This is a shame. Why should I vote for the renewal of the school levy if I will be taxed more on my water? That may sound stupid to say, but the citizens of Rittman are feeling the pinch. I believe local government ought to feel the pinch as well. Why should Rittman spend tremendous amounts of money to pu industrial waste hydroflourisilic acid in the water supply while it is a potent neurotoxin and carcinogen? There is a tremendous amount of money to be made by the industries benefiting from the sale of their industrial waste marked up thousands of percents to local communities, dumping it into their water. If it is in the air, lakes, and ground, it is deemed as harmful pollution. However, if we put it into our water supply, somehow it becomes beneficial... what?! I think the local government of Rittman has been affected by the neurotoxin they spend so much money placing in their water supply.