Dann faces new punishment; might lose...

Dann faces new punishment; might lose law license | The Columbus Dispatch

There are 58 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Feb 16, 2011, titled Dann faces new punishment; might lose law license | The Columbus Dispatch. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann is now at risk of losing his law license for misconduct.

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Omaha, NE

#23 Feb 16, 2011
Tom wrote:
This is the biggest joke in Ohio history. This guy should be sitting in a cell with Berney Mattoff. He is a crook and no matter how much B.S. is said, he should be in jail. It is crap like this that gives politicians a bad name.
It's Bernie Madoff (did you even check your spelling?)

United States

#24 Feb 16, 2011
Marc Dann and the word 'fitness' should never again appear in the same paragraph.
Blinded-By-The-R ight

United States

#25 Feb 16, 2011
Terri wrote:
<quoted text>
It's Bernie Madoff (did you even check your spelling?)
Ah The Spelling W--itch has struck again!

Commercial Point, OH

#26 Feb 16, 2011
Who would be stupid enough to hire him, license or not?

Chillicothe, OH

#27 Feb 16, 2011
Granted Dann is a crook but now we have Kasich an even bigger crook.

Delaware, OH

#28 Feb 16, 2011
What ever happened to his "scheduler"? He dumped her to stay with the wife. That's the Dann update I'm clamoring for.

United States

#29 Feb 16, 2011
Why does he still have his law license after all he did while in office? It should have been gone a long time ago.

Columbus, OH

#31 Feb 16, 2011
While Marc Dann does no credit to himself or anyone else, and probably should be sanctioned, at least, by the licensing Board, as his very public scandal made it impossible to conduct the Public's business until it was resolved. However, while he mis-behaved with employees, it was otherwise private activity. Former Gov. Bob Taft, on the other hand, who certainly should have known the moral and political implications of his activities, was the first Ohio Governor to be indicted and found guilty of crimes while in office. Why was there no talk of his being sanctioned or losing his law license?? Why was he allowed to even finish his term? Could it be that the generational political and Old Republican Boy Network was in effect? The Coingate scandal is estimated to have cost Ohio over $50 million. Apparently taking your assistant to bed is more expensive.

Columbus, OH

#32 Feb 16, 2011
Coughlan is an idiot. I took chartered jets all the time at LB when I was wining and dining fat cats. And I'm gonna keep doing it... By the way, isn't it interesting what my initials sound like?
pamela s oconnell

Vienna, GA

#39 Apr 27, 2011
ohio attorney general's office has the advantage to clean up after, dann's mess, what about us victims, without relief? i told pamela j , back in 01, he will prove himself, dann demand's to be made to, i think high time, someone does, he will on his way to the big house,
pamela s oconnell

Avon Park, FL

#40 May 1, 2011
Dann,his wife, and 3 kids, are still benefitting, as my son and i,and as a gm employee, infact, in franklin, there are mark and pamela marriages, the real deal, is not made a record of, the intent, is to cause my son and i, never to benefit, off our one entitled life, this is also called support, dann what have you done right? he calls it a right to impose, as he displayed in ohio attorney general office, also embodied, creating something in place of the real thing, what an idiot, get your hands, off my son and our money!
pamela s oconnell

Avon Park, FL

#41 May 1, 2011
iwant to bring to attention,, in court news, joyce woods, secretary of family justice inc, documents in 2004, the cover up, strange behaviors, court cases, that never happened, and our children sold to drug lords, order 01 dr 538, made to appear as a divorce, infact a contract, enforced for any and all financial crime, i have not seen my son, since, missing since sept. 24, 2001, this in pamela rintala and richard l james court rooms, wake up mr. coughlan, you secured, by deliberate statues, my son and i, are othing but a financial advantge, so no trace, can be made for the ongoing debts,

Since: Apr 10

Hilliard, OH

#42 May 1, 2011
Pamela, take your meds.
Marc and his wife are divorced. Their family torn apart. One of the three kids, which was just a ward, has moved away.
Other than that, your posts seem to make perfect sense...
pamela s oconnell

Odessa, FL

#43 Jun 9, 2011
dann assigned attorney, in 01, oconnell vs oconnell, he positions, my 16 yr old son, as financially responsible, as a 'husband and as a residential parent, to many others own children, dann calls it a parental/child relationship, calls it 'child support, and parental support of child, mark allen has been missing since age 16, along with his girard public school records, dann calls him a 'child support arrearage, dann calls himself one of the plaintiff husband(s) a gm employee, he and his wife, and three kids continue to receive as a mark and pamela marriag in franklin county, domestic court, i do not know how many fake marriage licenses, and divorce decrees are out there, but alot, trumbull county courts, judges should go down with him, i am working on it, all and any,way, and in all and any financial institution, for a financial resource, ruled permanent and in pursuit of, i told you dann, you will prove yourself,
pamela s oconnell

Odessa, FL

#44 Jun 9, 2011
PotStirrer wrote:
Pamela, take your meds.
Marc and his wife are divorced. Their family torn apart. One of the three kids, which was just a ward, has moved away.
Other than that, your posts seem to make perfect sense...
yeah, divorced, but my son is still missing, since age 16 in 01, dann's kids, are in place of, the contract, is that my kid, be enforced as a dead beat dad, for ever, dann's kids, has a free education loan, at my son's expense, he was forced from receiving his own high school diploma, back in 2003, courts call it their right to impose, gm shit canned this court order, finding out, they have gm employees all named mark and pam, all over the united states, we were removed, dann calls himself the original and four copies under him, lets see irs he was the first example of profile, as pamela o dec. 1962, 3 kids, they all id themselves with their own birth yr, and number of kids, received additional tax dollars, and reversed the ripped off tax money back on me, irs says so confusing and so many, take my meds, infact, when i first saw this make shift divorce, i thought who ever wrote this knew exactly what they were doing, the word choices, guess what it matches alyssa's blog heading, made at youngstown, she posts , this was before her abuse, of her own postion, how many others that have been covered up, dann is involved with alot more than the public knows, the media covers this up, dann has been in my picture, for more years than I realized, you think, attorney generals office was a new thing, he helps himself, to what isn't his, the guy is a murderer, an abuser, and a misfit, to society,
pamela s oconnell

Odessa, FL

#45 Jun 9, 2011
oh by the way, i am still married, the contract, enforced was a hoax, made to appear, as the obvious, infact, i am not responsible, nor my son mark allen for the debts, dann and his associates have caused, over years, and years, sofar, i haven't gotten any help to clean up, after dann, let alone force to stop ripping my son and i off, and using our identity to rip off all and any other financial source, ruled as 'support means, even plants in other states, for welfare benefits, social security claims, dann documents it as future, i recall him calling me schizoid, but i am not the one who submitted on as a gm employee, 1962 with 3 kids, how about dann, do you know where you are, i know he knows where I am, yes i am angry, but i thought i will not have to do to much, because, i was confident, he would bring down himself, and he did, he calls himself pamela j, wow, i think dann got an under lying divorce, like he gave me, covered up, he wanted my place, my kid, and my under wear, i told him to keep them, dann stood in public court entry, demanding i make him give me back my hanes her way, back in 2001, i told him to keep them , understand they took all my clothes, he covered as 'disabled', dann has no respect for himself, people like him, will do it again, as he has already prooven, even after his dowfall in atty general office, got to hand it to him, he takes pride, in himself, being a theif,
pamela s oconnell

Boaz, AL

#46 Jun 27, 2011
i want to bring to the attention of the public, this includes, all of us! this is taken from 1 set of 5, of the same order, planted, in place of an expected divorce, and decree. my son and i, are paired as the targets, called a marriage, infact dann called it parental child relationship, Mark Allen, 16 yrs old, taken from girard ohio, along with any trace of him, including his school records, and I as well, two orders, 2001, for the plus side, those assigned and paid, and covered, to dispose of my son and i, and any evidenceof us, this also is called a community affair, order 01, five sets, is called an order of support(for the parties) temporary, based on this group of persons, personal decisions, how long my son and i, will live,
also dann calls it a deduction order, and arrrearage order, not only deliberate personal assaults, broken teeth, bones, beatings, they deprived us sleep, food, shelter, clothing, our own medical, set fires, destroyed my only transportaion, took my son, murdered my parents, told us, our life did not mean anything to them, we did not our teeth, to go to school, paid off people to cause car accidents, and a near crash, back in may, 7, 06, they would had cleaned me off the road, and planted on me, diamonds, the driver a black woman covered in diamonds,
dann in his personal hand writing, documents my missing son as a 'child support arrearage' he is child support, and parental support of child, also called husband, and parties own placement, for their personal children, to benefit, off my son's entitlements, needs, medical, etc, many times, the real deal, never given place,
now one word, covers many, original, in this consideration is the original fake, what ever is visual on all five documents, and four copy cats, beneath the original, the copies, as it is called, the impersonators, also called ths parties, court, covers, past, present, future, covers different counties, and states, multiples were placed at, domestic, probate,, marriage, and wills, civil, traffic, juvenile, this is based on every imaginable financial consideration, all and any way, infact, reissues, every six years, when the debts are cleared, and this group starts all over again, to put my son and i, in eternal debts,
continue this in next post
pamela s oconnell

Spring Hill, FL

#47 Jun 30, 2011
Mr. Coughlan, you owe this not only my son and i, but to the public, that make it our choice, to be honest, and those of us, that took pride, in our children, in our actions, and want to take pride, in our laws, marc dann, is an abuser, a menancing terrorists, a destroyer, of what ever there is in this world, he is among those in Trumbull County and Mahoning County, that take liberties, to help themselves, to what is not theirs in the first place. his divorce, was a quickie, and in trumbull county, they had to divide, what was actually theirs, and what they claim as their own, even gained from public properties, i am not the one and only, dann writes it this way, a "certified copy" looks like the real thing, but it isn't. at this point, dann, alyssa, his children, and a host of certified copy cats, are mark william, pamela and mark allen in franklin domestic court, irs says pamela j/pamela sue, 502, the dead north dakota person, first for all tax refunds, uses Dec. 28, his own birth yr 1962, and 3 children, 2 spousal supports, work earnings, no id of type of work, nor employment, claimed as a partnership, a knock off of the word 'parties,' and coercion, and in ohio, he has certified, fradulent documents, off my personal, and my son's, identifications, Gm, says the same, ocotober 10, 1962, mark wm oconnell, 3 kids, ohio, he documents himself, in his personal handwriting, as plaintiff husband and the attoreny, also writes mw is me, my client, he is impersonating to be a lawyer, using the applicable law, for leverage, to be a offender, legal organized crime,
pamela s oconnell

United States

#48 Jul 6, 2011
in answer, the girard police, refused to make a missing child report, on mark allen, i tried repeatedly, the youngstown fbi, used the same tactics, hung up on me, said i was interferring with thier job. These same words, repeatedly used, by every public servant, the gas reps, the health dept, the water dept, you name it, girard school principal,ragozine, and jeswald, they all a job to fulfil, with the city crime, john walsh, office, demanded a police report, regardless, if the police were responsible for his abduction, i still try, i am always directed back to youngstown office, it won't happen for us, in ohio, I was blocked from media, from newspapers, infact the tribune, and vindicator, sent my money orders, back, for ads in the paper, public notices. any letters i sent out for help, were intercepted, never made it, infact, many of the girard cops, are calling themselves, mark william, allen, and pamela oconnell, one jeff l cramer, said the protection order was not for me, said girard, did not have to, nearly 6 yrs later, 5 sets, for a pamela oconnell, 1959, irs id as pamela j/pamela sue oconnell, 1959, 1 child, and 1959, with 3 children, this would be attorney john falgiani, dann's, former assistant, ronald a schnarrs, girard, cop, with two children, ronnie said he was paid well, for his duty to represent me, impersonate me,
pamela s oconnell

United States

#49 Jul 6, 2011
dann, my husband, and has gone on long before dann, became of age, in trumbull county, called 'embodied' incarnate, they rob from an original, person, and create something else, in its place, they kill the thing, and become their victim, take from a living being, and live their life, through financial advantages, this is in this order, for example, dann and his friends, placed themselves on as gm workers, not that they are, or were, but the soaked gm, these past 10 years, and now, call themselves a 'corporation' pamela j, is now owner of a corporation, pretty much, if he wasn't stopped,he would destroyed the atty general office out, financial, and the function, the purpose of the thing, and called himself, the new attorney general office, just like my mother, and father, they murdered them, now they are alive, at some other address, by the very people that took their needs and lively hood away, dann has this written, as The duty of support, shall go past the majority, death, emancipation, marriage, physical custody, etc, what kind of law is this, secured by statues, and made years ahead of time,

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