james blackwell bones

Herndon, VA

#1 Apr 9, 2012
what you think about this whimp
james blackwell bones

Herndon, VA

#2 Apr 9, 2012
this man is not big enough to hit a man but sure can beat up on woman
james blackwell bones

Cambridge, MA

#3 Apr 9, 2012
he is a lowlife dont wont to work lives off his kid check always starting crap about people but when they confront him he lies just like always

Cambridge, MA

#4 Apr 11, 2012
this man is ugly as hell who in their right mind would be with that they have to be desperate snitching a..hole
blue beard

Brownsville, TN

#5 Apr 13, 2012
he looks like a chicken! with no hair!

Brownsville, TN

#6 Apr 15, 2012
He should have a vagina he starts more drama than most women in this county. Nobody around here will have him thats why he got that whale over there. I bet he is real proud of his daughter moving that baby in with the biggest dope dealer in Ridgely but then again Bones likes his dope. The whole bunch is nothing but a bunch of trouble making nasty dope heads. Your best bet would be to stay as far away as possible. What is he gonna do when he dont have that kids check anymore? Good for nothing but living off the government.

United States

#7 Apr 23, 2012
For the record u cowardly piece of sh;t.... he don't live off his kids he works hard and supports his children more than I can say about others.I think its pathetic that for sh;ts and giggles u want to hide behind names and bash someone. I mean come on it aint halloween take ur mask off and show ur self tricks! Y u people are some dumb fuİk$ ur talkin trash about him being to skinny and his girl for being big. Common there is no logic to ur madness! If ur so high and fuİkin mighty y don't u step up to their door and tell them face to face wat u think of them? They only hear about the topix bull cuz their not stoopin to ur low pathetic and childish bullsh;t! Y'all make me sick. Grow a pair lose rubberballs go ahead a bounce back u inbred fagget fuİkers!

Louisville, KY

#8 Apr 24, 2012
Your right he dont live off his kids he lives off his youngest kid & everybody that knows him knows that. He is a woman beater always has been. He is a informant for the police. Why else would he never get in any trouble? The only time he has er TRIED to whoop another man has been while they were sleeping & his scared a$$ beat them with a stick. He thinks thats over bu it is far from over. He even talk bout how fat his girl is cause she is HUGE! Its not just that he needs eat have you sen that nasty face? Ewe! Thats why he can only get a cow that cant speak english. Another white girl that wants to be black. LOL If you girls would wake up & love your own race this world would be a better place. If god wanted us all one color he would have put us on this earth the same color. Not lets make our own race like alot of girl do these days. These black boys just tryin to pay the white man back for things that happened years ago. From what i have heard his daughter is no sint either. As soon as she turned 18 & got that apt se started sleeping with any boy or man that would loook at her twice. She quit her job, high school & now is living with the biggest drug dealer in Ridgely. Jimmy "Bones" has not had a real job sense the 80s & that didnt last very long. Thats why he set the youngest kids mom up so he could cash her check evey month. He put drugs in her purse then called the police on her. She cant even come visit her dughter cause everytime she does he makes up some reason to call the police on her & she goes to jail. One day your daughter will realize how you do her mother & it will be you she hates not her mother. I hope you can handle how you get treated then.

United States

#9 Apr 24, 2012
He is not a woman beater shows what the hell u kno. Obviously him and his girl are a threat to u! Jealous much I think so! He don't reviece any form of government checks... if u would stop recievin a lazy check for u pathetic non workin azz we might still have social security after the yr 2033. U need to get some hooked on phonics cuz u obviously can't spell nor type. Slap ur momma u inbreded fuİks! While u want to talk about bones face at least he ain't shame to be out in public unlike u that lives in the dark scared of ur own shadow or u would get the fuİk away from the computer screen and show ur self. Wanna talk about informants u must be the one considering u think u kno his background. U unedcated fuİk wanna talk about black men repayin the white society due to unjust system back in the 1800's did u kno blacks had white slave black men sold black slaves there was more black slave owner in than south. Education 101. U hatin on bri and roger for providing for the baby but the fuİk up Curt don't even pay child support! And while u wantin to study on someones rolls u could have em too if u stayed of ur highs. Oh fyi wanna throw jesus in this it say ye without SINS cast the first stone. So stop throwing a pitty party and pitching pebbles cuz the good lords how to throw boulders. If the baby momma was any count she would do something about it but is she no!?! No I think not. So I will end on this go kill ur self b;tch. We sure in the hell wont miss u!

Brownsville, TN

#11 May 14, 2012
well we all know who is smmfh or lets just say COW lets just say that is the only one that would have his ugly ass no need to be jealous of him he does work for cops so bri i bet your happy daddy well keep mr roger out as long as daddy can and yea daddy needs to be with the COW that is the only one that would even have him but when you put to ugly people like them together you got a keeper we all cant wait till roger leaves your ass for nat again and it well happen
Jerry Springer

Florence, KY

#12 May 15, 2012
I need to get you on the show to !
ha ha

Brownsville, TN

#13 May 17, 2012
you people make me sick northing but low lifes and daddyyy and his cow how does anyone even see how to put it in with all them ROLLS bet it has a great smell
me me

Brownsville, TN

#14 May 21, 2012
she got more then rolls hell say milk

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