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Dearborn Heights, MI

#251 Mar 20, 2013
Remember this if you get clocked for speeding by one cop and a chaser cop pulls you over and writes you a ticket it is illegal because he did not clock you fight it in court. 2nd curfew tickets are illegal fight it in court violation of 14 amendment of the constitution google it take the information to court stand your ground thwy will drop it. 3 rd if you get pulled over by an unmarked car there has to be some kind of police department marking on the car even if it is on one side if there is no marking on the car and the cop writes you a ticket it will be thrown out of court...even if the xar has lights inside the car to display being the police the car must be marked...knowledge is power if 2 people got pulled over by an unmarked car and got a ticket if one of the two people knew this information they would drop the charges courts do not want you to know this type of information this is how they make money do not be intimidated at all be polite but don't take shit either.

Francesville, IN

#253 Mar 22, 2013
drbnman wrote:
<quoted text>... ohhh please, i was caught doing something very illegal in dearborn hts.. and no i was no selling drugs or hurting anyone... my point is i was caught red handed after being followed. i got away free and clear because the sgt (no names) waited for me to finish my illegal actions and than approached me,(no evidence) haha!!! i escaped alot of time because a cop thought he was going to be on the front page of the news!!! did i learn my lesson? YESS!! working 9-5 and grateful for what i have. im just curious as too how many other incidents get thrown out due to inexperience!!!??
are very lucky the officer didn't soak up the urine that you pissed all over his shiny pleather shoes and put it in a drinking cup for a later sippy sip through a straw as most of the others like to do ..

Dearborn Heights, MI

#255 Mar 24, 2013
blankman wrote:
<quoted text> are very lucky the officer didn't soak up the urine that you pissed all over his shiny pleather shoes and put it in a drinking cup for a later sippy sip through a straw as most of the others like to do ..
I am not afraid of the police nor did I piss all over his shiny shoes I am not intimidated by anyone and I don't mean that in an arrogant way I love to engage in conversation defining it and intellectually breaking shit down I was a sales man so I am good at asking questions and looking someone in the eye its a natural thing for me to do. They just need to be on their P'S and Q'S because I have no problem addressing stuff or speaking up in a civil manner, most people get nervous or too excited so they start raising their voice when talking to a police officer I respect their role as a Police officer they are here to protect citizens but I will call them out in a nice calm voice and put them on the spot so they better be on their game, if I feel that I am being harassed or if I feel an officer is abusing his rights I will definitely put him on the spot. I love looking a Police Officer in the eye and engaging into a conversation I Have a Highly educated Military Background, Infantry Airborne, Military Police Officer as well as 10 years in extensive training as a Security Officer with Medical training. I am very intuitive and I can Read in the Dark :)

Trenton, MI

#258 Aug 20, 2013
get real wrote:
Wow so much going on here. First of all I am sorry for the loss of anyones loved one. That being said. If the DHPD notified his wife that is his next of kin, no one else. If your son took pills given to him by some woman, he made a poor choice. Sometimes poor choices cause others heartache and grief. Sometimes they may cost you your life. As for not giving you information on the phone while a situation is going on, they are not going to! That information could endanger the responding officers. Another thing, yes sometimes officer may be "rude" or short with you. You don't know what kind of call they just came from. Could have been a domestic, child endangerment, or a fatality. Sometimes those things will change you mood. I am not saying all police officer are perfect and I never will. There are bad cops just like there are bad cashiers, plumbers, and mechanics. We really do have a very good police department.
He wasn't married. They did not notify the next of kin because they didn't bother to verify the next of kin which would have been easy to figure out if they had gone to the address on his drivers license (where he lived)He took ONE pill which caused a reaction with his other medication causing him to die from respiratory failure. YES he made the choice to take the pill. It cost him his life. But as he lay dead, his parents weren't even aware of his death. I am pretty sure it is illegal to share information such as a death without verifying the relationship. Their lack of training and following the law cost this family more trauma then they needed. The mother should have never had to call the PD to find out if her son was dead. Proper notification should have been made. PERIOD. This young man was stereotyped. Treated worse than a dead dog on he side of the road. He didn't die because he was a drug addict. He died because he was intolerant of the drug. Unlike the POS pill providers...they have tolerance to their drug. I read this forum and it makes me sick at how people kick others and assume things they do not know. EVIL EVIL cold hearts.
Brian Adam

United States

#259 Aug 21, 2013
I lived off oc Michigan Ave and Gulley for awhile on Oakland Ct. a little over ten years ago. There was a f@#%ing cop living right on the block. One of ficer, whose name I unfortunately cannot remember, gave me a hard time when I was dri.kinh for no reason when I was drinking. I am so haply and grateful to live in Oakland County, of the most affluent areas in the nation. Im also glad I forgot his name not long after because I had a g%!!damn bullet with his name on it, pun intended. I am a schizophrenic and I wasnt correctly medicated in those days; I wouldve done it or died trying.

Dearborn, MI

#260 Aug 23, 2013
Dearborn hills pharmacy got robbed 3 times in 1 month !!!! Makes me wonder

Wayne, MI

#261 Aug 26, 2013
Amy - Dbn Hgts Rsdt wrote:
First of all, before you start making unwarrented statements about the Dearborn Heights police Department you should maybe think that they did follow their department procedure. It's terrible that your son was taken from your family at such a young age and I'm sorry for your loss but the statements you made about the Dearborn Heights Police Department and the Officers who proudly serve within the Department are false. I personally know each of the Officers you decided to single out and feel compelled to tell you that you don't know what the hell you're talking about. You are not a Dearborn Heights Police Officer and therefore cannot say if they did or did not follow their department protocol. Each of our Officers are very respected and highly decorated and therefore know how to do their job and know how to do it well. You said that you don't have faith in the department or it's officers, but I bet you'll change your mind when they show up to save your life or when you call for help and they respond within minutes of you call.
What you've done, is judged the entire department on one misunderstanding - on what you saw and did not like. Did it ever occur to you the the Corporal you singled out had nothing to do with the investigation and therefore had no reason to respond? or Maybe he never received your letter? Have you ever heard of a phone? You could have very easily dialed his number and spoke to him! Before you sit down and decide to badmouth someone you should think twice about what you're saying and/or writing. The entire Dearborn Heights Community is very thankful for the services that we receive for the men and women who serve with the Dearborn Heights Police Department. Any you sir, you stand alone when you say that you do not have any faith in them. And for the record, the Corporal you named, was once named Officer of the year and was recently recognized for his service to the city and his dedication to the job. You see, the information you have is FALSE and the statements you made were warrentless.
These Officers show up to work everyday to do their job and they know that their going to be disrespected by ignorant people, such as yourself, but they still show up not knowing what will happen to them or if that will be the last call for service they will respond to. They accepted to do a job that holds the respect of millions throughout the world, but one that not many would accept to do. They are VERY respected and you will never tarnish their reputation.
<quoted text>
I have to disagree with your assessment of the DHP. I have personal experience that these incompetent boobs hardly ever do the job they were given to do in the correct way. You must be one of these morons. The way the department treated these people is counter to their oath of public service. Serve with compassion is their charge and it rarely happens that way. The cops on this force are very un feeling and crass. I imagine you are the same by your post. To say the things you say to this couple who lost their son is a shame and you should be ashamed of your self ( I bet you have no humility)for speaking the way you do.
brian adam

Detroit, MI

#263 Oct 17, 2013
Sorry about that earlier rant. I was just mad cause my mom sent me to my room for being a retard. I guess my dad was right I should have been a BJ

Clinton Township, MI

#264 Mar 6, 2017
Eric wrote:
I'd still like to know who the Dbn. Hgts police and fire department are covering for in the death of fire fighter Ken Obermiller? 2 people "friends" of Ken Obermiller's moved his body from their home to an apartment complex parking lot and left him in the bed of his truck. Who were these people and how did they not get prosecuted for moving a dead body. Where they fellow fire fighters? Cops? I hope the problem solvers investigate this incident!
Was talking about Ken as he was a friend of mine, went to school with him and yes Eric, very sad and very disturbing how it all "just went away"

Dexter, MI

#265 Mar 7, 2017
Jim Groh wrote:
Our son died James Williams on June 13th 2007 and the Police Department in Dearborn Heights didn't even come to our home to tell us we found out 6 and a half hours later from a person that our son knows the Dearborn Heights Police Department isn't very reliable the officer taking the report didn't even come to our home my son's address is listed with the state to our address on his license. DBN HGTS POLICE DEPARTMENT doesn't know PROTOCOL some of the police officers that work there are GREAT but others don't know how to do their Job how would you feel as parents if your son died and they didn't even notify you we dont have much faith in them, I had to call the detective to get him to call me back they are terrible I even wrote the Chief Gust, Mayor Paletko, CPL Parrinello and none of them wrote me back I wonder why???? The officer on the phone told me your son was 20 as though to say that they didn't need to tell the parents. I am looking for Major Community Feedback Please Reply.
the police, mayor,etc are too busy catering to the lebanese muslims in dearborn hghts not to mention all the silly lawsuits against the city from the muslims. the city also busy hauling that motorhome from that elderly couple in the south end over a ordinance violation, yet the muslims can park their company trucks in their driveways. sorry about your son and the lack of communication from the police chief and mayor. seems the residents of dearborn hghts who are not arab are not that important any more.

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