Dexter Johnson faces possible execution

Dexter Johnson faces possible execution

There are 654 comments on the KHOU-TV Houston story from Jun 28, 2007, titled Dexter Johnson faces possible execution. In it, KHOU-TV Houston reports that:

“He killed my sister. Why would he do such a thing? You know? Take the car. Take their money”

The statement from the jury foreman said it all. "We the jury find the defendant Dexter Darnell Johnson guilty of capital murder as charged in the indictment," he read in a Harris County courtroom Wednesday ... via KHOU-TV Houston

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Melbourne, Australia

#553 Jan 10, 2013
Dexter is an evil creature and deserves absolute hell whilst still alive. Rape & Murder are heinous crimes but to him it's nothing because he reckons he is a badass tough gangsta...

The Death Penalty by using single shot pentobarbitol is too soft a punishment for such a tough badass, time for his punishment to be stepped up a notch!!

For his rape crimes. Penis removal. Amputate his dick as punishment for using it as a tool of violence against women. Cut off at the base and replace with a little plastic tube in it's place and give him a little peg to seal the end as needed for hygiene. Leave the balls attached (if he actually has any) so his sexual urges continue but he will be no longer able to relieve himself by hand anymore. Take away his right to self pleasure which is all he has in his cell everyday.. Let him look at himself everyday at this as a reminder of his crime and be humiliated and paraded in front of other prisoners to laugh at him during his precious recreation time on death row!!

For his murders. Tough guy Dexter got convicted for 2 murders, but everyone knows he has killed more because he is gangsta. So a double death penalty should apply here. Take him to Huntsville as normal procedure and strap him down, put the IV lines into him whilst people spit on him. No anasthesia or sedatives for this tough guy. A straight shot of potassium chloride at a slow reduced dose to let him experience the horrendous burning feeling inside his arm spread around his body and put him into cardiac arrest for 15 minutes. Let him struggle and scream in agony whilst fully conscious trying to grab his chest from his restrained arms!! Stop and apply any appropriate medical recovery procedure to ensure he survives and put him back on death watch for 30 days with daily beatings! Let him spend this time in fear living with paranoid thoughts knowing how his final execution will feel as the chemicals burn him alive from the inside of body to his last agonisising breath!!

Dexter is a sick person, his sickness made him commit these crimes, the chemicals in his final needle will cure Dexter from his sickness, permanently!!

New York, NY

#554 Jan 10, 2013
Holy Shit! And I thought I was hardcore!

Melbourne, Australia

#555 Jan 10, 2013
Thanks! One should only ever wish the worst for Dexter.

What a complete waste to society Dexter is. What has his contribution to society ever been? Crime!! Now he's a burden to taxpayers being kept alive with 3 meals a day, amenities, and wasting the justice systems time with appeals..

His victims, Sallee and Huy were good people, obeyed the law, studied, worked and payed taxes. People like them contributed more to society in their short time here than Dexter ever could. Dexter is 24 years old now, so he has out lived his victims, how unfair is that!! He never showed remorse, instead whinges in his letters for help about how being on Death Row is affecting his potential!! Dexter never had any potential for anything other than crime and more crime!!

Have a look a the MySpace page created for Dexter's letters for a good laugh! It's titled "The only Strong/Real Man Survivor's Blog" HAHAHA!!-

Letter 27/04/2008 - "donation". Here he's asking for money, pity and help. Oh, and he plays the racism card as well!! What a turd!!

Letter 15/08/2009 - "i would lik [sic] to meet you" Here he's begging for friendship and trying to be philosophical!! Getting lonely hey Dex?? Sucked in!!

Letter 11/06/2010 - "in need of a friend" Times are getting tough hey Dexter? Not as many visitors anymore? People moving on with their lives and forgetting about you as you mentally rot away on DR...?!!!

He filed for Federal Habeas on 28/06/2011 -

Federal Habeas is usually quick, so given that was a year and half ago and he's still showing up on DR at the TDCJ website - this indicates relief was denied!! So his appeals should be all exhausted by now!!

Not long to go now Dexter!!

London, UK

#556 Jan 20, 2013
After reading these comments, I'm so glad I don't live in the USA!


#557 Jan 28, 2013
The only loser here is you Lorie, supporting a serial killer and raper. How sad! Trying to correct gramar? Bufff how poor... Apparently English is the only language you know a little. You are sad and the way you defend this POS makes me puke. How on earth can you support a "man" that destroyed so many lifes? It's not the gramar baby, it's the content and that my dear in your case is less than zero.

New York, NY

#558 Feb 4, 2013
Mac wrote:
After reading these comments, I'm so glad I don't live in the USA!
That's right you panzy azz, liberal Brit pouf! If you come here to the United States, you better watch your azz or we'll have you in our "9 Circles" court system and make sort work of you!!!

Your choice; Stay in prison for 10 years getting sodomized by our worst of the worst before we give you the needle, or take the easy way out and waive all your appeals and we'll send you on your way "Home"!

Herndon, VA

#559 Feb 5, 2013
Join the countdown as the state of Texas prepares later this year to set his execution date. Bye, bye, Dexter...

Seattle, WA

#560 Feb 5, 2013
I'm not sure why you bible belters are so convinced death is such a great penalty. Aren't you the same people who say anyone who confesses their sins and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior will go to heaven. So, possibly this guy has been sentenced to heaven. Or, maybe you dont really believe your own BS after all

Melbourne, Australia

#561 Feb 6, 2013
Joeshmoe wrote:
I'm not sure why you bible belters are so convinced death is such a great penalty. Aren't you the same people who say anyone who confesses their sins and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior will go to heaven. So, possibly this guy has been sentenced to heaven. Or, maybe you dont really believe your own BS after all
Satan loves Dexter. There is a place in hell assigned for Dexter once he is removed from the Earth.

New York, NY

#562 Feb 6, 2013
Joeshmoe wrote:
I'm not sure why you bible belters are so convinced death is such a great penalty. Aren't you the same people who say anyone who confesses their sins and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior will go to heaven. So, possibly this guy has been sentenced to heaven. Or, maybe you dont really believe your own BS after all
I'm not a Bible Belt resident! And I'm not a Christian (Anymore)I was raised Catholic until I started reading the Holy Bible, and listening to the Priests tell me not to think or come to my own conclusions.

"Just have faith and believe in what I am telling you! Only I can correctly interpret the Holy Bible and God's plan for you on earth!" I can read and think for myself! And I have come to my own conclusions. "Heaven?" I haven't seen any wrought iron gates in the clouds when I took many flights on airplanes. And the Hubble telescope hasn't located any either. Nor have I seen and winged Angels or a giant man with a beard looking down on us, soooo...

What I DO believe in is that Dexter Johnson committed an atrocity against humanity and he should pay with his life for the horror he has done! "Thug Life!" Yeah, right! Mr. Tough guy! So you like killing and raping people, huh? Well, let's see about that!

And let's not forget, Dexter killed 4 people not just these two! He's being executed for these two crimes but he committed 2 other murders when he was 18 years old. Dexter turned 19 years old 11 days before he raped and murdered these two innocent people!

The jury got it right with giant steel-toe combat boot Death Penalty footing him dead in his ass! Dexter is going to go right through the uprights into the afterlife! Then we're done with him!

I used to be a staunch Death Penalty opponent! But reading and seeing how some people just have no regard for human life, I changed my position. Justice, yeah but there is an appropriate time and place for retribution as well! Some people can't be rehabilitated! Dexter chose to kidnap, rob, rape and murder these two innocent people! What do we do with someone like that? Feed him 3 hots and a cot for the rest of his life? NO!

Put that SOB on the short list and send him outta here! We won't have to worry about him raping and killing anyone ever again! That's what we should do with him! And make him a lesson to the other monsters out there who want to make similar choices! If you kidnap, rape and murder innocent people, we will step to you with combat boots on!!!

Milford, MA

#563 Feb 7, 2013
"The Grim Reaper is visiting with you" Dexter.

#t=1m29 s

Mommy can't save you now: "Jesus to GOOOOOOOD!"

Rochester, MI

#564 Feb 8, 2013
Awww poor guy he has to live in a cell. I feel so sorry for him. Syke! HA HA! You are evil person. I bet you are black and a liberal who doesn't want your own evil people executed. But the fact is, if I may Ms. Black Liberal, he is soon going to live in the grave city. Same place he sent those people after he robbed, raped, mocked, then executed them. They were probably crying like he did in court also. Isn't that ironic. Now he's going to be executed by the needle, the most beneficial medical procedure of his short worthless life, while his daughter grows up a fatherless crack whore and gets used by everyone on the block before dying of AIDS and costing the American taxpayer 2 million in medical expenses ... hopefully before she can reproduce his worthless genes on this planet. He made his bed all by himself. Off to grave city you go boy. LOL! GODSPEED!

Rochester, MI

#565 Feb 9, 2013
I like you thoughts Munch but cardiac arrest means no heartbeat hence unconscious. How could he be slowly tortured it he can't feel it? This is a real problem for your lovely fantasy that I loved to read and imagine. I think what you meant to say is give him a small dose to cause a myocardial infarction, then let him sit there and suffer the pain of it. For that you would need another drug, one that rapidly and severely increases his heart rate until heart oxygen demand overcomes oxygen supply and the tissue starts to die causing a myocardial infarction and severe pain. Yeah! Now that sounds a lot better and much more fair when compared to what this monster did to his victims! Don't worry most people do not know the difference from cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction (heart attack). I can't wait for the execution date, I have the fireworks, champagne and everything all ready to go. Off to grave city you go boy! End of existence on planet earth! End of your experience here on earth! End of everything and anything you will ever know. No Heaven, just nothing awaits. The end of you forever ... with only your corpse left rotting in the grave city! Godspeed Dexter Johnson, Godspeed!

Melbourne, Australia

#566 Feb 10, 2013
Oh yeah, myocardial infarction!! Spot on there!! Maximum pain, distress and the feeling of death rising inside for Dexter whilst he is restrained on the gurney as he hears a familiar shrieking sound from one of the viewing rooms (quoted already) "jesus to god...., to god...., WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!.." "My son ain't no merdewer, he don't have it in his bllllood, i don't get no vibe that he's a murdewer..."

Yes!! Dexters execution is going to be sweet!! Justice at it finest!! He's going to be crying, freaking out, trying to throw imaginary computer monitors and breathing heavily, palpilating in fear and panic as they drag him to the execution room!! Any resistance he shows will be met with triple force blows right back at him from the TDCJ Guards!!! Add in a few heavy blunt force combat boot kick stomps GHIGGS style!!!!

Even though Dexter will get a softy "humane" lethal injection to help appease all the snivelling murder/rapist supporters and coddlers so they feel better, but to Dexter it is his Death and nothing will trump that!! Let's all hope the technician that pierces and pushes the cold IV needle in Dexters waiting raised vein had little too many beers at the pub for lunch that day and they pass the needle through the other side of the vein into the flesh!!! Let this prolong the execution time and pain experience for this scum bag named Dexter! Lets hope he slips into short term coma and the MD that signs the death certificate doesn't check life signs and rubber stamps Dexters body into the waiting coffin!!!! Let the burial begin as Dexter regains consciousness inside his coffin to the sound of dirt being piled and scattered across the box he is contained in and starts screaming out for help to no-one that will ever hear him again!!!

New York, NY

#567 Apr 4, 2013
Actually, I heard they keep the lethal injection needles in a freezer so the metal doesn't warp after warm to hot days! I heard the condemned complain how cold and sharp the needle feels when it goes in their arms!

I heard the prison guards actually see goosebumps rise up on the condemned's arms and sometimes they give slight shivers from the cold needle!

I also heard the chemicals also are rather cold and feel like ice-water going into their veins! They also complain the lethal injection drugs really burn and sting as they are forced into the arms of the offenders and the chemicals have a chemical taste as it floods their bloodstreams!

I also heard many of the criminals try to fight the drugs and do everything to stop from falling asleep!

They tell of guys gritting their teeth and shouting like they're lifting weights or something heavy...actually it's their eyelids at this point, all to try and stay awake!

The funny thing is these guys actually wind up dying with their eyes open! I wonder how Dexter will meet his end? I'm betting he'll go like a pussy; sniffling and weeping like some little bitch!

I only wish I could work the execution detail! I would scream and shout the most vile obscenities so the last words he hears in this world are me sending him on his way with hatred and disgust!

United States

#568 May 23, 2013
Its 2013, is there any update on Dexter Johnson yet? I just heard about these crimes.

New York, NY

#569 May 23, 2013
Goodlyn wrote:
Its 2013, is there any update on Dexter Johnson yet? I just heard about these crimes.
Nothing to date, yet. Dexter just languishes in his large coffin getting used to the real thing as the countdown continues. It won't be long now so lets have patience.

What we really need to do is watch Jodi Arias get the needle. But the women on the jury wouldn't give her the Death Penalty. I guess ladies give each other a break when they become psychopathic killers. Al, they have to do is go "Boo- Hoo-Hoo he abused me he had sex with me and then he left me so I had to slaughter him...!" Yeah, right...! Women leave men all the time. If a guy goes nuts and kills her everybody is baying for his blood until he gets the needle. Double-Standard ya think? But we're here to talk about Dexter!

Dexter needs the needle! And his date is fast approaching!

Saltville, VA

#570 May 24, 2013

Saltville, VA

#571 May 24, 2013
thug life?? but he's almost white himself :(

Saltville, VA

#572 May 24, 2013
he killed other non whites???

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