Suit: Cops share blame for man's deat...

Suit: Cops share blame for man's death after chase

There are 55 comments on the Newsday story from Dec 4, 2007, titled Suit: Cops share blame for man's death after chase. In it, Newsday reports that:

The family of a Farmingdale man who was killed in his home last December after a high-speed police pursuit is expected to file a lawsuit against the Nassau and Suffolk police departments tomorrow.

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harold from port jeff

Bergenfield, NJ

#49 Dec 11, 2007
I,m a retired PD Sgt.These chases are getting out of hand.Their glorified on TV .Thankfully most seem to be from California.I can't believe with all the innocent people being seriously injured that police can continue a chase for such a distance and at high speeds for some minor drug charges.When will these gung ho officers grow up.

New York, NY

#50 Dec 11, 2007
Lets all just hold hands and sing Johnny Denver songs. Let criminals get away, until Joe from Smithtown gets ripped off. Then he'll be whining the cops don't do enough.

A man lost his life because of the actions of a career criminal who received 14 yrs in jail for his acts. You ain't no supervisor. Stupidvisor fits more accordingly.

South Salem, NY

#55 Dec 12, 2007
The officer has every right to pursue a driver who he has resonable cause to believe is operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs/alcohol..
joe from smithtown wrote:
<quoted text>actually i have been a cop for 15, a supervisor for 6 of them. i just dont feel a misd. narcotics offense is worth a pursuit in a residential neighborhood during daytime hours. i really dont care how you or your 940 tax number feels about it.

South Salem, NY

#56 Dec 12, 2007
very true make it a felony to run...
PeteF wrote:
no easy solution to the problem of chases. trust me a chase is horrifying enough. I would rather go into a gun battle than a high speed chase, especially as the passenger.
make it a felony to run.

New York, NY

#58 Dec 16, 2007
Joe, are you a 2 year NYPD detective only cause you speak English? You know all this being hired by a job that offers a free test, with continous filing. Or you just jealous of the pay difference?

Joe and Evans-two pees in a pod. You both can enjoy sex with one another. Joe, enjoy your commute this winter.

New York, NY

#59 Dec 16, 2007
Angry Joe

To bad you're to stupid to have passed a LI PD exam. Could've been making 150K by now.

South Salem, NY

#63 Dec 16, 2007
Joe first I dont have a 940 tax number. I believe you have me confused with another poster. Never commented on tax number. Officer whitness drug purchase. Attempts traffic stop. Bad Guy takes off driving erratically high rate of speed. Officer has resonable cause to believe operator is operating vehicle under influence due to what he has seen. Cop is now pursuing for operation of motor vehicle under the Influence of drugs alcohol. He has every right to pursue under those circumstances. Supervisor has every right to let pursuit continue for driving under influence drugs/alcohol. Bad guy continues on at high rate of speed this is his decision not cops. Bad guy turns into residental neighborhood this is his decision not the cops. Bad guy crashes into house kills innocent person. All these were his decisions not the cops.. The Police did the right thing under the circumstances the Bad guy did the wrong thing under those circumstances..

joe from smithtown wrote:
<quoted text>?
I agree. I also dont believe the officer believed the perp was under the influence at the time. the officer initiated pursuit becuase of the marihuana possesion. regardless, I'm not sure it's appropriate to chase a car at 2:30 PM on a schoolday unless it's for a felony crime. I would have called it off, and like I said, I dont care what you and your 940 tax number thinks about that.

South Salem, NY

#65 Dec 16, 2007
Driving under the influence A MINOR OFFENCE... WOW...

And make an arrest for D.W.I. and possession at a later date.. Without operation and actual possesion.. WOW

The cops are being sued for what they CAN or CANT do not for what they should of done. Imagine if we all could sue for what someone should of done.

Reread my posts I never made a negative comment on city cops or county cops for that matter. The negative comments are in your posts.

And the under the influence driver could of run over a kid crashed into mom and children driving home from school at any time..

And county cops never get offered good jobs after they retire? I am really stumped on that one..
joe from smithtown wrote:
I thought you had a 940 tax number because of your thought process. just because you can, does that mean you should? in my opinion, and that's all it is, is NO. You should'nt chase a car on the second platoon for a misdemeanor/VTL offense. It was'nt three AM, it was the middle of day. C'mon now, use some common sense if you are ever in that position. The perp could have run over kids coming home from school and a drug/vtl offense does'nt really justify that. Too say the police did the right thing is obscene. What would have happened if the police terminated pursuit? the scumbag would get arrested another day for a nonsense crime and a man would still be alive.
I'm not saying the officer involved did anything wrong, it's easy to get caught up in the moment. But, supervisors get paid to make certain decisions, and sometimes they have to be made. Pursuit in broad daylight over nonsense, c'mon get real. You can comment about city cops all you like, but city cops use common sense, no lights/sirens, use another RMP to block a red light and guess what? the perps out on foot because he has no where to go. But then again, that's why county cops never retire, they have nothing waiting for them in the corporate world. City cops land some pretty good jobs after twenty for a reason. they're better.

United States

#66 Dec 16, 2007
joe from smithtown wrote:
Is a stolen car worth a mans life? No.
That is an opinion. Many would strongly disagree.

Miller Place, NY

#67 Dec 17, 2007
Actually if he was driving under the influence it is US Supreme CT precedence that you continue the chase as a driver under the influence is considered a loaded weapon. HOWEVER chasing misd offenses is a bad idea, always. BUT alas the fault lies with the NYS LEG and it's inability to set LAWS that actually punish ANYBODY that flees the POLICE. It you flee it must be a felony no matter what happens! When and if your court ( as criminals tend to drive cars with switched plates , oops getting TAGS means NOTHING monday morning QB's) you must get swift and definite upstae time.As the law is now, you wont even if you flee and are caught later unless somebody gets hurt in the chase.

Seems it may have been a very bad idea, but remeber if you allow criminals to flee whenver they see the flashing red lights will they ever stop? You all know the answer to that one. Get switched plates ( minor infraction 100$ ticket) and flee PD if you did something bad. OOPs bad guy gone.

As the law and the real world is it would lead to the 1%ERS ( THE BAD GUYS) RUNNING free 100% of the time to pillage and plunder.

New York, NY

#68 Dec 17, 2007
Joe says city cops are better. Better in what?

What about the ex-city cops who now police suburban dept's? Do we forfeit your claimed status? I will surrender your prized crowning to earn a healthy paycheck and not work with a concentration of idiots. Or are the NYPD Academy graduates the shining examples you are referring to? Agree the city is desperate hiring and promoting losers. Know how many passed the last sergeants test-339. You're not realistic or are incredibly naive, but badmouthing Nassau PD shows ignorance and jealousy on your part.

There's 300 deaths a year in the US occuring during police pursuits. All you can do is say how you would've done things better. It's not going to get better until all agencies arrive at similar protocols. This will probably involve state and federal legislation. Whiney-anonymous criticism just makes you look jealous city employee that you are.

Tax no 526

New York, NY

#70 Dec 17, 2007
''I don't knock SCPD for the cowards they are''. I think you're way off base with ignorance and sarcasm.

NYPD can't recruit new people, nor can they retain existing members. If it was such a top notch job, how come there's 100 MOS getting arrested yearly?

To bad you couldn't have joined the burbs. No compstat, no IAB, CCRB, and an area where the citizens appreciate what we do. This year I made 32K over my base. I will retire with a pension in excess of 100K. With 10 and 12 hour tours, there is less showups than a school teacher. When I'm done I won't be looking to start all over at IBM with 15 vacation days.

Continue knocking SCPD. It only shows how much of a backstabbing loser you are. A SCPD cop is smarter than your Lt.

New York, NY

#73 Dec 17, 2007
You ever wonder why NYPD has lost face among the respectful citizens of NY? It's very much because of miserable-whiners like yourself. You can't even tell the truth here, becuse SCPD starting pay exceeds city top pay. Plus there's no witholding of pension contributions and free uniforms. City hires ex-felons. Those are your colleages. Not mine.

Keep on waiting for that IBM job, while has plenty of ex-city bigshots begging for work. It takes 3 city cops to do the work of 1 OTJ in the burbs. Silly thing, SCPD are lots brighter than you homeboy. You are a punk.

New York, NY

#74 Dec 17, 2007
We're still friends?

I'll get professional courtesy in your admin. office?

New York, NY

#75 Dec 17, 2007
Today's Post

Number of NYPD officers arrested in 2006-114.

Good day Joe Sinking Ship. Continue being a miserable freak contaminating everyone around you. Enjoy being the best. I would rather get paid.

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