Questionnaire: Superior court judge c...

Questionnaire: Superior court judge candidate Brian House

There are 26 comments on the Catoosa County News story from Oct 8, 2008, titled Questionnaire: Superior court judge candidate Brian House. In it, Catoosa County News reports that:

Superior Court judge candidate in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Brain House.

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Diane Goggins

Benton, TN

#1 Nov 17, 2008
Brain i have my sisiter working on walker side for you . Bubba's Mom
Steve Fisher

Rossville, GA

#2 Jun 12, 2009
Brian House, Superior Court Judge. Now THAT'S a scary thought.
He might be an OK judge tho, because as an attorney, in his mind he was able to argue your case in court without much (if any) knowledge of the facts surrounding the case.
He represented my wife and I (I say represented because he was there)in magistrates court. After a less than vigorous defense, we lost our case (no surprise there)But what was TRULY amazing was that he did not know the procedure to appeal the magistrates decision!!! In his defense, nobody at the magistrates office knew either. He pretty much sucked as the PD for Catoosa County, and I don't see him being any more knowledgeable on the bench
Winfred Evett

Rocky Face, GA

#3 Aug 2, 2009
I wish you luck if you go in front of him. He is biased and close minded. He is not a very good judge. He is an idiot

Harrison, TN

#4 Sep 1, 2009
brian house was a great judge in my husband and i case over custody battle he made the right descision and now we have our daughter since the other woman didnt win the case she hasnt had nothing to do with our lil girl not tried to call or contact her we go to the ft o police dept every other weekend to meet her for her to get our girl and she hasnt showed up not once....that tells u there she took us to court for the wrong reasons and didnt want her daughter there fore he did the right thing giving her to us the ones who does love her and takes great care of her.....if he had gave her custody our lil girl wouldnt have a life like she deserves with happiness and people who love her and really do care he took all the facts into consideration and i couldnt have asked for a better judge......and he is a very smart man and knows his job ....everyone is entitled to their own opinions but even if wed lost our case i can still say he is a great judge and was very fair even giving the biological mother a chance to be in the childs life he really looked out for our daughters best interest..and theres been other cases ive seen once again him being very fair and caring to both sides...and i dont appreciate all the negative comments ive seen its inapropriate keep them to yourself if its something bad to say then dont say it at all as my mother has always told me....i dont know the man personally at all i know him from going in front of him and watching him do his job......i bet if u won ur case or whatever it may be u wouldnt set there and be putting him down then....u just dont talk about people like that we r all human and have a heart and soul just some hearts happen to be cold and hold for the record BRIAN HOUSE IS A GREAT JUDGE AND KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING AND IN YALLS CASE THE WAY YALL R TALKIN U PROBABLY GOT WHAT U DESERVED AND THATS JUST IT..SO OBEY THE LAW AND TELL THE TRUTH AND IF U DO THINGS WILL GO UR WAY......HE MUST HAVE HAD GOOD REASONS AND FACTS FOR HIS RULING HE ALWAYS DOES....HE IS A NICE AND HONORABLE JUDGE WITH MY UP MOST RESPECT SO ALL U OUT THERE HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR HIM AND AUTHORITY..JUST BY BEING AROUND HIM U CAN TELL HE IS A GOOD GUY, AND HEARING HIM TALK U CAN TELL HE KNOWS HIS JOB.......U MAY NOT REMEMBER BRIAN BUT I DO REMEMBER U AND THANK U SO MUCH FOR HELPING US GET OUR DAUGHTER WHERE SHE NEEDED TO BE WITH US......YOULL NEVER KNOW HOW THANKFUL AND HOW MUCH I RESPECT U.IF IT WASNT FOR U OUR DAUGHTER WOULD HAVE HAD A HORRIBLE LIFE DOING WITHOUT LOVE AND CARE AND EVERYTHING KIDS NEED...IF IT WASNT FOR U HER LIFE WOULD HAVE BEEN HELL AND WENT DOWN HILL SLOWLY SHES NOW DOING GREAT IN SCHOOL AN A STUDENT FEW B'S ON HOMEWORK SHES IN CHORUS AND BETTER AND HAPPY AS COULD BE WITH HER FATHER AND I "AMBER HER STEP MOTHER" THANK U I COULDNT THANK U ENOUGH.......ALWAYS AMBER NICCOLE WOMBLE
the gods honest truth

United States

#5 Jan 11, 2010
Brian was a joke of a Lawyer as I'm sure hw will be a Judge. His only concern after I hired him for an uncontested divorce was trying to get more money out of me by trying to get me to take it to court instead of answering my questions. I hope no one has to go before him.

Soddy Daisy, TN

#6 Apr 27, 2010
Is this the same "house" that is running the circus of a trial for Tonya Craft? OMG - can't imagine him as a Supreme Court judge. He doesn't know protocol, etc. God save us all.

La Fayette, GA

#7 Apr 27, 2010
Wow, I agree, Supreme Court Judge would be horrible, I agree, but he actually ran (and won) in the last election for SUPERIOR Court Judge, something entirely different.

Reading over these posts in hindsight is actually pretty eye opening in light of the shenanigans he's allowing to take place in his courtroom during the Tonya Craft trial.

We can't get this Bozo off the bench fast enough. What a loon!

Soddy Daisy, TN

#8 Apr 28, 2010
Oops :) He sure isn't "Superior" either!! This whole case reminds me of those articles you read that are about the Taliban where they found women too tempting to a man, so had them stoned to death. Our own little Taliban is in Catoosa County - if a woman is a temptation to a man's lust, it is the woman's fault. Why I am going off on this, is because they keep talking about what Tonya wears - who cares? I don't care if she walks around downtown with nothing but her socks on - that doesn't make her a child molester. Also, if she is comfortable with men and has her own sex life - she doesn't fit the categorization of a child molester. Plus, they are trying to say she is a lesbian - because she slept in the same bed as a friend. Well, when ladies go shopping for a weekend and 4 women share 2 beds - does that make them lesbians? I think not. Not everything is done with sex in mind. This "JUDGE" should stop these type shenanigans - but he lets it go on and on and on. He is so unprofessional it's unbelievable. The judge will not let the defense bring up all Tonya's relationships with children that are "normal", but he let's the prosecution talk about nonsense and make all sorts of innuendos - so typical. Also, since when is "hearsay" admissible as evidence? This judge should be stopped - and I hope The Today Show airs this fiasco - again, too much power in the hands of a "little man".

La Fayette, GA

#9 Apr 28, 2010
The Today Show will air a segment tomorrow morning between 7-9 am on the Tonya Craft trial. The national spotlight is on you now, Judge House.

Lupton City, TN

#10 Apr 30, 2010
House needs to be investagated. At first I thought he was in on the Craft conspiracy, but I'm now leaning toward him just being a moran. I've never seen such injustice at work. I think Ringgold is a great city....but unfortunately I believe now is full of corruptness. The judges and procecutors care only for making a name for themselves or their next career step.....not what is just.
Elisabeth Walker

Marble Falls, TX

#11 May 1, 2010
If this judge doesn't have the common sense to recognize a vengeful ex-husband and ex-friends who want revenge on Tonya Craft, then this man is evil. And if the jury convicts knowing that all these people had revenge on Tonya - and that false accusations are the ultimate revenge - then this town is crazy. Remind me never to step foot in Georgia - a bunch of hypocrite evil small town meannies. I don't trust any of them. And I hope the FBI investigates this judge and DA.

Asheville, NC

#12 Jun 22, 2010
Could you people be more disrespectful. This is someones family you all are bashing, and I don't think you would like it if it was your family. Beside the fact is that none of you knew everything that was involved in the trial so until you do then you should keep your mouth shut.

Chattanooga, TN

#13 Nov 9, 2010
Abigail wrote:
Could you people be more disrespectful. This is someones family you all are bashing, and I don't think you would like it if it was your family. Beside the fact is that none of you knew everything that was involved in the trial so until you do then you should keep your mouth shut.
And you are god and you know everything. Everyone has a right to their opinion. This is ameria - You need to shut your mouth and quit acting as if you were GOD.

Toledo, OH

#14 Nov 24, 2010
Get him out..... A judge should take all evidence into account in trails. NOT try and convince a jury to return back with a guilty plea... The only thing he is hood at is taking up your time and charging you more money for things he should have already done as a lawyer. As a judge I would hate to have him over my case.
No small town fool

Rancho Cordova, CA

#15 Nov 29, 2010
I agree Brian M House is closed minded and signs orders regarding children without knowing all the facts and without making sure all parties have been served for the case. In my opinion there is a lot of favors done for friends (meaning other attorney's). He screwed me over with custody of my daughter and I have plans to contact the local news and expose all the wrong doing done in the Ga. court of law I plan to bring everyone involed down. Maybe next time if there is a next time for him he will look into the case and not take the word of a friend because this just may cost him his career.. when I'm done.
guess who

Calhoun, LA

#16 Jan 23, 2011
Judge house in my opinion: is a racist, UNETHICAL, don't know his head from his ass judge. If he has a buddy that is on a case he is trying guess who will win not to mention he can probably be bought off. I hope he reads what is written about him, yes Mr. House, everyone that deals with you, thinks you are a retard, yes, even your colleagues. I really don't know how he sleeps at night, I wish his wife would leave him and a judge treats him like he does everyone else. If I had to live by his so-called morals, values, and sense of integrity I would shoot myself. How do you give a dead-beat dad the decision-rights of a child? Just because one little thing wasn't done doesn't mean one can't still allow the right thing to be done. That's why in certain situations your professional unbiased judgement is made. The man is a moron!!!
House Hates Women

Rising Fawn, GA

#17 Feb 14, 2011
My grandchildren were victims of Brian House. He gave them back to a parent, who was a proven alcoholic, who had never complied with any court orders. He saw pix of alcohol and physical abuse by the parent he gave the children to, without one good reason, other than he stated the custodial parent was a liar, he took them out of a school where they were honor students and gave them to a mentally ill, alcoholic parent who the children are both afraid of. Since that time, my grandchildren are continuing to report the violence that goes on in this household between the husband and the wife. It is physical and objects get broken. However, this poor excuse for a judge (and human) just up and changed his mind and sent them to Hell. He has no business being a judge. Even our attorney is in disbelief!

Asheville, NC

#18 May 1, 2011
MOM wrote:
<quoted text>
And you are god and you know everything. Everyone has a right to their opinion. This is ameria - You need to shut your mouth and quit acting as if you were GOD.
No I never said I was GOD but unless you are there involved in the cases you have no right to judge anyone. There are always 3 sides to every story.

Rising Fawn, GA

#19 May 5, 2011
I recently met another grandmother whose grandchildren had been taken from their loving mother by Brian House (I refuse to call him a Judge!)and given back to an alcoholic, abusive father. Just like my grandchildren, these children also cry and beg not have to go back to their father's house to live. The mother of the children had done nothing seriously wrong. House just didn't like her. Same with my daughter. He is, in my opinion, definitely misogynist. Maybe one day Brian House will get to experience what it is like when his children grow up to be imperfect adults. Then he will realize that life isn't black and white and that all women are not unfit parents! Also, I was recently told by a very learned person that Mr. House did not know the law. That is very scary! I hope he has enough decency to find another line of work for the sake of all the children that come before him in custody cases!! Moses he is not!

Since: Oct 10

Nashville, TN

#20 Aug 11, 2011
MOM wrote:
<quoted text>
And you are god and you know everything. Everyone has a right to their opinion. This is ameria - You need to shut your mouth and quit acting as if you were GOD.
first of all brian house is the one acting like god second of all he has no place in gods house only hell, he is a ignorant, self centered piece of you know what i wish someone would smack those beady little glasses right off his face.....he had issued a warrant for me as judge who represented my ex in custody because he thinks he is untouchable brian house will come down from the bench>>>>> so you shut your mouth unless you have ever been in front of him you dont know jack shit>...

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