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Created by dodch on Sep 5, 2009

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Los Angeles, CA

#1 Sep 5, 2009
I think any group given special privileges based on race or gender is a hypocrisy.
Sign of The Times

United States

#2 Dec 7, 2009
If every other group is allowed to have a fund based on race, it seems only fair to include the very race that built our country...

United States

#3 Jan 18, 2010
i think it rediculous that we allow rasism in todays soicety.We as amiercans allow all black colleges and hispanic colleges but if we have an all white college its racist.what are we teaching are kids.we are teaching them that if your black or mexican u get speacial privlegesand its ok to hate.why does are socity allow some of us to be racist and others not.we teach slavery in schools but there hasnt been slavery here since i was born so why do we teach hate.i do think that if blacks and hispanics are allowed to have there own fund so should white people.
Equal Rights Amendment

Park Ridge, IL

#4 Jan 22, 2010
Yes, there should be one. Just like there should be an United States College Fund. Since we all have equal rights. Nothing against the participants of this but there is too much bye racial and sexist comments and actions all throughout the work force.

Frankfort, KY

#5 Jan 23, 2010
Yes. Yes. Yes.

There is no reason for a UNCF if there's not a UCCF.
Or a United Hispanic College Fund for that matter.

Lancaster, CA

#6 Jan 25, 2010
I'm curious who posted this question? "Topix?" I disagree with affirmative action, it promotes racism. However, I am a white male (African) and therefore, a racist, according to the ACLU. This country will never grow up, so like they say, you can't beat them,Join them and beat them at their own game...
Me of course

Collierville, TN

#7 Jan 26, 2010
So many of the comments here speak of your ignorance of historical events. Read why there are colleges that have historically been black and see that anyone can attend them just as colleges that are 98% white have open to anyone policys. You'd think that by now people would be a little educated to our past and our present however, this is America.

Calabasas, CA

#8 Jan 27, 2010
there's money out there for all types of people. finding it is hard tho.
History vs our story

Newbury Park, CA

#9 Jan 29, 2010
Sign of The Times wrote:
If every other group is allowed to have a fund based on race, it seems only fair to include the very race that built our country...
You mean the very race that stole this country from the native american and had the african and chinese build build it....


#10 Jan 31, 2010
History vs our story wrote:
<quoted text>You mean the very race that stole this country from the native american and had the african and chinese build build it....
The Spanish stole the land not the white man.
Take it back

United States

#11 Mar 8, 2010
JES wrote:
<quoted text>The Spanish stole the land not the white man.
Thanks for clearing that one up. If I recall my 8th grade history, I believe the United States purchased most of the Southwest thru the "treaty of Guadalupe". The Mexican government accepted payment and it was a done deal. If the Mexican people have a problem with it, they need to take it up with the Mexican Government. Remember, had it not been for the United States, the Southwest would just be an extension of the northern Mexico and we all know what a toilet that is.
Take it back

United States

#12 Mar 8, 2010
I think the intent of this poll is meant to show the perpetual tend of division thru seperation. As long as we have groups and programs based on race, gender, ect., activists will continue to rake in big bucks without having to get a real job.

Irvine, CA

#13 Mar 10, 2010
We need a white only Oscars/music/all other awards shows too.... Blacks and Hispanics have theirs.

Seattle, WA

#14 Mar 14, 2010
Um - Were the Spaniards white? Yale University Prof. Matthew Jacobson said "Democracy and white supremacy are one and the same - they are joined at the hip." I'd rather have a system of justice than any college fund.
Tea Bagger Univ Alumni

Corona, CA

#15 Mar 14, 2010
Work hard fck handouts! Bur if eveyone else has a fund, it's only fair whitey can get one too!

Moreno Valley, CA

#16 Mar 19, 2010
Come on board.Let's take a drive to little Tokyo,Korea Town and Little Saigon in the state of California county of LA and Orange county.These communities and people that comprise of the population inside these cities have been taught through our education system that segregation and racism is the american way.Let's not just make this a black white issue.There is racism in all nationalities.How about some real exsposure taste the rainbow.

Manteca, CA

#17 Sep 1, 2010
Yes,I do think we should have one.
But it should be called "European American,"Not white.White isn't a race it's a color i am European.I have some pigment in my skin thank you very much.It's fine with Caucasian two because many scientist think we originated in the Caucus mountains.
Anyways yeah whats wrong with that?Sure your going to have a few jackasses saying WHITE POWER giving a bad name on us European Americans.
Look into history of the great achievments of our race.Archatecture,Music,Artist ,Inventors,Explorers ect.George Washington,Leanardo devienchee,Thomas Jefferson ect.
It would take years to write the achievments of our race.
And your going to sit there and say it's bad?And racist?
Look African-Americans do slavery still in Africa but Europeans dropped that because we knew we were wrong.
Euro-American pride.
Pharaoh Queen

Humble, TX

#18 Oct 3, 2010
Unfortunately, ignorant people state that affirmative action is a hand out to persons of ethnic minorities or females. However, you are sadly mistaken to believe that there are no qualified minorities or women for particular jobs. It is not a hand out. Although white Americans don't understand the ongoing subtle racism that exists today, there are actual educated minorities in this country. Just because their is affirmative action does not mean that you were the bests fit for the damn job. Your thinking reaffirms the fact that affirmative action is still relevant even today. To think no minority would be qualified enough if affirmative action was not in place. WOW! Oh, I forgot, there is white affirmative action. The so-called legacy admissions to elite universities. I mean come on, you really thought George Bush was really smart enough to attend a prestigious university? LMAO!
Pharaoh Queen

Humble, TX

#19 Oct 3, 2010
I think its great if "Europeans" have their own school. I think all people should be proud of their race, heritage, genetic history. However, it baffles me that most universities in America are predominantly white. Oh, there may be a few other races, but realistically, putting aside the retarded banter, the majority of universities, outside of Historical Black Colleges, ARE PREDOMINANTLY WHITE! What do you see on the television daily, WHITE PEOPLE! Historical Black Colleges were founded when African Americans were unable to go to college with white people. Did you know that? They created the United Negro College Fund, because all of the other scholarships were for who....WHITE PEOPLE! These institution that you guys are ranting about were created because there was a need when everything was only for WHITE PEOPLE! If you look at television programs you will notice that MOST OF THEM ARE COMPRISED OF WHITE PEOPLE. Thats why BET was started because every channel was what.....PREDOMINANTLY WHITE PEOPLE. And come on guys, you want separate this and that, but there are most of what kind of people in know the answer! I think its rather funny how some people think they are just automatically smarter than minorities. lol. We don't get a damn hand, and in most cases we have to work harder just to get past preconceived stereotypes. So the handout many of you are ranting about, thats just a crappy white myth that serves as an excuse for not getting that job or getting into the school you wanted. wow! talk about stuck in the past.

Pflugerville, TX

#20 Sep 27, 2011
We need to get rid of the word minority all together, otherwise there is no such thing as equal opportunity.

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