Editorial: Taylor voters should vote ...

Editorial: Taylor voters should vote NO on Mayoral Recall

There are 30 comments on the story from Oct 3, 2011, titled Editorial: Taylor voters should vote NO on Mayoral Recall . In it, reports that:

Taylor, MI- Times are tough for Taylor and every other municipality in Michigan. Availability to money just is not the same as it used to be. Taylor has suffered from high outrageous pensions, high employee salaries, and resistance from self-serving political officials. After Mayor Lamarand was elected in 2009, he was immediately met with resistance from many Council members.

Mayor Lamarand started cutting positions starting from the top down. Starting off with his own salary, he cut 15%. Once the mayor started to cut some of the Council member's friends, the Council members started to reject all proposals coming from Mayor Lamarand. When Taylor was hurting most the Council member's could care less and only care about their friend's jobs.

Now, the employees that were fired by Lamarand are behind this recall to remove Lamarand. Some of the people involved in organizing this recall do not even live in Taylor! Which leads me to think. Are they just disgruntled employees trying to get their jobs back? YES. They may say that the recall is about public safety, but it is not. Public safety is an issue in Taylor, but the Mayor is doing his job and the Police and Fire unions respectively are doing their jobs as well to strike a deal.

Therefore, I ask that you Vote No on this recall. Not only for what I said on this editorial, but for the future of Taylor. Taylor elected Mayor Lamarand in 2009 and I say let him complete the remainder of his term. After all, we do not want to throw away 2 years of progress and we sure do not want a Priebe Council member to become Mayor. So on November 8th VOTE NO to Bad Government, Bad Politics, and Bad Decisions!

Visit Mayor Lamarand's Website at www.jefflamarand.com for more information on why you should Vote NO.

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Taylor, MI

#1 Oct 3, 2011
I agree.Folks stop being so narrow minded. Why r u trying to lay blame at this mayors doorstep. Graft and greed have caught up to reality. No one tried or cared to see the future of City funds.ridiculous salaries and pensions have cost the tax payers too much revenue.the moves of this administration r not likely going to endanger Taylortuckies safety. Whining and cackling does nothing to solve budget woes. The people and their cronies behind this recall effort should be ashamed!I heard of a corporal police officer making $65000 a year and retiring at over $ 80000 . If this is true how can it be?has there never been any checks and balances demanded by Taylor taxpayers in this city.?long overdue accountability is finally taken hold people.I have nothing wrong with city workers making a decent living but everyone has to face the music!Wayne firefighters got let go and u did not see them trying goofy tactics! Thus would be a travesty to recall lamarand for just doing his job.think ahead on what could have prevented this. This city should have budget surplus instead of deep deficits!

United States

#2 Oct 3, 2011
Yeah right! This Mayor has driven Taylor straight into a ditch!!! It's time to take the keys to the car back on Novemer 8th when he will get voted out by a very wide margin. His 2 years in office have set us back another 10 years!

Taylor, MI

#3 Oct 4, 2011
You didn't really say anything in this editorial, except the same old rhetoric. Blame everything on the employees and past mayor and play Lamarand up to be some kind of saving grace for Taylor. Lets be honest the council is a problem but Lamarand has been nothing but trouble since he took office. Lets talk about the Secretary that he's fired and has wasted thousands upon thousands of tax payer dollars fighting to keep fired in court. He was told he couldn't fire her and went against court orders and did it anyway, he's closed city properties without council approval, made other decisions again without approval.Not to mention laying off police and firefighters when were already short staffed, yeah just what we need a bunch of over worked officers and firefighters trying to protect and serve, that's not a safety hazard. Or how about letting our ladder truck be sold, does our city only have 1 story buildings? No I can name at least 5 that the ladder truck would be necessary for in the case of a fire rescue. He's not what's best for this city and no one want's him here, but him and his family so why doesn't he do everyone a favor save the city some money and step down.
Allen Dombrowski

Berea, OH

#4 Oct 4, 2011
Wow this editorial hit the nail on the head. This editor summarized the past 2 years of what Lamarand had to deal with in 4 short paragraphs. I can honestly say I agree with it 100 percent. oh and Kevin you are absolutely right. Im glad someone is informed on this site.

Greg, Priebe set us back 20 years! every year he was Mayor there was no progress. At least Lamarand has got some things done he said he would get done or the ball rolling on.

Rebecca, you are absolutely misinformed. I want him as Mayor and I know lots of people that are going to the polls nov 8 to vote no so we don't get more years of Priebe politics
Taylor Resident

Ypsilanti, MI

#5 Oct 4, 2011
I don't know the mayor. I don't have anything against him nor for him. The bottom line is that there is a very limited amount of tax dollars to do all that is expected of a city. The forces against the mayor are calling this a public safety issue. This is not correct, and even if it were, there still is not enough money to support the staffing levels that we're used to. First Responder calls should be privatized to private ambulance companies, and perhaps a special public safety millage if we want to bring back the large overpaid police and fire department personnel. The mayor has definately made some poor decisions, but the council is even worse, and it is almost a certainty that if he were recalled that one of the present councilmen would be elevated into the mayoral office. This would even be worse than we have now. I may vote for someone else for mayor at the next mayoral election, but in the mean time, I'll vote NO on the recall feasco.
Taylor Tax Payer

United States

#6 Oct 4, 2011
I will be voting YES on this recall. This Mayor is the worst Mayor Taylor has ever had. He is a hyprocrite, he hires friends with no experience and never tells the whole truth. I can tell you my family, friends and neighbors will be voting YES on NOV. 8th. He is spiteful and has wasted tax payers money, he has put our City in jeporady. He has opened our city up to a huge lawsuit when the woman who died due to his $250,000 phone system which had a glitch and response time was delayed. He spent almost $4 million on trash cans and garbage trucks. Hey Jeff how much does Rocky your BFF from high school make, and Sheila too? Get real people he will be done on Nov. 8th., he knows it too, look how desperate he is, I love how his wife said before on a blog that if he gets recalled he will go back to making more money as a school teacher, yeah right, my cousin has a masters degree in education and has been a teacher for 28 years and never made $80k, Lies, lies and more lies..just ask our Fire Dept who campaigned for him..."fingers crossed that nothing happens" See Ya Jeffro, don't let the door hit you on your way out..
Resident of Taylor

United States

#7 Oct 4, 2011
This household with 4 registered voters will be voting YES on November 8th.

Toledo, OH

#8 Oct 4, 2011
Rebecca wake up! U cannot operate a city the way Taylor has done in the past even when it wax township and revenue was enormous. Lean city govt along with sensible operation should have been practiced here and elsewhere.corruption was most likely here and Noone was investigated.look at how auto workers have adjusted.although many executives have not suffered.there have been crooked officials..if citizens do not take a stand then the crooks love it!is lamarand crooked? Most likely not.how about Taylor schools in the past. They were not known as exemplary environments compared to other school systems.many city workers think of only themselves. And their relativesFRIENDS.is recalling lamarand a genius idea? NOT HARDLY!A BETTER SOLUTIONS CAN BE ACHIEVED THRU SENSIBILITY.

Baltimore, MD

#9 Oct 5, 2011
We will be voting yes on this recall

United States

#10 Oct 5, 2011
Do what u may. I have seen him and wife's photo and he looks honest and might bring fresh approach to taylortucky.if u voters want to recall him then who is going to replace him. Is it back to kicking the can down the road approach? The only way governor engler kept getting in was promises to cut property taxes.if u cut revenue then other things have to be cut.as for the firetruck being sold with that high ladder,I saw them hanging signs with it one time. If this mayor has done wrong why don't they have meeting to give him better ideas?this recall fiasco will solve little if anything. Cheers

United States

#11 Oct 6, 2011
And the majority of these comments are a good sampling of what this Mayor has had to deal with. Narrow minds, not open to change, still wanting this city run by the same crooks it has been for the past 20 years. For the first time we have someone who cares enough to lead by example and from what I've seen in the past two years, NOT ONE person or department has followed suit. This type of greed and close mindedness and resistance to change will keep this city stagnant and in a state of peril worse than it has ever seen, not the mayor. I will be voting NO along with all of my open minded friends an neighbors. THANK YOU Lamarand for keeping up the fight for the taxpayer!
TS Taylor

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

#12 Oct 6, 2011
He did not cause the death of that woman by having new phone system installed. Even in the article, the EMS stated that they are unsure if she would have survived or not if the call came through faster. What was the city supposed to do, wait and monitor every citizen to be sure they were safe and sound and then have the sytem installed. Don't show you ignorance if you want to sway me to vote for the recall, this would be like saying because I put gas in my car when it was an ozone action day I am to blame for the whole global warming issue.
Taylor Tax Payer

Detroit, MI

#13 Oct 6, 2011
T S Taylor,

So I am ignorant because you don't agree with my opinion? Get over yourself, there is a very good reason this Mayor will be recalled on Nov. 8th. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. He ran on a public safety platform and look what he has done to our public safety, he has cut them down to nothing. He threw the TFD under the bus and could not own up to his mistake. He could not even apoligize to the family who lost their loved one, then at the council meeting he LIED (as usual) and said he was misquoted by the paper. Well ignorant old me verified with the reporter that he was NOT misquoted, he did say all of those things that were printed in the News Herald. The only people that support him are a few friends and family...Can't wait until NOV. 8th...
the unsilent majority

United States

#14 Oct 7, 2011
Mayor will go back to being a teacher on November 9th. He lies every time he opens his mouth. His supporters are non residents who don't pay taxes in Taylor. The largest group who hope for a No vote is the high school kids who must listen to him talk in circles when he comes back. He has stooped to throwing rocks through his own window to stage a dramatic plea for sympathy. Au revoir!
Allen Dombrowski

Southfield, MI

#15 Oct 7, 2011
The silent majority is wrong. Actually the people that want him gone are Southgate residents like Laurie Trueblood the disgruntled employee. VOTE NO ON NOVEMBER 8TH, 2011
Taylor Tax Payer

Carmine, TX

#16 Oct 7, 2011
I love all of the orange and blue signs!! VOTE YES ON NOV. 8th, 2011.

United States

#17 Oct 8, 2011
So u r saying lamarand is like all other politicians. The only time they lie is when they open their mouths? Ha!.why don't we get Jerry FALL WELL in there? Vote priebe back in? I think everyone should rethink their strategy on this maddened recall effort. Let him do his time like Obama and then test the waters! Have A SPECIAL CITY COUNSEL MEETING AND GIVE MR. LAMARAND A CHANCE TO ANSWER TO THESE ALLEGATIONS! HAS ANYONE IN THIS EVER REALLY HAD TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY AS TO SOME OF THE ACTIONS THAT R TAKEN!. ANY DISGRUNTLED PAST WORKERS or present ones?.what is real reason behind recall? Is he really any more terrible than past administrations?do u HAVE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF VOTES TO RECALL?THIS ALL SEEMED TO HAVE SNOWBALLED AFTER LAYOFFS!

Taylor, MI

#18 Oct 8, 2011
I hope u people know what u r talking about. Blaming the death of someone on mayor lamarand. That is a very serious allegation! So is he gonna be tried like Conrad Murray? R u citizens grasping for straws? Is the prosecutor involved? I do not know the details here but I and anyone feels sorrow at any innocent person's death.but to try and directly blame Mr. Lamarand will not bring the person back.I hope this recall attempt is done fairly. By the way, was that elaborate courthouse and firestation on Goddard needed.? I heard that the other fire houses are being closed. Is that to justify new firehouse? This just seems like one big mess! Where does the blame really lay for any cities budget problems? Cooperation would be ideal to run any city as efficient as possible. Is this going to be enacted if recall is a success?
Oust Lamarand

Macomb, MI

#19 Oct 11, 2011
This Clown is gone November 8th. His office will be cleared out the next day, and he can take his worthless friend Banas, and loudmouth nephew Dave with him. Vote YES to recall Lamarand November 8th. It will be a landslide. Let this be a lesson to any politician future or present in Taylor.......Don't bite the hand that feeds.

Toledo, OH

#20 Oct 12, 2011

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