scolds as your average GOP politician.(The one recent exception was former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose work shutting down prostitution rings left him open to charges of bald hypocrisy when he was caught rendezvousing with a prostitute himself.)

Additionally, Democratic sex scandals tend to be of the more vanilla nature: affairs with campaign workers and interns are pretty standard fare as far as modern political culture goes, as are visits to high-priced call girls.

The GOP's deviants, on the other hand, have brought a wealth of oddball debaucheries to the table, from failed bathroom-stall hookups to slimy messages sent to underage congressional pages to rumored S&M diaper fantasies. So let's review the past 20 years of Republican sex scandals and rate each one on a scale of 1 to 10 based on factors such as hypocrisy, legal liability, the damage inflicted upon the perpetrators' careers and overall comedy.

1991: Clarence Thomas

To be fair, none of the allegations against Thomas could ever be proved, and most of the congressional hearings on the matter amounted to he-said-she-said testimony. Even so, Anita Hill's cringe-inducing charges that Thomas allegedly talked openly about pornographic films and pubic hair in the workplace captivated the nation. The hearings also marked the first -- and hopefully the last -- time that Orrin Hatch mentioned"Long Dong Silver" on the floor of the Senate.

Rating: 6. Thomas was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice despite the controversy, so it's not like the scandal had any lasting damage on his career. Also, there's nothing particularly funny about sexual harassment in the workplace, so this rating is only as high as it is due to Hatch's appreciation for Long Dong Silver.

1993: Sen. Bob Packwood

Interestingly, Packwood was a rare Republican who was supportive of abortion rights and was described by Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman as a "friend of feminism." That view changed for the worse, however, when 10 women accused him of sexual harassment or misconduct in the pages of the Washington Post. Packwood's friends tried to come to his defense, but for the most part, they ended up doing more harm than good. Ed Westerdahl, a member of the steering committee for Packwood's first Senate race in 1968, told the New York Times that we should be more forgiving of his old boss' behavior because "20 years ago, at parties, I'd see people doing much more than he's being accused of, and nobody gave it a second thought," and "the pinching, touching, feeling was considered to be friendly, not harassing." Even if we accept this preposterous premise, of course, it should be noted that the Oregon senator was also committing adultery, and I'm pretty sure there are some very old laws around describing that as a no-no as well.

Rating: 2. The lack of overt hypocrisy, and the creepiness of Packwood's advances leave this one without any innate comic value. Sex scandals are only funny if they involve consensual sex, after all.
Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#13 Feb 20, 2013
1990s: Rep. Newt Gingrich

Now this is where things get fun.

Throughout his career, this Georgia lawmaker has been one of the biggest moral charlatans in American political discourse. While he was impeaching President Bill Clinton for lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, Gingrich said that Clinton had shown "a level of disrespect and decadence that should appall every American" after he had reduced the office of the presidency to the "rough equivalent of the 'Jerry Springer' show." The whole time, of course, Newt was cheating on his second wife with a woman more than 20 years his younger (who would later become his third wife). And then there's the matter of his first wife, with whom Gingrich initiated a divorce while she was recovering from cancer surgery.

Rating: 7. Newt's untamed loins get high marks for their comic levels of hypocrisy. What's amazing about the guy is that he has absolutely no shame, even after being exposed as a fraud. Rather than taking a more, dare we say it, Christian approach, in not judging others lest he be judged, Newt is still going on television ranting about "a gay and secular fascism in this country" that is "a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion."

2006: Rep. Mark Foley

Just over one month before the 2006 midterm elections, ABC News reported that Florida Republican Foley had sent several sexually explicit e-mails to teenage congressional pages. He referred to one of the pages as "my favorite young stud" and told him that he was "never too busy" to "spank it." Foley abruptly resigned in disgrace.

Rating: 8. As I've said throughout, there's nothing funny about sexual harassment. However, this scandal rates highly because it not only doomed Foley's career, but it exposed him as an enormous hypocrite. Foley, you see, was fond of portrayinghimself as a defender of children. Indeed, the Washington Post reported after the scandal that Foley had "built his political career in large measure on legislative proposals meant to halt the sexual predation of children and others." Foley later explained to Time magazine that he wasn't at all hypocritical for hitting on underage pages because "There was never anywhere in those conversations where someone said,'Stop,' or 'I'm not enjoying this,' or 'This is inappropriate.' "

2007: Sen. David Vitter

On the surface, Vitter's habit of frequenting the infamous "D.C. Madam's" alleged den of inequity doesn't seem so bad. After all, he's just another family-values-lovin' pol who cheated on his wife with prostitutes. However, the rumors flying around that Vitter liked to be dressed up in adult diapers while at the brothel are what catapult this into an "Oh-this-must-be-a-Republ ican" sex scandal. The fact that the Louisiana senator would later co-sponsor the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" with Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho,(see next entry) makes this all the juicier.

Rating: 6. A solidly weird effort on Vitter's part, but the scandal so far hasn't forced him out of his Senate seat.
Demokrat Sheeple

Minneapolis, MN

#14 Feb 20, 2013
2007: Sen. Larry Craig

This scandal had everything: failed attempts at sex in the seediest location imaginable; fumbling mishaps with law-enforcement agents; and one of the all-time greatest coverup lies told by any politician. Admit it: When you heard that Craig had been arrested for allegedly playing footsy with a cop in an airport bathroom stall, you heard a muted trumpet in your head going, "Waaah, waaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Craig's subsequent denial of the charges was classic as well, as he said he only rubbed the cop's foot for five minutes because he employed a "wide stance" while sitting on the toilet.

Rating: Like Spinal Tap's amplifiers, this one goes to 11.

2009: Gov. Mark Sanford

What makes this scandal so bizarre really has nothing to do with the sex itself, but rather that:(a) South Carolina Gov. Sanford flew all the way down to Argentina to see his mistress and planned to stay there for more than a week; (b) he didn't tell anyone on his staff, who proceeded to embarrass themselves by claiming that Sanford was "hiking the Appalachian trail"; and (c) he apparently didn't think anyone in the state would notice that their governor had disappeared. If he had just kept his affair closer to home, he might still be on the fast track to the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. Alas, now it seems the Republicans are going to have to go to their fallback plan of nominating Joe the Plumber.

Rating: 9. Plenty of politicians have out-of-control libidos. But few are willing to go AWOL at their jobs for over a week to satisfy them.

Minneapolis, MN

#15 Feb 20, 2013
You're pretty good mister,thx for the info
could you please correct that site with the mass
removals of the u.s attorney's ubder GWB.

Minneapolis, MN

#16 Feb 20, 2013
redeemer wrote:
You're pretty good mister,thx for the info
could you please correct that site with the mass
removals of the u.s attorney's ubder GWB.
i knows that every president changes out the atnys generals. i just want to bug those guyz who put up all them crooked democrats.
Demokrat Sheeple

Grantsburg, WI

#17 Feb 20, 2013
Dearest Defectives,

In your haste to attempt to make your Non Points, not one of you defectives posted even once where you find the Criminal Acts of your Criminals Messiahs to be wrong?

You are adept at the Playground Antics of the Child, by asserting that any who despise the Criminals that you adore, must be on the opposite side of the political spectrum from you.

One) You Sheeple would eat the crap out of anyone's shorts to get Free Shaaat!

Two) You Sheeple have no clue about Political Parties and no notion of history. You think (Feel) that History started the day you were birthed from that diseased Vagina of your Baby Momma's.

Three) You cannot comprehend that "Everybody Else" is like YOU. They are not, you are Freaks of nature incapable of doing anything more than following your Plantation Masters around, waiting for the scraps your Criminal Messiah leave you.

Four) America needs to remove you defectives from the Voter Rolls....You are to Stupid/Defective to have any say. Besides, you have no say now, you are Sheeple following your Criminal Messiahs.
Demokrat Sheeple

Grantsburg, WI

#18 Feb 21, 2013

Try to man up just a Leetle beet!

You can do it, just say something negative about those Criminal Leaders you soooooo adore because you feel that they keep that ol' Gubernment Trough Filled for you.

Do not be so frightened Children.

You will still be able to buy Mcdonalds on that EBT Card for your chil'ren.

Your rent will still be paid by you neighbors.

And, there are many more Demokrat Criminals in the "Pipeline" waiting for their chance to rip off Americans and give crumbs to you, their "Ignorant Admirer's of the Dependent/Entitled Victim Classes".

C'mon, Start with Jesse Junior.

$750, many Po'Folks coulda got Obamaphones for that kinda Mo Money?

It is for the "Folk" ya know.

Instead of telling us about other Politicians of Low Integrity (like EVERY Demokrat Sheeple posting here, tell about how YOU Feel because Jesse Junior did not even give you a reach around as you bent over for him!

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