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#21 Feb 5, 2010
i worked there for years n the stuff that goes on behind close doors is awful. they talk bad about everybody i dont care who u r they will talk if u r not n thier pack. i would not put my dying dog n that place. if only the state would come on a good day!

Waterloo, Canada

#22 Feb 17, 2010
I worked there 7 years it has its ups n downs with staff but as far as patient care it is a great place. I wld put My family there n have had n laws there. They loved it. Its just like ne other place there is gossip n back stabbing but where isn't there but it never affected patient care
what a joke

Dayton, OH

#23 Feb 17, 2010
the dr put my mother there in 98 she had cancer the people who worked there was nice but didnt do there job. the meds part is all they done.they would leave my mother laying in shit for hours at a time sad but true she was there 4 days and the same thing was happening so i took her out and took care of her myself.those people was there for the money and that is it.i complained but didnt do any good did it more then once.if u put some1 there u better be there to so u know they r taken care of.cause u will be the one taking care of them.i would suggest that u do it urself cause no1 will take care of ur loved ones better then u.even if u have to get some1 to sit with them while u work be cheaper in the long run and u know they r being cared for right.this place is a trash hole makes me sick i sit and think about what they did to my mom and wonder how many poor old people in there that they r doing the same way they r all about the money not the people very sad but very true wouldnt put my dog there.

Maysville, KY

#24 Feb 17, 2010
I worked there not so long ago, and let me tell you that the cna's do a good job, the nurses are great, the activities dept. is also wonderful, as well as the office workers, and physical therapy dept. (whom work miracles). They recently got a new D.O.N. who isn't worth a nickle and took it upon her self to change things that didn't need it while neglecting the issues that were important. Since I quit a lot of other good nurses and aids quit as well. I would still be there today if it weren't for her actions.

United States

#25 Feb 18, 2010
i agree that place is going under bad. the cna's when i worked there wasnt worth crap. most of them i worked with just cared about when the next smoke break was. the activities dept. is great i do give them credit.
interesting facts OVM

Fairborn, OH

#26 Feb 19, 2010
I agree, I had a relative there and since the new DON took over, the place has went down hill. She changed a lot of things and for the worse. In my personal opinion, she has too many issues at home that need attention. For instance, she lets her 15 year old daughter's boyfriend stay overnight at her house since she was 14 years old. My daughter who attends Ripley High as well has mentioned this on several occasions. What else does she allow to happen. Maybe her attention should be focused on being a proper mother and leave well enough alone there.

Fairborn, OH

#27 Feb 27, 2010
I have worked at Villa Georgetown, Locust Ride, Meadow Wood & the OH Vet Home. There is no comparison between the staffing ratios and equipment/supplies availability between Ohio Valley Manor and the others. Just my opinion, but if I had to choose between working at any of the three or placing a family member there, I would definitely choose OVM.

Dayton, OH

#28 Mar 1, 2010
I have worked there since 2000. They take good care of their employees and they're very care oriented when it comes to the residents. Every place has its issue but I can GUARANTEE OVM is the best in a 50 mile radius! Very very clean. Definitely do your research before you trash a good business.

Dayton, OH

#29 Mar 1, 2010
Oh and the administrator has been there for a very long time and he is wonderful.4

United States

#30 Mar 2, 2010
oh i agree on the administrator he is nice but im telling u me and my mother worked thier n it is nice and clean but when u get who ever u can just to come and work u most of there cnas r nasty and my moter has work there for 20 years and they do not have anyone as deciated to there work as she was so i do not have to do research when i know from experince. i think u need to go get some glasses
OVM Supporter

Fairfield, OH

#31 Mar 3, 2010
I agree with if_only. Ohio Valley Manor is a great place to work. My mother has worked there going on 13 years. They have treated her great and she never has any complaints!So to the unhappy dog owner...theres a vet right off 62, you seem confused i wouldnt take my dog to a nursing home either. GOD BLESS OVM AND IT'S EMPLOYEES!!

United States

#32 Mar 4, 2010
thanks very much but honey i dont have a dog and as for the mother, well she has to be a drown noser for that place to treat u well i do agree with u on one part GOD BLESS THE OVM they need it i would never step foot in that place if someone paid me a lot of money

Pittsburgh, PA

#33 Mar 24, 2010
It is the BEST nursing home in the area & even beyond. It is very clean, doesn't stink like most, & the staff is great. It's where I would want to be if I had to be in one.

United States

#34 Mar 28, 2010
u most not want that good of care

Dayton, OH

#35 Mar 31, 2010
OVM is a great facility...the majority of the employees do their jobs correctly. The ones that dont generally dont make it very long. I've worked at another nursing home and there is no comparison. We have the best equipment, the best administration and the best employees. I have a job where I know that I'm appreciated and I make a difference everyday, PLUS I get paid very well to do my job. My guess is the person who is talking bad about the facility was one of those people who didnt do their job well, or one of those people who dont understand that all the residents or patients are entitled to the care they deserve. BTW learn to spell or no one will ever take you seriously.

United States

#36 Apr 3, 2010
When we were looking at the possiblity for Daddy, he insisted on it and several of his neighbors agreed with him. I'm glad we didn't have to take him out of his apartment, but if we ever do he's going to insist on the Manor. People don't realize that old people talk to and about each other and if one is mistreated, word gets around.

There are going to be problems with any facility. We all want our loved ones treated like royalty, and we're pretty mad if we think we're shelling out cash for services not rendered. It's hard to remember that our loved one is not the only patient they have!

My dad's sweetheart's nephew had a terrible accident at work. They said he would be a vegetable if he lived... but the folks at OVM got him home. He has a long way to go, but he's already gone much further that expected.
mamma mia

New York, NY

#37 Apr 4, 2010
Lets all face it. Every place has it's ups and downs. It is up to each individual to decide if this facility is right to work at or right to put a family member at. Benefits of OVM is they offer essentially everything possible for their patients, even the assisted living. If an aid is not doing their job, then they need replaced, simple as that. If the DON is not doing their job, then the staff need to complain. No job is going to be perfect and you got to remember every person has good and bad days. So my advice, is go look and talk to staff, patients yourself and make your own choice, don't listen to others for advice on this very important decision regarding care of a loved one.

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#38 Apr 6, 2010
well see i have worked their and i did do my job and i didnt get fired i quit i cant stand the place but hey if u like rolling with the dogs have at it slop

Philadelphia, PA

#39 Apr 10, 2010

United States

#40 Apr 11, 2010
just because they havent been anywhere else and if some could talk they would want to go somewhere else

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