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Rising Sun, MD

#1 Nov 10, 2008
I along with others are not happy about the new Smoke Shop comming to town, I received a message to be their friend on my space. I looked over their site, and its promoting Drug use. They are selling all types of pipes,and other items used in drug use. We have enough problems with drug useage with kids in our area, why let something into our town that is just going to encourage it.

Dickson, TN

#2 Nov 11, 2008
you are right.get people to sign something againt it.send something to town hall.

Rising Sun, MD

#3 Nov 18, 2008
the smoke shop is a pipe dream! if it opens, it will not stay open. the economy sucks right now.
in the mean time, we need to figure out how to work on future legislation to prevent any landlord in town from renting to "smoke shops" "adult shops" or anything that would bring an "element" in to town that could cause a rise in crime etc.
rising sun momma

Ashland, KY

#4 Nov 19, 2008
A Smoke Shop in Rising Sun is not that bad. Of course, it promotes drug use and all that but if you didn't already know this....Newark has at least two smoke shops and that is where kids go from Rising Sun to get their pipes and what not. Whether this shop comes to town or not, kids in Rising Sun are still going to do drugs. I believe that there are kids in every town you go to using drugs. I am just glad that Rising Sun hasn't gotten to out of hand yet. Yes, there are big problems here but at leat it isn't Elkton where there is open air sales of drugs going on down every street you drive down.

Rising Sun, MD

#5 Nov 20, 2008
Elkton is bad for drugs,and so is Newark, so why bring a smoke shop here just to encourage the kids. If we dont stop it now, then one day Rising Sun could be just as bad as those towns.
I bet if the cops in Rising Sun would get out of the office and onto the streets and check all these kids that hang out in the parking lots, etc, I bet they would find drug usage ! Its right in front of our eyes and all people do is close their eyes to it.
Save our Children from drugs.

Scottdale, PA

#6 Nov 20, 2008
Easiest way to stop it is to take pictures of people going in to buy the pipes/bongs/whatever, and let them know you are doing it. Even if you don't give it to the cops or post them on the internet, the druggies will stay away, cause they can only operate if nobody cares.

Rising Sun, MD

#7 Nov 21, 2008
Good idea, if the kids see adults watching them and taking pictures, they will stay away.
the problem is though, some adults who dont care, will go and buy the stuff for the kids, just as they do alcohol. The store gets away with selling the stuff because, they say its used for tobacco. yea right, anyone with common sense, even the town of R.S. should know its for drugs
Hello ! Wake up town admistrators. your kids may even be the one buying this crap.
The shop is directly across the street form a Delegates Office. People are so blind to the truth until it hits them at home, then they would do something about it
cecil co girl

Dickson, TN

#8 Nov 22, 2008
rising sun was one of the last good towns ,bye bye town ,with this trash being allowed in ,more will come.

Since: Sep 08

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#9 Dec 1, 2008
I am a mother of three and we all here hate to see what is happening to our town. But, have any of you looked at the kids these days? There is no respect and they just do not care what the adults think. Anymore trying to correct your kids gets you in deep water and the kids know this. Most parents care/ some don't but the ones who do are just to scared to try and do anything with the kids. And cops in R.S. offense to the good ones but there are a few that are just as bad as the kids. The smoke shop won't last nothing does in R.S. Look how long the Arcade was there.
True American

Savannah, GA

#10 Dec 8, 2008
what a shame.
pushing a small town business out of the way because of twisted morals, and small minds.
the shop doesn't promote drug use.
They sell very high end collectible glass art, which, lately, has become very popular among serious glass art collectors.
Crackheads, junkies, or losers don't buy $1200 water pipes. Glass art collectors do.
If your kids are on drugs, then take a good long look at your parenting skills, and stop trying to lay the blame at the world's feet.
it wasn't society that screwed up your kids.. it was all done during their early formative years at home.
That shop doesn't sell dope, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for implying that type of thing.
throughout history ignorance like this has kept the some of the finest artist in the world out of the public eye, and has sent many to an early grave.
When this country is at a weak moment in history, and jobs are being lost, economy going to hell, a TRUE AMERICAN would support a local glass artist trying to feed their family.
rising sun momma

Ashland, KY

#11 Dec 8, 2008
I completly agree with the "true american." I would understand that no one wants this shop0 if they did sell dope....but I don't think they would get a trader's license for that part. Maybe everyone should step back and look at the big picture of their life and not blame a little shop that hasn't even opened yet.

Rising Sun, MD

#12 Dec 14, 2008
Who in Rising Sun, has 1,200.00 to by a glass pipe ? Sure there are dealers and glass artist but get real, these are not glass vases or decorative glass nick nacks, That you would purchase in high end glass shops, they are usable pipes for smoking. Why eles would you have to be a certain age to purchase their so called artistic glass pieces. Get real... When they first advertised on the window they had a big mushroom painted on the window, I see it didnt take long before that came off the window.

Rising Sun, MD

#13 Dec 23, 2008
there is nothing on the window now, not even the name. hmmmm.......not a good time to open any business. I am not against art or artistic talent. Rising Sun would not be the place to sell $1200.00 glass pipes, I agree. Wrong market people, sorry!

Rising Sun, MD

#14 Dec 23, 2008
Rising Sun would not be the place to sell $10.00 glass pipes used for smoking pot matter what artistic talent went into making them.........had to add that.

Havre De Grace, MD

#15 Jan 5, 2009
you people crack me up... you talk about your town like it is some little Mayberry or something... open your eyes... drugs are all arround well as the world! Be good parents.. have good kids. Leave the little shop out of it !

Rising Sun, MD

#16 Jan 9, 2009
whatacrock wrote:
you people crack me up... you talk about your town like it is some little Mayberry or something... open your eyes... drugs are all arround well as the world! Be good parents.. have good kids. Leave the little shop out of it !
We are good parents, and we are aware of the drug problem, but we sure dont need it thrown in our faces. All the kids talk about now is going to the Head Shop in town.
When you want to stop drug abuse, why promote it and make it so available ? Evidently, you dont have kids, or else you dont care, or you are a user yourself. Peer presure is bad enough, why help it along ?

Gilbertsville, PA

#17 Jan 10, 2009
wow.... true american..ur pretty right you ppl are not good parents forcing this bull on ur kids trying to be the perfect little angels that you want, thats one of the reasons i started smoking pot to get outta things when i was a kid, mostly the kids that u see killing ppl are the ones that had rules forced upon them like crazy when they were kids, if u really wanna know if your kids are into drugs, u will know trust me!! a little smoke shop in town is nothing!! u guys should be looking around local places where kids hang out and stuff goes on, and i support pot all the way its not like there smoking crack or anythiing mostly its a thaise (dont know if i spelled that right) oh and just to let you guys know, taking pictures of ppl without there consent or video taping is against the law and get u jail time unless u have permission from the police, wheres a kid gonna get $1200 from anyway? chill the hell out ppl!!

Gilbertsville, PA

#18 Jan 10, 2009
Does this Store Have a website or a name?

Gilbertsville, PA

#19 Jan 10, 2009
hahaha, ppl its rising sun, why dont you come down to where i live we have the highest murder rate and more drugs then u can imagine!


#20 Jan 11, 2009
whatacrock wrote:
you people crack me up... you talk about your town like it is some little Mayberry or something... open your eyes... drugs are all arround well as the world! Be good parents.. have good kids. Leave the little shop out of it !
I AGREE RISING SCUM HAS SO MANY HERION ADDICTS THEY ARE CRYING SOME 1 IS TRYING TO INDRODUCE WEED BACK IN THE TO THE COMMUNITY VS HERION,CRACK, cecil co is full of junkies and they say weed is a gateway drug they start off here with coke and a needle weed they act like its not even a drug!!! welcome to cecil co land of the herion addict not pot head

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