CBO: Obama plan-1Mil more job losses

CBO: Obama plan-1Mil more job losses

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nice job lefties

Lucerne, CA

#1 Feb 18, 2014
CBO Says Minimum-Wage Rise May Ease Poverty, Cost 1 ...
www.businessweek.com/news/2014-02-18/cbo-says... ...

Feb 18, 2014 · Increasing the U.S. minimum wage may lift some workers out of poverty while leading to as many as 1 million job losses, according to a report from the ...

CBO Report On Minimum Wage Hike Says It Would Raise ...
CBO Report On Minimum Wage Hike Says It Would Raise Earnings, but 500,000 -1,000,000 Job losses
www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/18/cbo-minimum... ...

Feb 18, 2014 · WASHINGTON (AP)— Congress' nonpartisan budget analyst says raising the federal minimum wage as President Barack Obama and …

Chico, CA

#2 Feb 18, 2014
That equates to about a months worth of job losses during the last year of the bush the W's administration and, as a point of interest…

more jobs were created during the first 5 years of the OBAMA administration then during the entire 8 years of W's


Lucerne, CA

#3 Feb 19, 2014
Just like with other obama programs......some folks will benefit....but a million more folks will lose their jobs and be relegated to abject poverty. Obama has doubled the number of folks on food stamps to nearly 50 million Americans.
He simply cannot help the middle class get back to work.Instead, he has accomplished just the opposite.
High unemployment, high number of food stamp recipients, and he has doubled the national debt t $18 trillion in the process.

Nice job lefties.

Wichita Falls, TX

#4 Feb 19, 2014
bush the W...
8 years of W's...
You know Bob...


This pathological, neurotic compulsive-obsessive HATRED for the Bush family (or ANYONE who doesn't march in Goose Step with your politics) is going to ultimately be your undoing...

Your inability to admit that YOU and your Messiah Barack Hussein Obama could possibly do anything wrong is your "Achilles heel"...

You couldn't even get along with people in your own National Socialist Democrat Party...




What makes you think anyone is going to believe anything you say NOW...?!!!

Face it Bob...


You are a Political Pariah and no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, wants anything to do with you...!

And this silly little game you try and play by making up Fantasy BFF's to tell you how Smart and $Rich$ and Good Looking you are shows what a NUT CASE you really are...!!

Poor old "Baghdad Bob"...

Such a sorry excuse for a man...!!!

Lucerne, CA

#5 Feb 20, 2014
CBO minimum wage report creates quandary for White House

Here are the details. Earlier this month, the CBO reported that the Affordable Care Act will lead to more than 2 million fewer people working by 2025. On Tuesday, it released a report showing that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would cause 500,000 people to lose their jobs over the next two years.


Chico, CA

#6 Feb 20, 2014
LOCO somehow forgot that the American economy lost almost a million jobs during Bush the W's first term and that was in spite of W's tax cuts which were supposed to somehow create jobs...


Lucerne, CA

#7 Feb 20, 2014
Nealr six years and $10 trillion of additional debt later, and the dopiest of the dopey liberals are still blaming someone/ANYONE else but the one who deserves it most.
THE obama administration has woefully disappointed EVERYONE in this nation.....especially the working middle class........those who he promised nationwide unity and leadership.
He has simply failed us all....pure and simple..

Yuba City, CA

#8 Feb 21, 2014
Can't blame bush for this mess. His statute of limitations is up. Obama now owns this economy and the ridiculous decisions that he has been making including the healthcare debacle and the job losses that will certainly result from his illegal executive ordered minimum wage increase.
Tea Party Solution

Chico, CA

#9 Feb 21, 2014
Krankenstein wrote:
Can't blame bush for this mess. His statute of limitations is up. Obama now owns this economy and the ridiculous decisions that he has been making including the healthcare debacle and the job losses that will certainly result from his illegal executive ordered minimum wage increase.
The national debt didn't disappear when Obama came to office. Our national debt doesn't have a 'statute of limitations". And the debt is also the result of our current repub politicians who won't pass the infrastructure job bill.

Obama inherited not just the debt, but the Bush tax cuts, the Wall street meltdown, and two very expensive wars. These costs don't just go away with a new president.
Tea Party Solution

Chico, CA

#10 Feb 21, 2014
Raising the minimum wage may or may not lose jobs-- and the number lost jobs is just an estimate, as admitted by the CBO.

But millions will earn more with the raise. This will put more money into the economy, which will stimulate more jobs. And it will take millions off of food stamps and other government programs, saving us tax dollars.

We won't be paying as much to subsidize Walmart and McDonalds workers.

Wichita Falls, TX

#11 Feb 21, 2014
Hey Tea Pee...

Why are you so afraid of engaging TWP in a Philosophical Debate on a level playing field...?

Don't you have a MA in English...?

Aren't you smarter... richer... and better looking than that worthless plebeian nobody TWP...?

Why... someone with a MA in English as you claim to possess would "mop the floor" with such a stupid fool as old TWP...

Right "Tea Party Solution...?!!!

Well... than WHY are you SO AFRAID OF HIM...?!!!

Is it because you are really just a LIAR and a FRAUD that you won't engage in any Philosophical Discourse with TWP...?!!!

You know...

I think you are a COWARD and a FOOL...!!!

You don't deserve to even POST ON THIS FORUM...!!!

GO TO HELL Road Toa d...!!!
the a nus touch

Lucerne, CA

#14 Mar 1, 2014
more obama unintended consequences.
Raise the Minimum Wage? Ok, but there will be NO TIP.
"I operate heavy machinery and make that... how does a fry cook get that?" said Carole Holfeld, a 39-year-old forklift operator and single mother from Tacoma, Wash. Making $16 an hour at Mega Brands, where she's worked for seven years, she doesn't think waiters deserve to make more than she does. What if the minimum wage is raised to $15? "Zero tip," she said.
Chico Chic

Chico, CA

#15 Mar 1, 2014

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