Clayton Co. Sheriff Victor Hill selli...

Clayton Co. Sheriff Victor Hill selling home

There are 56 comments on the Creative Loafing story from Aug 25, 2008, titled Clayton Co. Sheriff Victor Hill selling home. In it, Creative Loafing reports that:

Megan Matteucci of the AJC reports that Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, everyone's favorite lawman, has put his four-bedroom ranch home on the market for nearly $300,000. He bought the joint for $240,000 ...

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Tory One

Phenix City, AL

#21 Aug 29, 2008
so much happened behind the scenes ........... he knew the average IQ of Clayton was getting lower and he took advantage. I am just so surprised he eventually got the boot, maybe, just maybe, there is hope yet ............. but I will not be holding my breath
Yankee Jim

Shenzhen, China

#22 Sep 2, 2008
Victor Hill was a very just and fair man. He rooted out the corruption from the white officers that he fired. Thank you Mr.Hill for your service to Clayton County.
By the way, dixiedarling, go cook me up a steak, women have no say in politics.

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#23 Sep 2, 2008
ADA Peterson,

How about, if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem.

If you honestly think that Victor Hill did no wrong pertaining to his duties and responsibilities in office, then you as well have no business providing support to this county that my (Very High) taxes pay for. If you are going to be a proponent of the law, then you need to know what that law is before going off half cocked and placing the constituents who pay your salary at risk of monetary loss due to unnecessary lawsuits, settlements and judgements. When you are a duly elected official, you are to act in a manner that does not bring shame or hardship on those that elected you. I elected Victor hill to clean up this county that you and those like you failed to accomplish. The revolving door in the prosecutors office reminds me of a Toll Booth. The level of incompetency in charging and prosecuting offenders from both the Sheriff's office and the County Police Office is embarrassing. For you to stand here and defend Victor Hill's actions only serves to highlight the inadequacy of the office for which you serve as well. We the people of Clayton County Georgia expect our Elected and Appointed officials to work together toward the common goal of protecting our citizens and making our county a place that we can be proud of. In this instance the Jewels and The Scott's and the Hill have not performed to standard and will be removed shortly. I strongly encourage any newly elected official to any of these offices to clean house and remove those whom have been identified as sub-performers.


Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#24 Sep 2, 2008
Yankee Jim,

You sir are a shallow minded racist simpleton. Pull your Thug mask back down over your face and go back to trolling Metropolitan Ave where you belong.

What an Oxygen Thief!


Atlanta, GA

#25 Sep 2, 2008
My only questions is where is Victor hill? Is it true that he is in jail? Has the FBI taken over the sheriff's office. I will not bash him as i think that he did all he knew to do given what he was working with.

Jonesboro, GA

#26 Sep 2, 2008
No one really seems to be sure where he is but I think if he was in jail we would have heard. No one has taken over the sheriff's office either.

Thomasville, NC

#27 Sep 3, 2008
Victor Hill illegally arrested half of the black men in clayton county to get elected the first time, may he rot in hell!
Walking Small

Peachtree City, GA

#28 Sep 8, 2008
I think Yankee Jim and Ada Peterson must be smoking some good stuff to have had their brains totally destroyed. If anyone thinks Victor Hill did anything good for Clayton County they are a complete registered Idiot! Oh, I almost forgot, he did one good thing for Clayton County...He lost the election and is moving! I get so damn tired of idiots trying to use the race card and blame every thing bad in their life because they are black! People are sick and tired of having BLACK thrown in their face every day! I have a lot of friends that are black and guess what I don't see a color because they are honest hard working citizens and don't keep bringing up the I don't have this because I'm black or they wouldn't say that if I was white! I can't figure out why Blacks don't seem to understand it was their own (Black) people that captured them and sold them as slaves! Blame them!
Cafe Mom Jonesboro Ga

Jonesboro, GA

#29 Sep 8, 2008
I am thankful and congratulate Victor Hill for his hard work in my county, when we called him or emailed him he showed up and handled events that were reported in our area the next day. He attended functions held for PTA, cleaned up the streets, moved unwanted crime out of my area. He has my vote and support anytime, because the seed he planted will continue to impact our communities! His loss doesn’t mean defeated, It simply means he must push on and seek God first, not man; for the new journey that is set before him. My prayers’ are with Him and his family.

Jonesboro, GA

#30 Sep 9, 2008
Cafe Mom Jonesboro Ga wrote:
I am thankful and congratulate Victor Hill for his hard work in my county, when we called him or emailed him he showed up and handled events that were reported in our area the next day. He attended functions held for PTA, cleaned up the streets, moved unwanted crime out of my area. He has my vote and support anytime, because the seed he planted will continue to impact our communities! His loss doesn’t mean defeated, It simply means he must push on and seek God first, not man; for the new journey that is set before him. My prayers’ are with Him and his family.
If you fail to show up for work over 30 days after losing an election, I think you are DEFEATED in more ways the one. What kind of BIG man does that? Did his predessor act like such a child?
I understand he is due in court on the 22nd to answer to the lawsuit from Tuggle. Will he show?
white person here

Monroe, GA

#31 Sep 10, 2008
winston wrote:
victor, you cost us a lot of money when you lost the lawsuit over the firings. as a black man i am embarrassed because white people are saying "look what happens when black people rule" then look at the school board "when n++++++ rule you lose your accreditation."
Most white people aren't (and wouldn't) say anything along those lines. Your assumption here is racist.

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#32 Sep 10, 2008
I don't believe that Winston's comment was racist at all. I live smack dab in the middle of this entire mess and can tell you from listening to my neighbors and friends in the County, that they are truly embarrassed that an individual that they had high hopes for based on his pre-election redorick, turned out so badly. It is true that lots of white folks (and Black folks Too) are comparing the County to Pre-1995 statistics and are finding that once the County government began its conversion to a majority Black run operation, that an upswing of problems began. Unfortunate, but very true nonetheless. The demographics for Clayton County have change dramatically in the last 10 years. I remember that in 1994 the population was 169K white, 50K Black and other. Today it is almost exactly the opposite. White Flight from Clayton began in Late 1995 and continued through about 2006. It was not only families that left, but business as well. I sat and watched INGLES Grocery Stores close every store in Clayton neighborhoods that had turned predominantly black. Where did they go? To mostly white communities in Fayette County and Henry County. Strip malls that used to bustle with business are now modern ghost towns. Jonesboro, which used to be a vibrant and historic community is quickly becoming a cesspool of crime and prostitution. What happened to the community that used to be the home of middle class Blacks and Whites that left the interior of I285 to escape the crime wave of Atlanta, well, between higher taxes in Atlanta, and Hurricane Katrina flushing out the rats in New Orleans (Not to be read as all evacuees are rats.) The County is dying a slow death from very low income, or in many cases no income (except Government assistance) individuals that cannot pay the taxes that keep a County government moving forward. The latest housing crunch in Clayton County is making matters even worse with about 1 in 8 properties in the County in Foreclosure, and Accreditation for our schools lost. I don't believe that Clayton County will ever see the glory days again that many of us remember. Once a County decay's to the level that Clayton is in today you can stick a fork in it (It's Done).

Yankee Sight

South Windsor, CT

#33 Sep 13, 2008
The purpose of this post is not to debate the "chicken or the egg" of which leads to what: lack of development dollars leading to criminal justice dollars or vice versa.

1) Leaders are a reflection of the will of the people. Please note that your Victor Hill lost by less than 1% of the vote.

2) The will of Atlantans is development.(Build and they will come.)

3) If development dollars do not fuel a municipality, and motivate its elected leaders, the processes of Georgian "criminal" justice will step-up to make the difference.

Its a grand old Southern tradition ... which just has got a bit extreme in Clayton County.

And it takes a man just like Victor Hill to run just such a County.(It should not go on deaf ears that THE LAST THREE DEKALB SHERIFFS ALL ENDED UP IN JAIL. Another was assasinated for hoping to blow the whistle on the system.) It takes a crook to run a crooked system.

The basics: charge people who can't afford lawyers for violating State laws ... the officer's words suffice. Throw these people in jail. Those who can't afford bail or bond can be held longer and bring in more taxpayer dollars. Use these funds to expand your criminal justice system.

By the time these people get out of jail their spirits and confidence are crushed ... and more likely now to commit real and escalating crimes and go right back in jail. Any who previously had little or no contempt for society, surely do now after being the objects of "authoritarian" deception and other evils driven by greed.

But just in case, when they get out: Put them all in difficult probationary requirements which will likely land them back in jail.

Other "funding" occurs in the form of under-the-table kickbacks from private, for-profit prison corporations, bonding companies, DUI and anger management schools, etc. Family members of judges, PO officers, deputies, and others ("in the know") own or invest in these enterprises.

Georgians do not invest in rehabilatation, education, nutrition. Such investment will undermine the objectives of an expanding criminal justice system.

Clayton County is just the purest example of one such local Georgia economy driven by state-taxpayer funded criminal justice dollars.

Victor Hill was only a reflection of this reality, not the creator of it. And such a system IS the will of the people.

Clayton County's next leaders will be hard-pressed to reverse this phenomenon, even if they wanted to. But likely they don't even want to. Heck, they probably can't even see it is such a part of the culture down there ...

In the meantime, stay out of Georgia ... Clayton County in particular ... especially if you are an immigrant or other person pressed for money or lacking in education. You are the system's best, most profitable target.(Others, stay out anyway just in case.) Meanwhile, Atlantans really are scared and pointing fingers at everyone but themselves for their localities' problems; and/or are very, very quiet and doing as little business within the most authoritarian Counties as possible.
Boss Man

Conyers, GA

#34 Sep 15, 2008
I completely agree with Walking Small. He is exactly right when explaining how many blacks act. Blacks should get over the past and move forward, I feel that many white people would respect that and they might earn a bit more respect in the U.S. When you have IDIOTS like Victor HIll as sheriff, it gives black a bad rap. Victor Hill represents a white man hater who hasnt left the past behind. You wonder why white people dont want a black person in office. They pull crap like mr. hill giving the entire black race a bad look.

Marietta, GA

#35 Sep 16, 2008
Maybe his leaving is the sign of the future changes.
Big Mike

Villa Rica, GA

#36 Sep 17, 2008
As a metro Atlanta resident it was amazing to see the kind of crap that Hill pulled and the messes he created, only slightly outdoing the moron sheriff in Fulton county. As for the black/white issue, just ask yourself this, if a new white sheriff was hired and he then immediately fired a bunch of black employee's with snipers on the roof, what would have been the response from them media and Jesse/Al/et al? As for the comment above about getting ride of problem cases with the firings, there was not a single instance of that, they were just white with a new black sheriff.
Boss Man

Conyers, GA

#37 Sep 22, 2008
I agree with you Big Mike. If a white sheriff pulled a stunt like this every friggin black person in america including Jesse,AL, would claim discrimination. The problem we have here is politicians and white have givin blacks so much in the past 30 to 40 years that they feel like everything should be handed to them on a silver
platter. So if i white person feels he or she is being discriminated against by a black person if that person were to come forward they would be considered a racist with is BS. Now a black person claims this stuff every black person goes crazy and get handed everything they ask.
EX. You go into the any Atlanta federal or state building. Who makes up the majority of the work forece working there? Blacks.... Now if there were majority white in these positions blacks would claim discrimination. Any white person coming forward will have there hands tied because if we were to complain about every job being held by a black person we get called racist. Is just effffing ridiculous.

You wonder why our damn government is effed up and it takes forever to get anything done on the local and state level. You have lazy blacks taking these jobs up to get benefits. And for the record blacks claim all white are racist well they should look in the mirror blacks are just as bad if not worse about it. Whites would probably tend to like blacks more if they would get off their high horse racist views. You look at chinease,japanese,and indian people here in america. Most whites dont have a problem with them because they act sain and dont go around asking for everything.

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#38 Sep 24, 2008
Now I know why we have not seen Victor Hill Lately. He is back in court defending himself against another Civil Suit.

Hope he has to pay this one out of his own pocket...


Jonesboro, GA

#39 Sep 24, 2008
He IS being sued personally. That's probably why he is having memory problems about what he said. That's okay though because apparently other folks he already screwed are remembering just fine.
Hope they get everything Victor owns or ever hopes to own.

Gainesville, GA

#40 Oct 2, 2008
A BLACK MAN wrote:
Victor Hill illegally arrested half of the black men in clayton county to get elected the first time, may he rot in hell!
What a stupid statement.

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