Detectives locate Asst. Fire Chief Gl...

Detectives locate Asst. Fire Chief Glynn Johnson

There are 22 comments on the story from Nov 13, 2008, titled Detectives locate Asst. Fire Chief Glynn Johnson. In it, reports that:

For several days the Riverside County Sheriff Department Perris Station reported that it had difficulty contacting Glynn Johnson.A The Los Angeles Assistant Fire Chief.

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Danny M

Fontana, CA

#1 Nov 14, 2008
This man should be in court and have a trail just like any other person who has murdered someone. Thats what happened murder.

Calabasas, CA

#2 Nov 15, 2008
Come on Humane Society. Let's get him

Los Angeles, CA

#3 Nov 15, 2008
This guy is a troubled, insecure, power hungry coward. He has used his authority to harass and intimidate not only members of the public but other firefighters.
He should not get away with this crime! Pressure the Riverside authorities to arrest him now!

Pacific Palisades, CA

#5 Nov 15, 2008
fyreguy wrote:
This guy is a troubled, insecure, power hungry coward. He has used his authority to harass and intimidate not only members of the public but other firefighters.
He should not get away with this crime! Pressure the Riverside authorities to arrest him now!
I agree 100%..I am married to a firemen and we think he is a disgrace to all other fellow Firemen.. I want to get him off the streets and in jail where he belongs !

Pacific Palisades, CA

#6 Nov 15, 2008
He is a coward and needs to be stopped ..The poor little innocent puppy never had a chance..He is an explosive individual and is going to do this again to someone else.!

Honolulu, HI

#7 Nov 17, 2008
This guy claims it was self defense?!? Not a chance! I have read numerous posts from firefighters that have worked with this coward and not ONE has anything good to say about him. If he does this to defenseless puppies, no telling what he does to his wife and children, God forbid! He need to put put away so he doesn't have a chance to do something like this again.

Chatsworth, CA

#8 Nov 18, 2008
This whole investigation smacks of a "double standard". Had Glynn Johnson been a regular citizen without a badge, he would have been arrested outright, not turned over to the D.A. for further investigation.
Here you had a credible eye witness, that identified the suspect as Johnson. The witness was the person that had no problem escorting the dog back to its owners house. Johnson said he would take the dog and bring it back to its home. The next thing the witness saw was Johnson on top of dog beating it to death.
Under normal circumstances, when a felony is committed not in the presence of a peace officer, but there is eye witness testimony and evidence that the felony occurred, there is reasonable cause to effect an arrest.
Let me tell you, with over 9 years of experience as a law enforcement officer in Southern California, Johnson should have been arrested on the spot. Joe Blow would have been arrested, bail set(according to a bail schedule for the type of crime) and an arraignment date set. Joe Blow would not have had the privilege of avoiding arrest until review by D.A.Investigators.
I have made countless arrests, solely based on eye witness testimony alone, let alone in this case where there was corroborating evidence of the dogs injuries. The witness appears to be highly credible and the dog suffered massive injuries. Further, Johnson's disappearance and refusal to speak with investigators demonstrates a consciousness of guilt and that he realizes his actions were criminal.
Why the double standard? Because he is an Assistant Fire Chief? Anybody who has ever worked the streets as a law enforcement officer knows this guy is getting special treatment and should have been taken to jail on a "reasonable cause", felony animal cruelty arrest.

San Marino, CA

#9 Nov 20, 2008
there is no way a 6month old puppy of this breed would attack this man. he was not in self defense grabbing a rock to throw at her. he had an anger issue whether it be in general or maybe the dogs a barker or pooped on his lawn. regardless this behavior is very dangerous and he should not be someone that protects ANYONES community or life. he needs to lose his job and go to jail. no exceptions. he needs help also, not just jail.
Ted Teodoro

New York, NY

#10 Nov 21, 2008
How is it that splitting a dog's mouth apart until the jaw broke is self-defense? This guy is getting preferential treatment out there in Riverside, and it will only stain the image of the fire department and the police department for a guy who has been described by many as abusive and hostile. Someone of authority and character should arrest this guy on sight. This guy is a criminal and the Riverside law enforcement officials are wimps and unprofessional.

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Nov 29, 2008
this man needs to be prosecuted.
Enough Already

Citrus Heights, CA

#12 Dec 3, 2008
Lots of concern over this particular incident, but wild dogs like coyotes get shot purely for kicks all the time. Videos are posted online of coyotes exploding from bullet-induced hydrostatic shock, with idiots laughing in the background.

Are domestic animals vastly more important than their wild ancestors because anthropocentric value is attached to them? Think about the double-standard.
Never Enough Justice

Dallas, TX

#13 Dec 3, 2008
This guy is sick. No one needs to abuse an animal to the point of death, let alone a 6 month old puppy. Sheez...fierce attack dog there. This man isn't worth the dirt on the bottom of my shoe. Sad - I shake my head in disgust at his killing "Self Defense?" (my a$$).

I truly hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And no early release for this anger-management-program candidate.

San Jose, CA

#14 Dec 12, 2008
Come on District Attorney get off your ass. Your only cutting your own career short by sitting on this.

San Jose, CA

#15 Dec 16, 2008
It's about time he was arrested. Thanks to all of you that wouldn't let this story die.

United States

#16 Dec 17, 2008
Glynn Johnson is a sub human piece of trash.Power tripping pushing his weight around just because he has a gold badge.
There is NO EXCUSE for beating an animal with a rock.We do after all have animal control agencies, and if his motives were truly defense,as an official he should have contacted the propper authorities.

He is a so called expert in counter terrorism, more like a terrorist against defenseless animals.

Johnson, if you were my neighbor, things would be very diffrent.I have two dogs, and if you did that to my dogs, the authorities would have to arrest me.

Take you build up rage, and get help, or one of these days the end result may be are a coward, and you have disgraced all firefighters and decent Amercians.Shame on you.

A brave man indeed hiding after killing a defenseless animal.I've started petitions and have involved P.E.T.A, and will not stop till you are stripped of your badge and arrested.

Mr. and Mrs Toole, we as decent citizens stand behind you in spirit and support. He should be forced to move away from you and he should stand trian for this spineless cowardly act.

And Johnson, I know some real counter terrorism experts in the service that love dogs just like I do,and feel the same way.. care to have a little chat?
Push that spineless brawn and rage against someone who can actually defend themselves,better yet commit yourself to some seriuos psychiatric help.Serial killer start by killing little animals,youre nothing but a low life feeble minded criminal.You should be fired, jailed and beat up there by some real terrorist.

Merry Christman Johnson, sleep well with you concious.

United States

#17 Dec 17, 2008
L.A County Fire, and Riverside D.A we the citizens are wondering if this concern is going to be swept under the rug and ignored, or are you going to act on OUR behalf as you should.elections come and go, and so do official,please dont forget.
Prosecute this guy and force him into so in patient help now!!! enough is enough. Johnson, protecting and seriving us?? a reevaluation of your personelle is in order, and immediate proactive action is demanded

La Crescenta, CA

#18 Dec 25, 2008
Why hasn't the District Attorney filed charges
against Johnson? God only knows he has had enough
time to do so, and why is it that Johnson can
refuse to speak with the investigators, if it was
your average citizen refusing to speak to investigators they would be in jail.
If the D.A. doesn't file against Johnson, he can
kiss his career good-bye!!

Whittier, CA

#19 Jan 1, 2009
Thank God we have laws in the United States that protects amimals of all kinds, from human cruelty especially defenceles puppies like the one Mr. Johnson assassinated. I beleive he may have planned his actions in advance, taking in acccount the opertunity he had to elimate the treat of attack from a 6 month old pup. Revenge will be sweet when he is in prison with men who love there pets. May he rots in his cell.

Norfolk, VA

#20 Feb 28, 2009
If he treats a defenseless 6 month old puppy like this I wonder how he treats his wife and kids. He has emotional and anger problems. This man should not work with the public. Where is PETA when you need them?

United States

#21 May 3, 2009
This is affirmative action in motion, people. In this case it elvated a man who never should have held the post of assistant fire chief. He no doubt believed his appointment was earned and the power of his position immediately went to his head. He began doing anything he wanted, including wearing a gun on his hip in his neighborhood and shooting local dogs with BB guns. His brutal killing of Karley was the ultimate excercise of his perceived 'power'. Glynn Johnson is no better than the bums you see pushing shopping carts down the street. He is still receiving his 'early retirement' benefits from his old job (from which he was FINALLY removed), which just pisses me off. The good news is that there is an eye witness to this ungodly act and so Johnson will get his justice. Then the Toole family will proceed with its own case against Johnson, which hopefully will wipe him out financially. He'll probably only do a couple of years in jail for the criminal finding, but I'm pretty sure the Tooles are looking forward to taking this man's every last dime. Since he never deserved that money in the first place, all will be as it should be.

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