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Christiansburg, VA

#21 Jul 14, 2010
Bedford wrote:
The girls from Flordia need to go work and take lessons at a "real" horse farm (reputable) and see the difference. You are only enabling the Slocums to neglect more horses when you help out. They are irresponsible...crying poverty in a local newspaper article and whining about having to pay real rent on a farm while they keep breeding horses they can't afford to take care of. Saw pictures of their horses online...nearly every one had terrible feet!
Excuse me, Miss from Bedford, this is one of the Florida girls and I do ride at another stable in Florida. I enjoy places very much. I do understand that Slocum's is very different in comparision, but I love seeing both sides. At my other barn I do learn a lot about more riding skills and techniques and we can jump, but at Slocum's I learn more about the horse and how to help out, and understand true horsemanship. And I love both barns equally. So please, don't talk bad about us when I believe I have never met you. I have never neglected a horse while riding there, I love all the horses there dearly. They get fed everyday, are turned out to a field for grazing and we have our own hayfield to provide hay. If you're referring to the newspaper article, it wasn't a cry for help. The idea of the article was offered to the Slocum's, so why turn it down? So please, unless you've met or seen us 'girls from Florida' then don't talk bad about us or state your opinion about 'What's best for us.' on a page not meant for us, but meant for the barn. Contact me, or anyone of us in person and talk to me about it, I'd appreciate it more than stumbling upon a rude remark online.[This isn't meant to be rude, I just wanted to let you know because some things that are read online can be inferred differently than implied.] Thank you!

United States

#22 Aug 17, 2010
This barn is an amazing place to ride!!! I've riden at many barns and this is still one of my favorites! I have been riding there for five years and April has taught me to ride very well!! It is true that some horses don't get shoes regularly but that is because some horses do not need shoes in fact there are some that have pain as a result of shoes. So for those of you giving bad reviews you obviously need to wake up and realize what a great place this is! I'm glad there are some positive posts on here!!! I love that barn along with all the horses and people there!!! I also agree completely with Garcia Family and Horselover. They are on the right track and know how the barn really is!

Lynchburg, VA

#23 Oct 16, 2010
Concerned for the horses wrote:
<quoted text>
This pegs the place well! I was there for four years. Did all I could to help out with the horses, and the farm. Nothing you do is appreciated by April or Marilyn. The cursing, and demanding attitudes will get them no where. They expect a lot, but give nothing in return.
I fell very sorry for the horses. Most don't see a farrier. Those that do, only see him when the horses hooves are grossly overgrown, and they've outgrown the shoes. I've seen a horse whose hoof came completely off! Several that are blind, bony, and lame that are NOT given the care they deserve. Ask about Irsela and how she was treated. If it hadn't been for a caring volunteer (Lynn) and her money and time, that horse would have been forgotten, and left to die.
It's overrun with RATS.
The majority of the horses only get bread to eat. That's not all a horse needs to survive! Minimal grass is available, and most are on a dirt lot with hay provided when it's available.
The sad thing is they've been turned into animal control so many times, and not a darn thing is done about it!
Too many horses for two people, with no job, no income, and one on disability (hmmm gives riding lessons, trail rides, etc., but collects that disability check!!) to take care of. They need to down size to around 20 horses. But, they won't because they expect someone to pay $1500-3000 for lame horses, unbroke horses, unregistered, and most are mixed breeds. Three stallions that are NOT contained well, and constantly break out and breed all night long to whatever mare is unfortunate enough to be near.
You rode and worked there for four years? Why are you just now saying things are so bad? Sounds like sour grapes to me. April probably put you in your place and you didn't like it. She has a way of pissing people off... but only if they deserve it.

Roanoke, VA

#24 Nov 12, 2010
April and Marilyn do their best to care for these horses, and the horses are treated with love and respect. The horses have plenty of room to graze and run free. The studs are CONTAINED. If you want to come to a place where you get on your horse, ride, and get off (learning nothing) then this isn't the place for you. At Slocum's you learn how to truly care for horses, and you earn valuable skills like trust and leadership. Maybe the place is run- down, but I took lessons and went to summer camp there for 3 years, and I learned quite bit.


#25 Jan 3, 2011
I don't think any of theses comments are fair! I went to Slocums the summer of 2009 and I had a great time. I was able to ride and learn about horses like never before. I want to go up and check out the barn in Bedford, but it is hard because I live in Fincastle and I am in college full time and work part time so I have found a barn five minutes from my house that I also love.
That being said, I really liked April and have applied soo many things that she has taught me in a short amount of time that I was there. One day I volunteered there and all the horses were fed, hay, bread, and grain. Bread is nothing but a refined grain! And is inexpensive. The Florida girls who I doubt remember me as I only met them twice are right people who are saying these things ought to be ashamed as you are making serious allegations.
The horses that are skinny as some would put it are very old, one horse when I was there was 38 years old, I had a cat that was 17 and very thin, and it wasn't because I wasn't feeding and taking care of him! He was old, elderly people are thin!
I hope the barn starts to get better reviews from people who care and are telling the truth
Annie Oakley

Roanoke, VA

#26 Feb 8, 2011
1. I have been riding for seventeen years. I have experience in almost every riding discipline. I train, own, love, and live for horses. They are my life and thusly, I have devoted my life to protecting and saving them.

2. I train a horse that was born, raised, and boarded at Slocum's until she was eight. I volunteered there for a year. I rescued two horses from there. I am more than versed in their conduct, morals, etc.

3. My ultimate goal in life is to have Slocum's Appaloosa Ranch shut down for good.


One mare died of heatstroke. She was a big, black Draft mare that had a history of overheating - and what did Slocums do? They took her on a trail ride in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer. And down she went.

I have personally seen two cases (and heard of many more) of mares with tumors that kept them from living a quality life (one lived the last months of her life in a hot shed, bleeding all over her baby while she struggled to breathe). One of them was one that I had help rescue and her current owner was planning on moving her away from Slocum's when she went down on a cold December night.. let's just say that things went badly and the entire Slocum's farm wanted to keep a mare alive who was well into her late thirties, riddled with cancerous tumors, hundreds of pounds underweight, and neurologically unstable.

I have helped feed at this farm and personally unbagged bags of bread that they get for free from local bread stores because it is considered inedible for people. I once asked if a loaf covered in penicillin should be thrown to them, and the response, and I quote, was "No, what they don't eat, the pigeons will."

Slocum's is well-known to be tens of thousands of dollars in-debt to multiple veterinary clinics and farriers in the region. Veterinary clinics will NOT visit Slocum's because they never receive payment. The Slocum Family continuously INBREEDS their horses (for those of you familiar with the farm - Moonbeam, the daughter of Cochese, was bred back to Cochese for a baby that was allowed to be carried full-term), overbreeds their horses, and sells them to the public for dollars that would be much better-spent at a non-profit rescue organization like Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue.

Hooves at SAP (Slocum's Appaloosa Ranch) go un-trimmed. Tumors go un-biopsied. Mares (the one that I train and lease from her owner was "unintentionally" exposed to stallions THREE TIMES while at Slocum's - one of the babies died and the mare almost died in the birth of her first baby; I came to find out later that Slocum's had intentionally bred this mare without asking permission from the owners) are bred without consideration to bloodline, conformation, age, or health.

I heard that SAP was trying to pass off as a non-profit horse rescue because they have some handicapped horses there.. babies at this farm, barely months old, already bear scars from the barb wire in which they've been entangled. Any horses that are handicapped here have been handicapped because of their surroundings. The Slocums horses have had to be surrendered to other rescues. The Virginia State Veterinarian had ordered Slocums to destroy several of their horses - which they did not do. The Slocums Family has had up to 119 horses at one time. These people, by all accounts, are hoarders, and need to be shut down for good.

Do not buy horses from this farm (or from their affiliate, Ronnie Patsel). Do not ride at this farm. Do not board your horse at this farm.

It's only a matter of time, Slocums. Your days are numbered.

Roanoke, VA

#27 Feb 15, 2011
hey guys cant wait for the florida girls to come down super excited........kimber is pregnant again and she is due any day hope 2 c ya soon girls love ya bunches.........bye horse riders

Roanoke, VA

#28 Feb 17, 2011
um whitney u need 2 watch what u say i love april she is a second mom 2 everybody so get off her back all the horses r doing great and u have no right to say that we moved 2 a different barn anyway so u need 2 think about what u say or it will bite back! i better not hear u say anything about her in a negative way again little missy good bye!!

Roanoke, VA

#29 Feb 17, 2011
and as u can c everybody dissagrees with ur comment yall need 2 come and visit the new barn and suck it up about ur comments

Roanoke, VA

#30 Feb 22, 2011

Old Lyme, CT

#31 Jun 21, 2011
I've known Marilyn for many years. She has always been a lightening rod for people who want to attack. I know her as a very caring woman who loves horses but maybe can't treat them like the rich and famous. She does her best to feed and care for them. She provides a place where young teens can learn and participate with all activities around horses without having to pay large sums of money. For people who aren't born with money, they can enjoy a down to earth education about horses. The horses I grew up with seemed happy and healthy. I now hear that April is running things. She's a wonderful person. It's not like the country club but who can afford that? I couldn't. I spent many years at the farm and now I'm a business owner that thinks of this farm very often and the opportunities it gave me, to be independent of my parents and to think for myself.

Rocky Mount, VA

#32 Nov 15, 2012
Garcia Family wrote:
Slocum's Appaloosa Ranch, is one of the best places to ride horses. They have around 120 horses that they love and care for. They offer trails and lessons. I have been riding there for around 5 years now, and I have learned so much. The lesson-giver, April Slocum, is great at what she does! At Slocum's you can also board your horse, or buy. During the summer, there is a camp where you will be assigned a horse for a week, and you get to ride and take care of your horse. Also, you learn about horse anatomy, and all things horse related. So if you're ever looking for a place to ride, I strongly suggest you go to Slocums.
@@@@@@@@this post has got to be a joke. this is the worst most cruel place to ever go to ride horses, you have to be there a while to see it. they beat their horses and feed them garbage. im surprised they are still doing this.

Roanoke, VA

#33 Dec 16, 2012
Emily gordon wrote:
I took ridding lessons there and I went on a trail ride and my horse that I was taking lessons on bucked me off and I fell on some rocks and I broke my back I am onley 10
You did not break your back. If you did, and your only "10" you would be paralzyed or dead. But good try!

Washington, DC

#34 May 30, 2013
Ronnie Pastel steals horses!
karma sucks

Cape Coral, FL

#35 May 31, 2013
Ronnie Patsal steals horses. Ur going down. Karma will come get u soon.

Midlothian, VA

#36 Jun 9, 2013
karma sucks wrote:
Ronnie Patsal steals horses. Ur going down. Karma will come get u soon.
I have ridden at this barn for 12 years. I have gone on trail rides at other barns and have always been told that I ride very well. We are in no way affiliated with Ronnie. He was a "friend" for a while but we became wise to his ways. We in no way support kill buying. Slocum's their own property with over 100 acres and a huge hay field. They are down to 81 horses and 6 of them are boarders. There has been no intentional breeding in a few years. Due to the power outages we have had recently, the electric fences failed and a stud did get out on more than one occasion. The barn is doing great! There are many trails and return customers. Come out and see for yourself :) we look forward to having you!

Midlothian, VA

#37 Jun 9, 2013
Just looked up Ronnie's barn. Appears to be Patsel Farm.... Doesn't sound right though. He owns many properties or at least rents them. I have been to his horse farm. If you think he stole your horse just go out there as a perspective buyer and look for it.

United States

#38 May 17, 2017
whitney wrote:
Well i rode at slocums over the summer, for the camp. It is filth! The horses are beautiful and kind. april is very rude and treats new people like dirt and uses them just so they do her job. April left the summer camp kids to go to wal-mart so we could clean saddles. There are two stalls and they are not used for storage. there are over 200+ horses and if there is not enough food they dont eat. a girl at the camp was bit by a pregnant horse and april told her she needed to suck it up. and did not do anything about and then after sent the little kids back in the pin. Jasmine a horse at slocums fell over a bank with a boy on her back. april did nothing about it but put a pad on her leg and did not contact the vet nor the little boys parents. Dont get me wrong the horse are beautiful and sweet and have a mind of there own. i do think the horses need to be taken from the farm and taken to a better place where there is love, good food, and better care.
Check court records back many years. Most of the horses she has stolen by never paying for them after taking delivery of them. She claimed she made a living with them so was not forced to return the stolen horses. She has been thrown off several properties over the years for not paying her bills. She is nothing but a con artist with a lot to answer to God for. Just remember when you pay them and ride stolen horse you promote her behavior. NEVER give her credit !!!!
Big Johnson

Rustburg, VA

#39 May 17, 2017
intheknow wrote:
<quoted text>

Check court records back many years. Most of the horses she has stolen by never paying for them after taking delivery of them. She claimed she made a living with them so was not forced to return the stolen horses. She has been thrown off several properties over the years for not paying her bills. She is nothing but a con artist with a lot to answer to God for. Just remember when you pay them and ride stolen horse you promote her behavior. NEVER give her credit !!!!
You muste her only friend.
Big Johnson

Rustburg, VA

#40 May 17, 2017
Honest wrote:
Ronnie Pastel steals horses!
. Then that rascal sells them to the Army as (sos). Chipped beef.

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