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Vernon Hills, IL

#21 Nov 14, 2007
I understand that Kalamazoo has a department that likes to do things their own way. Let's see, Stacey Geik shot a man who didn't deserve it, and later went on to let a prostitute service him, and then the whole department tried to cover up that influential men used this lady. The KPD will not abide by federal FOIA guidelines. Evidence is missing.
Or how about 10 or so years ago when all those drug cases had to be thrown out because officers were helping themselves to the cocaine in the evidence locker?
Or how about the 17 year old who is going to win a multi-million $ judgement against K-zoo because he was stopped for a loud radio and subsequently arrested so that the officers could illegally search his car? This same kids' grandma was arrested and held naked by the KPD, and she got paid. Kind of sounds like some revenge on the part of the police.
When they assume the job, police officers are held to a higher standard of conduct, and most live up to that. But, like all professions, there are bad cops. The KPD seems to engage in cover up tactics anytime there is a question of integrity, instead of dealing with it and trying to restore some public confidence in them.
I would say per capita that KPD has less honor and integrity than the Chicago police, and that's really saying something. And if the good officers in the KPD feel insulted by that, my challenge to them is to make the changes that are needed to let your citizen-employers be proud of them.
an officers wife

Riverside, CA

#22 Nov 14, 2007
Who even said that Jeff worked for Kalamazoo Public Safety??? Did you know that there are cities and counties surrounding Kalamazoo??
So before you go off into your own little world and bash different police departments, you might want to know a little about the person.
-an officers wife
Kalamazoo Resident

Kalamazoo, MI

#23 Nov 14, 2007
After reading all of the different opinions and feelings from both sides of this posting I would like to throw in a similar scenario and see what you all think.
In October I was traveling West on Kilgore Road by Milham Park. I noticed 2 people that looked like they were wearing the vest construction workers wear, walking back and forth in the road. I was traveling 35MPH listening to the radio then saw a police car dart into Loy Norix HS. At that point I thought something must be going on at the school. As I approached the 2 individuals in the road waived me over to the side of the road at Milham Park. I was informed by the officers that I was traveling over the 25 MPH speed limit. I told the officer that I had lived here all my life and always thought the speed limit was 35 in this area. I was written a ticket for 30MPH in a 25MPH zone. The cost of the ticket is $105.
Getting to the point. I re-drove the area and took pictures of the speed limit Signs in front of Loy Norrix HS 50 ft from where I got my ticket. Posted speed Limit 35MPH. By the entrance to Milham Park at the top of the Hill. Posted speed Limit 35MPH. Portage and Kilgore- Posted Speed Limit 35MPH.

There were cars lined up behind me getting tickets. When I drove back to get the pictures there were cars lined up getting tickets.

What would be the reason for a deceptive Speed Trap like this.

Maybe they hope people will just pay the fine and not check the facts? What do you think? Any Suggestions? I have a court Date in December.

Vernon Hills, IL

#24 Nov 14, 2007
an officers wife wrote:
Who even said that Jeff worked for Kalamazoo Public Safety??? Did you know that there are cities and counties surrounding Kalamazoo??
So before you go off into your own little world and bash different police departments, you might want to know a little about the person.
-an officers wife
I was just using K-zoo as an example. My point is that you need to remember human nature. There are going to be bad cops and bad dept.'s just like there will be good ones. I'm saying that every man in blue is not some self-effacing, public sacrificying wonder boy. And on an aside, I think that it's grotesque to call every policeman in America a hero after 9/11. The mebers of the NYPD and NYFD who ran into those buildings WERE heroes. But the way the media and the government tries to make that somehow translate into everyone being a hero cheapens the sacrifice of those brave men. you don't get called a hero just because you wear a uniform-- you earn it.
an officers wife

Riverside, CA

#25 Nov 19, 2007
If you want to believe everything the media says then that's fine with me. I hope you never need to call the police for anything. You would be the one to do something stupid because of what you've heard on the news or read in the paper. I pray everyday for our police officers, firemen and women, military men and women and the ignorant people out there who doesn't understand how hard these people work to protect us. I pray for you 31rules, that one day you
will come to understand this. I'm sorry you feel the way that you do.
-an officers wife
Glad I Escaped MI

Vernon Hills, IL

#26 Nov 19, 2007
I feel sorry for someone who lives with such delusions. Do you really think that the media made up all these things? And what stupid thing would I do by believing media reports of police incompetence and cvover-ups? Oh yeah right, I might think for myself and realize a few things. You should try it, it doesn't hurt much at all.

I'm glad that you stick up for your man. Just save the hero talk for those that deserve it, and keep an open mind.
an officers wife

Riverside, CA

#27 Nov 19, 2007
Like I said... I will pray for you!! Sounds like you
need it.:)
-an officers wife

Mount Pleasant, MI

#28 Nov 28, 2007
While I cant imagine the reason why everyone is making this such an event. The driver clearly states he is speeding. Last time I checked 5 over was still OVER!!! Is there such a thing as a minor infraction of the law... Violating the laws a little or a lot is still a violation. I believe with no doubt that you were in fact operaing a the speed indicated by the radar. How can I be sure? Numerous courts in numerous countries say it is an accurate means of detecting speed. I find in almost crazy that we assume police just sit around and make speeds up to stop people. There are over 3000 reasons to stop a vehicle in the Michigan Motor Vehicle code, guess you just made it easy doing five over. I find it equally funny about getting a real police car. A dodge charger is a real police car, and I think Dodge would be offended by the comment that they produce a fake police car. It happens that the charger is the last of the FULL SIZE police cars you can by. While I have been in police work for 20 years I still believe we make a difference. Next time you pass by the area stop in and steal half a candy bar after all its only a little violation of the law.
an officers wife

Battle Creek, MI

#29 Nov 28, 2007
Thank you very much onebarwonder! Thank you also for the hard work that you put in for your community. I tell my husband everyday before he leaves for work to Be safe. I will tell you also, Be safe! There are a lot of stupid people out there. And to all of those people who are reading this: Watch out for the 5-0!!:)
Have a safe day.
-an officers wife
Kalamazoo Officer- Jeff

Marshall, MI

#30 Nov 28, 2007
31 Doesnt Rule,
Nobody is saying that we are hero's for just wearing a uniform, but I doubt that you know about the young baby that I performed CPR on for 42 minutes in the 90 degree summer heat and saved. Or the 400 pound man that I performed CPR on that threw up in my mouth before we had safety masks and saved. Or the two 14 year olds that I jumped into Lake Superior on vacation and pulled from an undertow and saved. Does that make me a hero, well in their eyes it does, in mine it is just something that I would do. You on the other hand, I have my serious doubts. You seem very selfish and have way too much distaine for the police to open your eyes up. Nobody said that all of us are saints, we are all human and prone to temptation and corruption just like everyone else. But we picked a profession to help people not only by public safety of slowing down traffic like you think, but a lot of other duties like saving lives directly. I take offense to your attitude and hope that you can go back through everyone's comments on this sight and read some of the examples that have been cited, like suicides, fatal accidents, seeing dead children, dealing with piss soaked drunks and just plain asshole people. You seem to avoid all of those subjects in your comments back to "an officers wife" and to me, but you like to concentrate on corruption of literally a couple of dirty horrible cops (otherwise known as humans). You definately need to get a narrower paint brush, because you seem to paint all of us with your big wide brush.

Mashpee, MA

#31 Feb 29, 2008
Concerned Officer wrote:
Mr. Heins,
Your response to the citation that you recieved from Officer Daniels seems very one sided on your part, so I will provide to the readers the real truth. I am sure that you were not going ONLY 5 miles over the speed limit, it was probably more like 15+ miles over the speed limit. And when you were stopped I am sure that you were treated with the utmost respect by officer Daniels, that is why he REDUCED YOUR SPEED FROM 15+ miles over the speet limit DOWN TO 5 miles over the speed limit. By the way Officer Daniel did not need to do that, he did it out of courtesy and compassion. Your original speed of 15+ over the speed limit would have cost you 4 points on your license and $215 in fines.
I think you should be thanking him instead of smearing his good name all over the internet! Remember you and everyone else sleep soundly at night under these officers selfless blanket of protection. Most people would understand that!
We know how you fell.
Just recently.
A truck or car.
hit one of bridges.
We want to know.
Do you Mr. or Mrs.
Car or tuck driver.
How you hurt other
Just, by driving.
Too. fast.
We don't always.
Like each other.
around here.
But, hurting.
Or hitting.

a object.
or person.

Is a real no,no here.

So, don't come here.


We have a reward out for you.
grew up with cops

Marcellus, MI

#32 Sep 17, 2011
why do people call cops pigs ???why are cops lieying scum ??? are all cops ass holes scum ???? sounds like to me cops judges, prosacuters, lawyers, has a really bad reputation????not to mention there familes also ever noticed that the good cops dont and wont police there police they are brothers and will take up for there own kinds no matter what ???? thats why when cops retire they have to move out of the area they worked and screw people all ther lifes ??? follow a cops life and most cops were lieing trouble makers and bullies when they were kids and there wires are the same way bird of a feathers most of the good guys i no that were cops quit because they wouldnt lower them selfs to be lieing scum sorry that the way i now cops ???? just do a search on the internet im sure 100 million people are all lieing about how dirty the people are that work in the just them system wounder why cops cant be prosacured for lieing on the just them witness stand sure theres some decent people that work in there crooked system but they useally quit them kind of people are always causeing trouble for people thate trying to make something out of there lifes most of them cops and there familes want everything you own at least that the kinds of cops i no and i no a lot them sorry to say i no what kind of rude scum most of them are ther alway starting trouble or makeing more out of nothing so they can ripp off the tax payers im sure all the complaint reports on the internet or in there files are lieing people that dont have any better todo the cops will alway find something to make up laws just to benfit there pockets
Richland Hater

Atlanta, GA

#33 May 20, 2012
Mr Slow Down wrote:
"F Heins" It appears you are lying as you were not truthful about how fast the officer had you. I would suggest you apologize for misrepresentation of the facts. I am sure Richland will not miss your dollars, and will not miss your speeding vehicle going thru their town. To the officers keep up the good work why anyone would want to do your job I don't know, but remember for every one of the "F Hiens" out there, there are 100 more that appreciate what you do.
<quoted text>
You can attack this person and everyone else all you want but the truth is that your town is a notorious speed trap. Everyone knows this and those that deny it either haven't driven that stretch of road or are cousin humping residents of Richland. I tell everyone traveling to Albany to go the interstate through Tifton. I was told the same numerous times and thought that since I have a perfect driving record it should not be a problem. I was pulled over and had no idea I was over the speed limit since It was posted 65 in most stretches. You can attack people for speaking out and try to defend that Dukes of Hazard mentality but the reputation of your town is the only one you continue to hurt. Anyone seen boss hog?

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