Hi Everyone,
I'm from Alaska and came across a very caring lady named Barbara and her son that are in a situation that is critical and that is why I'm here at a PA News site writing.
She had her sewer line break and it's been broken for some time now from her landlord trying to replace a water pipe and broke the sewer line instead. The sewage flooded her property and has already made her and her son sick because it hasn't been resolved properly.
She has documents showing how she is getting the run around from the landlord plus the officials down there. They aren't fixing it but rather putting a band-aide on it. I pointed Barbara to EPA which she has already tried with no results.
I wrote to your State Senator and gave her information on the ordeal. I also gave Barbara information to The Attorney General.
If somebody could please help her, it would be much appreciated. Her is her story on youtube-


Thank you for your time,
Peace Love and Unity