Stop the dope in Madison County
right on

Richmond, KY

#45 Aug 11, 2010
Robert wrote:
It would not do any good to post the names here because the police or sheriffs dept dont care.I know because i have turned people in to the sheriff and drug task force 3 years ago and these people never got busted and they are still selling.
you must of turned in felicia potter .
Snitchy Poo

Richmond, KY

#46 Aug 11, 2010
What good does it do to turn these people in. I have turned in Veronica Rodgers and her son Josh about 10 times. Even gave the cops pictures of them selling pills at TOKIKO, and nothing was ever done. Veronica has about 20 bad check warrants out on her and nothing is ever done about that either. She draws disability social security and works for cash for a company called CQIS. The owner knows all about it but he still pays her cash for her work. Hell he pays a lot of his employees cash. He even pays one woman using her dead mothers social security number. So like I said what good does it do to turn them in. I turned in a guy named Kevin Knuckles who works for this same company CQIS, he was selling and buying pills at TOKIKO, and drawing welfare and food stamps but working for cash under the table. Same shit nothing was ever done about it. You are wasting your time calling the cops. Same with reporting Jack Jones and his wife Jenny. They sell pills, Jack owns a roofing company, yet they get section 8, and welfare, and Jack gets disability social security but yet he owns a roofing company and works every day for cash, doesn't sound too disabled to me. Crooks, dope dealers, and liars have it made in Madison County. Honest, hard working people can't get a break.

Richmond, KY

#47 Aug 11, 2010
Just keep naming the names and something will happen. That is my hope and dream, but if we do NOTHING, than that's what we will get. NAME THOSE BUMS.
Snitchy Poo

Richmond, KY

#49 Aug 13, 2010
Veronica Rodgers, Josh Rodgers, Kevin Knuckles, Jaylena Manley, Jack Jones, Jenny Jones,

Richmond, KY

#50 Aug 14, 2010
Spying wrote:
Their is this guy on south keeneland drive, name lance, who is serving people in the parking lot, of his girlfriends apartment. Her name is sherry white. People drive up all hours of the night to get crack, he keeps it up his girlfriend will lose her section 8.
This is slander and defamation, this is a crime! And if I find out who you are I will take you to court! I am a single working mother, I do not appreciate this BS you put here!!! I will be looking into finding out who you are and pressing charges!!!!!!!!!!
Snitchy Poo

Richmond, KY

#51 Aug 14, 2010
If you aren't doing anything wrong then why are you so pissed off? Sound guilty to me. You and all your dope dealing friends are going to get caught and get the punishment you deserve. This town has so many dealers. Something has to be done to stop this. I have children and I am scared to allow them outside to play because of all the drug dealing in this town. I forwarded a link to this thread to the drug enforcement division. I don't know if it will do any good, but at least now they have some names and addresses and a good place to start with trying to clean up this town.
Hates Drugs

Richmond, KY

#52 Aug 15, 2010
I know a few..and every one of them are going to Flordia! Personally I think the drugs are going to kill everyone. I have seen to many problems from drugs! Its so said to see people you really care about get hooked! Please do everything you can to stop the drugs!

United States

#53 Aug 16, 2010
do you all really have nothin better to do with your lives other than sittin here talkin about people? Lol "SnitchyPoo," you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. You might want get your information right before you spread it to the world. Lol. Considering you don't even know "Jennys" name... Lol. Jack and "Jenny" are great people so it'd be best if you shut your mouth about them. Anyways, I do not have time for this drama so God Bless ;)
Snitchy Poo

Richmond, KY

#54 Aug 16, 2010
We will see how good they are when social Security, Section 8, and drug enforcement are finished with them.

Clarksville, TN

#55 Aug 17, 2010
Keep up the good work people!! I am passing these names to both State and Federal DEA so we can get these people off the street and into jail where they belong!!

Look for their names in the news real soon!!!!
Snitchy Poo

Richmond, KY

#56 Aug 17, 2010
Lets hope some of these people get what's coming to them. Again Veronica Rogers, Joshua Rogers, Kevin Knuckles, Jack Jones, Jenny Jones, Jaylena Manley,and the Neal brothers in Waco. Keep reporting people and we can put a stop to this.

United States

#57 Aug 17, 2010
his name is Horrace Wayne Evans not horse. They call him Harse.
i guess

Winchester, KY

#58 Aug 17, 2010
right on wrote:
<quoted text>you must of turned in felicia potter .
i guess the sheriff's office made a fool of you today didnt they mr big mouth

Seattle, WA

#59 Aug 17, 2010
I backed up my mouth. You named the dealers, and now they are in jail, with many more names coming today or this week.

I told you to post the dopers and I would take it from there. You did, I did, and now 50 plus at this time are singing the blues, with that many more waiting on their ride.

I told you it could be done. Now you have seen the results. Post the names of the dopers and dealers and I will turn them into the appropriate people and send their asses to jail!

We can clean this shit out of Richmond once and for all!!

Name those names!!!

Anderson, SC

#60 Aug 17, 2010
Doesn't anyone realize we have lost the war on drugs? There was an article in the paper about 3 months ago that stated there has been 3 billion dollars spent on law enforcement efforts in the last ten years and little decline to show for it. The bottom line is if you are a user the law is not going to stop you. They are like roaches, for everyone you get there are 50 behind the woodwork. The problem is within people and their issues. If you are not a user then no amount of enticement would mean anything to you. If you really want to help this problem then work on the condition of the American family and what it takes to make children feel valued, loved and self assured. The money would be far better spent on that and what we can do to restore some level of values than continuing to throw billions at what is clearly a failed effort. The men running for sheriff may both be well intentioned but neither can stop this. It is like sweeping water up hill, the only hope is to go another route.

Anderson, SC

#61 Aug 17, 2010
If all you people are so successful at stopping this why after all of this time does it continue to be the problem it is--there has to be some other way-what is being done is not working.

Lexington, KY

#62 Aug 17, 2010
What took so long for them to make this bust?

Richmond, KY

#63 Aug 17, 2010
Robert wrote:
What took so long for them to make this bust?
They had to wait until Election Day was close.

Richmond, KY

#64 Aug 17, 2010
PooseyChick wrote:
<quoted text>They had to wait until Election Day was close.

Talk about an ignorant answer. Tell me please, are you stupid enough to actually believe what you just typed?
Election day is not until November, almost 4 months from now. Geez.... Ignorant inbred people.
come on peeps

Cincinnati, OH

#65 Aug 18, 2010
Do you really think busting some low level street dealers is putting a dent in the drug problem in Richmond? When you lock up that roach there is one waiting in the wings to take over. Dont get me wrong if you catchem jailem!But why dont we catch the suppliers that are bringing it in?Quit relying solely on snitches and do some real undercover police work and cut the dragons head off,and quit just tickling his ribs just to say you are doing something?

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