I am next to the Authorized "mandate" for a very substantial supplier of several commodities direct. They sell Cement, all grades, Sugar (Refined and Raw), Rice all types, Urea (prilled/ granulated), Soybeans Non GMO and Oil, both refined and crude, Sunflower Oils, and Palm Oils, also Corn Oils, White Corn Maize, Iron Ore, fines & lumped and varying types of Wheat,
mtn's, bg's, ltn's and bonds.
Cement Minimum orders we like are 12,500MT but have shipped smaller amounts.
Raw and Refined sugar are the same amounts 2,500MT but have shipped smaller amounts..
Prilled and Granulated Urea are the same amounts as Cement and sugars
Iron Ore-Minimum orders are between 100,000MT and 150K MT.
Do not contract more than 1Mill MT /Mo. of Iron ore or anything for that matter. The logistics are definitely a determination.
Pricing is made on a current price from the Mines, Refineries and Factories
We try to hold prices and when sending a contract we will hold that price until reasonable time permits and cost is held.
Pricing depends on the wholesale current prices given by the Factories Mines and Refineries.
Absolutely NO visits to the Iron Ore Mines is allowed period..(as per the mines) They are invited to observe the loading at the docs of their Iron Ore.
Any quoted price includes commission fee of $3.00.
Over price is allowed, and the policy to apply to this over price is shared 50/50.
We can handle (2) contracts of the same amount at the same time.
They own what they sell and are not resellers. Let me know what your buyers need, and if you could send me the following :
The commodity your buyer wants (on the list of what we sell,
The amount desired, Contract size.
the monthly amounts wanted to be shipped per month or week
CIF: of port of delivery.
If your buyer has a "realistic" target price let me know that as well. I can send you a soft offer to present to your buyer with a price that includes commissions or if you have an LOI or ICPO with their banking we can send a contract and make things simple.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Edward white
whitesworldwidetrading71@gmail .com,