Richmondville man speaks out for medi...

Richmondville man speaks out for medical marijuana

There are 69 comments on the WNYT Albany story from Jun 20, 2008, titled Richmondville man speaks out for medical marijuana. In it, WNYT Albany reports that:

New York could become the 13th state to say okay to marijuana for medical reasons.

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Albany, NY

#61 Jul 1, 2008
It all depeneds on the part of the South you live in, it might be a little worse than here with racisim, BUT from my experiences down south...people are friendly...I have never had a problem down there.

Lake City, CO

#62 Jul 3, 2008
Links on the FEDERAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA program, "The Compassionate Investigational New Drug program, or Compassionate IND":

Yep, you heard me correctly: the federal government has been quietly in the medical marijuana business for the last 30 years, while simultaneously vilifying medical marijuana with reckless lies and fear-peddling.

Every month, the federal government (NIDA) sends canisters with hundreds of marijuana "joints" in each to a handful of qualifying patients (the FEDERAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA is grown at the University of Mississippi and rolled into "reefer cigarettes" in North Carolina).

Bush Senior closed the program to new applicants in 1991, but approx. ten patients were "grandfathered in," and approx. 5 still receive monthly supplies of federal medical marijuana.

The first link is to a great article on one of the few federal marijuana patients left, George McMahon of Texas, who suffers from Nail Patella Syndrome (NPS)- a hereditary neurological disorder that attacks internal organs and the immune system and is usually characterized by some deformity of fingernails (and can be quite deadly).

From the article:

"Before he began smoking marijuana, McMahon was taking nearly 20 different medications -- a total of 51 pills daily. The cost, as well as the numerous side effects, was too much for him to bear. "All those pills damaged my stomach and made it nearly impossible to eat, as I was continually nauseated. Now I only take one medication. It's all I need."

The second link is to a youtube video of another federal patient, Irv Rosenfeld, testifying on marijuana's medical value, before Michigan Congress.

Irv suffers from a rare bone disease, multiple congenital cartilaginous exostoses, which is marked by tumors that grow on the body's long bones, stretching the surrounding tendons and veins, making movement excruciating and almost impossible.

With the aid of FEDERAL MEDICAL Marijuana (11 ounces every 25 days for over 25 YEARS), Irv has been able to successfully suppress the growth of these tumors; and live a full life (successful stock broker, husband, and volunteer for children).

Amazing video and article. Enjoy

Link 1.

Link 2.

Lake City, CO

#63 Jul 3, 2008

It seems my previous Link 1. to the Austin Chronicle's article on FEDERAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENT, George McMahon, is no longer working (the article apparently has been "removed" from Google; the link has worked fine for over a year).

So, here's another video on the "The Compassionate Investigational New Drug program," featuring a few of the patients, including George McMahon:

Link tested & working.

Lake City, CO

#64 Jul 3, 2008

This link has been tested & is working. The previous video was cut short; so here's more information on George McMahon & the FEDERAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA program.

Lake City, CO

#65 Jul 3, 2008

When weighing the "Pros & Cons of Marijuana as Medicine," it is important to keep in mind there are many delivery methods -- besides SMOKING -- including:

1. VAPORIZERS - a relatively new technology/device that heats the cannabis (marijuana) to a point where the beneficial compounds are released in a vapor or fine mist, which is inhaled into the lungs. Because vaporization occurs at temperatures much lower than actual combustion, the carcinogenic potential of smoked cannabis is largely eliminated.

According to a June 2006 article in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

" Vaporization offers patients who use medical cannabis the advantages of the pulmonary routes of administration … while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.”

“Using the (brand name) device for the pulmonary administration of THC, a delivery is reached that is comparable to smoking, but without the presence of degradation products or harmful byproducts in significant amounts.”

— Hazecamp, A., et al.,“Evaluation of a Vaporizing Device (brand-name) for the Pulmonary Administration of Tetrahydrocannabinol,” Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, June 2006

2. CANNABIS-INFUSED BUTTERS AND OILS FOR COOKING & BAKING - Many patients use the marijuana leaves or flowers (BUDS) to make cannabis butter or oil that can be cooked, baked, or added into foods like brownies, cookies, cakes, CHOCOLATES, spaghetti sauce, tamales, and even ice cream, to name just a few. Oils also can be added to salads, veggies, yogurt, etc...

3. CANNABIS TINCTURES - a medicinal extract can be made using an alcohol or glycerin solution. Tinctures are a great option to avoid the respiratory implications of smoking.

Until the scandalous Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, well known pharmaceutical companies -- like Eli Lilly & Co; Merck; Parke-Davis & Co (today known as Pfizer, Inc); Squibb & Sons (today known as Bristol-Myers-Squibb); and Sharp & Dome (today a part of Merck & Co.)-- made cannabis tinctures that were many times more potent than any cannabis strain grown today.

If abused, these tinctures could be quite disabling, but they never killed from toxicity!(I wish I could say the same for modern FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, which kill tens of thousands of people per year).

4. CANNABIS TEAS AND TONICS - Usually the leaves of the plant are dissolved in water, milk, or alcohol to make teas, tonics and even fruit smoothies. In India cannabis tea have been made for centuries.

5. CANNABIS **PILLS** MADE OUT OF REAL CANNABIS - With access to real/natural cannabis, you can make your own cannabis pills, for a fraction of Marinol's cost. And Marinol contains only one (THC) of the 60-something cannabinoids found in real cannabis, which is one of the reasons many patients find real cannabis superior to synthetic THC/Marinol.

6. CANNABIS LOTIONS, BALMS & RUBS - Some patients find that cannabis balms help relieve arthritic pain as well as reduce muscle spasms.

There are more delivery methods for cannabis, but these are some of the more popular methods.

Lake City, CO

#66 Jul 3, 2008

“Contrary to our expectations, we found no positive associations between marijuana use and lung or UAT cancer.”

“Associations of marijuana use with the study cancers are not strong and may be below detectable limits for this type of study.”

—Tashkin, D., et al.,“Marijuana Use and the Risk of Lung and Upper Aerodigestive Tract Cancers: Results of a Population-Based Case-Control Study,” Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention, October 2006

AND a little more from Dr. Tashkin:

"We did not observe a positive association of [marijuana] use — even heavy long-term use — with lung ca[ncer], controlling for tob[acco] smoking and other potential confounders.”

“Even lifetime use totaling 20,000 cannabis cigarettes did not result in an increase in risk of lung cancer."

— Tashkin, D.P., et al.,"Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer: Results of a Case-Control Study," presentation at the 2005 meeting of the International Cannabinoid Research Society Conference, 2005

Here are a couple of links to a 2-part interview with Dr. Donald Tashkin, noted federal researcher & pulmonary specialist from the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine:

Part 1.

Part 2.

Keep in mind there are other delivery methods -- BESIDES SMOKING -- but the truth about smoking cannabis should not be conflated with the truth about smoking tobacco, which is causally associated with over 400,000 deaths per year in the United States.

Greer, SC

#67 Jul 18, 2008
Cliff Schaffer wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks. Yes, it took quite a bit of labor. But you only do it once and then it is there for the world to see forever.
<quoted text>
When the full text of all those things is finally published, you don't have to take my word or anyone else's for what they say. The strongest decision you make about the subject will be when you have read it yourself and can decide for yourself what it really means. Therefore, I invite people to read it all and tell me what they think it means. I have absolute faith in the outcome.
They have had a deliberate campaign to lie about drugs -- and try to punish anyone who disagreed -- since at least 1925, starting with the aftermath of the Linder V. US case. There are numerous examples on the web site of really seriously bad conduct by Federal drug officials against anyone who disagreed with them.
WHO has a deliberate campaign to lie??? seeriously bad conduct ?? WHAT A HYPOCRITE!

Here is some of Cliffy's seriously bad conduct -

News Report Expose'
If you have reached this page via Cliff Shaffer's hash section? From ...
It is because he has stolen "Complete Entire Sections" Of our website, Just so he could put up his goggle ad's on it, "Just so he can make money", He is not in it to help the cause Or The Sick Patients. But just so that he can
"Line His Pockets With Money!"

It is one thing for someone to borrow a page to add to their website, But this "Thief" has stolen complete entire sections of our "Copywritten Web Content"
Plain & Simple Cliff Shafford Is Just a
See for yourselves!
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When this happened a few months ago I went & burned a
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1999-2008 Copyright©
All rights reserved.

This lying scumbag has been going alllllllll over the country in these TOPIX forums doing the same thing. He pushes his own phony "research" *LAUGH!* on people, berating and insulting them as a ruse to have them click on his ridiculous links so that KaCHING! he can make money off of every hit!
He has done the same thing in forums for places like HARTFORD CT, EL PASO TX, HEBRON TX, LEWISBURG TN, CANTON OH, LENOIR NC, HONOLULU HI, TULSA OK, ETC. He is nothing but a arrogant, selfish, egotistical plagiarist scumbag who is only trying to make a quick buck.
Bill B Schenectady NY

United States

#68 Jul 19, 2008
It took over 20 years for my HEP C and other ailments to be diagnosed, keeping me out of work now and unable to support my family. With me taking over a dozen medications daily, of course I'm smoking marijuana. It may not cure my ailments, but it sure helps me and my family deal with them. Pot not only releives my anxieties, but also the aches and pains in my my joints and muscles, while improving my appetite.


Hundreds of thousands of deaths are caused by cigarettes and alcohol, but has there ever been a death caused by marijuana?!?! And, no, it has NOT made me seek out other and harder drugs. I don't even drink alcohol, and haven't for more than 20 years.
I do hope, in my lifetime, marijuana does become legal, since it does more good than harm. We wouldn't even have to worry about how many grocery markets and fast food operations to close due to lack of business.
concerned in cobleskill

United States

#69 Aug 6, 2008
marijuanaantiasthmatic wrote:
i have had inhalers and nebulizers.. but they have not helped my asthma like marijuana.
i have been smoking it for about 3 years now and i stopped using all my perscripted medicine and i have been able to breathe much better.
I am sorry to here of your pain. I truely am. What if Marijuana was legal? How many kids would have access to it. As a parent you want to shelter your children from that. I know if it was readily accessible and legal it is one more tool for the pedifiles to use and gain control of our childrn. Prescribe it to people who need it. I vote for that.

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