Here is a first -*****and please read it in its entirety so it doesn't happen to you, too ***** because police could not help the night of check-in.

On 8/8 - I booked and paid for this inn via Orbitz on 8/8 for my stay from 8/9 to 8/11. I personally called the inn before booking to ask a few questions and was assured that my requests would be met. The lady I spoke with said she had been there over 7 years and said that there were no security issues, I would get a non-smoking room, and some other details because I was traveling by myself. I went ahead and booked through Orbitz. After doing so, I contacted the inn again and spoke with the same lady. She assured that I would be in a non-smoking room and could not guarantee a room number but noted that I asked for a room close to the office due to safety concerns.

ON 8/9 AT 10:15 P.M.- I was in the area finally after traveling all the way from Florida and called the hotel's phone number to let them know I would be there soon. NO ANSWER! And it was the direct line to the inn, not a national reservation phone number.

On 8/9 at 10:30 p.m.- I arrived at the inn at 10:30. I pulled in and went to the office. The lights were all on and lit up like somebody was there. There was a sign on the office door that said "After Hours Check In" and then an arrow pointing to the right. I tried to open the office door to verify it was locked because it was all lit up and looked like somebody should have been there.

I went around the corner to the check-in window and there was a telephone. I picked up the telephone and it rang...and rang......and rang...and rang. I waited at least 5 minutes at that phone thinking the clerk was either in the bathroom or just away. I hung up and tried several times.*****No Luck*****

I went back to my vehicle not knowing what to do. I then sat in my vehicle and tried for over 30 minutes calling the inn's direct line. Again, no answer. As I sat in my vehicle, I had a direct view of the office and watched - just waiting for a clerk to show up.*****Nobody*****

By that time, the brand new vehicle that I was driving was parked in the front facing the office; and was starting to get the attention of some of the 'locals'(it was a rental with California tags on it) and people were starting to walk around looking at me -*****which made me very nervous since I was traveling by myself.***** I kept calling the direct number and NEVER got a person.

I finally called the Riverdale Police Department asking them if they had a different number or could come out and try to help because I had no idea what to do. The informed me that they couldn't help.*****I was 100% totally out of options.*****

8/9 at 11:30 p.m.- So off on my quest to find another hotel. I called Orbitz around 11:45 p.m. while driving to a different hotel to find a room for the night. I explained to the Orbitz representative what was going on. She said that she would contact the hotel to see what the problem was and why I could not check into a room.

I was on hold for a while and she got back on the phone and *****verified that Orbitz had no luck getting a hold of anybody, either!*****

I ended up going to the Hampton Inn where my relatives were and the front desk was able to give me a room immediately for 2 nights! What a blessing! They are a lifesaver!

Now starts the quest on getting my refund for the room from Hometown to Orbitz and then back to me since I paid for this room already.