#1 Mar 20, 2012
my cuz was the driver up ther got fired cuz he quit slappin that dick to her white trash ho herd some of the boys she fuckin with are some alhum boy, ol leopard boy, and young punk named breandon herd she was gettin some punan up ther from the lady that suck up her butt
SHELIAmotherfuck inAHLUM
#4 Mar 21, 2012
Do u seriously think I give a fuck what you heard? By the way Eric just so happens to be my friend. Sounds like to me you need to get a life. Ur feeding off of all this drama like everyone else on this shit. Started out you were talking shit about her and then on to another and another. Your just trying to start shit with whoever will listen. I got my life in check and its going to take a hell of alot more than some asshole running there mouth to start shit with me and mine. Sounds like whoever your getting your information from should check there facts. I dont know about you or anyone else on this site but I got better things to do than sit around worrying what he said she said or whos screwing who. The shit aint that important I have to live my life around what someone has to say. I think yall jealous bc she aint fuckin yall like she is everybody else.
SHELIAmotherfuck inAHLUM
#6 Mar 21, 2012
No im not in denial, I have nothing to be in denial about. Doll Eyes Im sorry she messed with your man and caused you all these problems. U should really just let it go its not worth causing you to feel this way. I already know what your up to trash mouth boy but its not going to work. What you dont get it I love my husband and he loves me. He by far fucks up alot trust me but what noone understands is we have a special kind of love. U see I know Im the one he will always come home to, im the one he holds everynight and tells me how much he loves me, we have 3 beautiful little girls together. I know thats something noone can take away from us. Yall need to find peace within urself because as long as your giving the attention dont you know your going to keep getting responses. Some people think getting attention like this, is like sitting on top of the world! Just forget this shit, if shes fucking everybody she will continue to and nothing noone says will change that.
#7 Mar 22, 2012
That stupid ho causd my mom and dad to get a divorce my dad was working for her and they began to have an affair. My dad gave my mom hpv an std that causes cervical cancer in women.. My mom divorced my dad. Wish he never would have worked there, I miss him
#9 Mar 23, 2012
nah i neva dun da dam thang buh ol gur got ol saggy tits an tri n act like a teenage gur nasty fo sho tape dat shit up fo reel
SHELIAmotherfuck inAHLUM
#13 Apr 11, 2012
haha s.pea u must know me... But u damn right that Ahlum boy belongs to me! And that bitch must not know about me. im not one bit above whoopin somebody ass. My niceness is my warning, then it gets dirty. Bitches gona do wat they want to try n ruin somebody family but she damn well better get to thinkin elsewhere before she go fuckin around with me and mine...

United States

#14 Apr 11, 2012
As The World Turn's Mississippi Style!!!
#17 Apr 17, 2012
i waited on this day for so long she thinks she is sitting on top of the world an now shes being shit on. guy that got her pregnant is a old buddy of mine. he was workin for her wen she got pregnant by him. so wat she tryin to say she pregnant again by that ahlum guy thats bein talked about in this post? Pam told me she was saying it. that old ass woman cant even have any more kids coz that std she got eat up her baby factory. she need to go on an get a new life coz its nonsence she does this to these young families. dont see wat the deal about her ugly ass is anyway. real talk im a guy and my dick hides looking at it it should be against the law to be so ugly and sleep wuith every guy that will disgrace to the american way
#18 Apr 17, 2012
Jr, betta watch it ya girl seems ready to boot ya ass. I will be movin in and taking over showin ya how a real man take care of that pretty lady. She sho is such a pretty thing to be throwin away I dont mind takin the left overs. Beautiful lady wit alot of potential and three pretty baby girls. I will take her and make her not break her the way you have and treat her the way she deserves
SHELIAmotherfuck inAHLUM
#19 Apr 22, 2012
I dont need nobody takin care of me n my kids, my husband does a damn good job of it. And that hoe cant have kids so take that shit elsewhere. Whoever starting all this is jealous. Maybe its her hell if I know and dont care. I know where my man is and what he does and who he lays in the bed with everynight. Thats right its me! And as far as him even messing with her, shit. I may not be the best thing but look at me then take a look at her. She aint got shit on this country girl. One thing I know is I love this man with all my heart and hes there with me and my kids and hes a damn good husband and father. So her or whoever startin shit, need to take it elsewhere! U aint doin no damage here!

Corinth, MS

#20 Apr 22, 2012
Why yall bitchin about a woman f*%#ing your man. If hes your man, he wouldnt do it anyway. Give him hell.
#22 Apr 23, 2012
Shelia I love you and I know William loves you. Your the one he wants. Haters gonna hate baby. He wont never leave you for some white trash hoe. He wont never leave you period. People are doing this because they wont to see you and him split. You of all people should know, your arms is the one he has always and will always run to. Theres been too many homewreckers try to bring you down. You and him are still strong as ever. Dont worry about people here trashing and bashing baby, You got the trophy at home. He doesnt want that hoe or anyone else. Your the queen of his heart. You two have such a beautiful family. Sounds like these hoes are jealous of that. Hold that head up baby, if things dont get under control, I will control them for you.
#24 Apr 24, 2012
Anybody know what went down at alaco yesterday afternoon????? I was taking barrells out at elite and heard a girl screaming and cussing walked around to where I could see there was a girl in a white car raising hell, the other girl run from her not once but twice. Scared that girl n the car was on fire she would have tore somebody ass up if that other girl wasnt running and that guy stopping her. What happened????
SHELIAmotherfuck inAHLUM
#25 Apr 24, 2012
yea im the bitch in the white car n yea I was mad. if you were so damn worried about what went on then why didnt your ass come on up there and see. thats whats wrong with the damn world now everybody want to be in everybody business. u already know what happened you just told everything you seen so what more is there to know? why i was up there and what i was screaming and raising hell about is none of your business!
#26 Apr 24, 2012
I was about to make it my business coz dude kept getting in your face and pushing you. Had he touched you I whould have beat the living hell out of him. Sonya was a scared bitch that why she kept running and hiding from you and why she whouldnt leave that plant by herself. That bitch always want to start shit with people but she always run. you were on fire i know you would have stomped three mudholes in her
SHELIAmotherfuck inAHLUM
#27 Apr 24, 2012
He would never hit me, he was only trying to get me to get back in my car. Besides I can whoop his ass lol. We have a happy home and a good relationship. We have 3 beautiful little girls who are spoiled rotten. People are just starting shit to try and ruin it. He goes to work, he comes home. I stay home and do what needs to be done. I aint letting all these haters destroy it. Thanx for looking out for me but he would never hurt me, he knows if he didnt keep on for me to leave what was going to happen.
#29 Apr 24, 2012
That dude has always and will always cheat on you. This whore is no exception. I done been there and done that. Yes, he stopped because you done just like you did when you went to whoop her ass. Dont make it right quit wasting your time on someone who does not give a damn about you. If he loves you so damn much then why he always fucking around behind your back. Why when you was always at work it was me he was talking to or with. Now STFU and quit trying to prove to the world how you and him have such a good fuckin relationship. I know Im not the only one I can name a few others. If your ass hasnt done figured out how trifling he is you never will. I will admit you are beautiful gur and i know you can do better. Why you want with a nasty ass mofo like that anyway. I wont say the things I want about him but you know it is true. Leave him girl and stop wasting your life on the useless piece of shit. He deserves alot of things, very unpleasant things. If this hoe is so bad then let him go have her. You will find happiness and he will be where he should be. Out cold and alone.
#30 Apr 25, 2012
I want to add my thoughts. I have been following this because it concerns two dear friends of mine. They surely have no idea who I am or know I feel this way or that I even remember. But I do because this family touched my heart. I believe with all my heart that Shelia and William truely love each other. This is nonsense this lady does this to their presious family. I know better now than anyone else Shelia is very strong willed and whole hearted. She always has best of intentions whether it be right or wrong. Noone knows these two lately better than I myself. Both of them have sat before me tears running down their face crying. Both because they loved each other dearly and was ready to be with the other one. One mistake that could have tore them apart but brought them closer together. They spoke with their hearts when they spoke with me. Now, this mess must stop. Sonya, you run a business. You need to start acting like it. It is not a whore house. Prostitution is against the law! So you need to start conducting your business in a manner tolerated. Get this mess under control.
#31 Apr 26, 2012
You see Sonya a scared little bitch. I have already showed my proof to someone. Don't know what happened to the other post but Sonya she came up there once already and you didn't do shit. Nobody is worried about you.

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