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Frankfort, KY

#23 Mar 15, 2013
They used to be professional

Campbellsville, KY

#24 Mar 15, 2013
yep wrote:
They used to be professional
Geez, I heard the state police was professional and grew up with this belief. That experience in 2009 in Crab Orchard changed this.
I didn't mention before but, that grey head old cop didn't even have a flashlight he barrowed one from us! I thought the state kept them better equiped? My father inlaw said he's right they probably was in car and left! Geez! they must both grew up under the same rock!
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Lexington, KY

#27 Mar 20, 2013
IHateU2---- you're a dumbass. you shouldn't even joke about child porn. The person that was doing that was not a police officer then, and was fired way before for prior conduct. It was not like RPD protected him at all, so don't compare the community agency that tries to make the city better with him. Maybe you should go be a police officer since you're such an upstanding citizen, and stop being an internet nerd that is only proud of a number of posts (868) he has, and not the service he has provided to the world

Richmond, KY

#30 Mar 20, 2013
Well, at least they were doing the job they were SUPPOSED to do (protect and serve) rather than wasting the day looking for speeders on the interstate (harass and annoy).
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Lexington, KY

#33 Mar 20, 2013
IHateU2--- serious, learn to spell and use proper grammar. And once again, when he was arrested for the pornography, he had been fired a long time. RPD would NEVER hire someone that does that. He even passed a polygraph test prior to being hired on that sort of stuff. It can happen anywhere, police departments don't use psychics during the hiring process........

Hmmm--- RPD doesn't clock on this interstate, just inside the city. Only State, and SO work the interstate. Plus, people speeding, running stop signs and stop lights kill people. How many times have you complained in your car about some idiot not paying attention and texting while driving.. its dangerous. Its just a normal day to do normal patrol, work some traffic laws, and work serious crimes.
Old friend

Lexington, KY

#35 Mar 20, 2013
Hahaha... you think all I do is talk about it?... Uh, ok. I have been a police officer in another city for ten years. But, thank you.

I know many RPD officers, and the reason he was fired was something completely legal he did off the clock. it was a complete matter of morals. That should tell you something about RPD officers. They're good guys. Get to know some of them, and not just talking bad about them behind their backs.
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Lexington, KY

#38 Mar 20, 2013
My friend? I don't even know him. he was never my friend. Plus, that girl... Messed up? haha, that girl was messed up way before that. study up on that case. She wanted them there. Oh wait, I forgot.. in your world all woman or true and wholesome, and the MEAN CROOKED police whored her out. Some girls like that stuff...

Also.. he may have been looking at that type of pornography way before, but how the hell was the police department supposed to know?... they're not psychic, and one more time.. THEY GAVE HIM A POLYGRAPH to try to deflate any chance of him doing that stuff. When it was found out how immoral he was, they fired him. So whats the problem here... did a big bad RPD give you a ticket or something?
just asking

Strongsville, OH

#42 Mar 21, 2013
Old friend wrote:
Hahaha... you think all I do is talk about it?... Uh, ok. I have been a police officer in another city for ten years. But, thank you.
I know many RPD officers, and the reason he was fired was something completely legal he did off the clock. it was a complete matter of morals. That should tell you something about RPD officers. They're good guys. Get to know some of them, and not just talking bad about them behind their backs.
If you are a police officer then you should know that there is good and bad in everything. I see that you would defend your friends but tell me you have NEVER seen someone with a badge think they are better than others?
Ihateu2 has a complaint about what happened to him and as an officer of the law shouldn't you take EVERY complaint at face value until you can prove it wrong? I have a friend who was at MCDC he was wrong and should have gone, he knows that but while there was denied a phone call, and medical treatment for gaurd inflicted injuries. I know their job is stressful but you have NO RIGHT to strike someone and when they are cuffed what risk are they? If you cannot handle the job you should not have it. We all need to be held accountable for our actions and the MCDC gaurds are no exception. If you are an honest policeman then you would think you would want the bad ones taken out of your profession. Maybe all the good policeman and people of Richman and surrounding cities could help people like ihateu2 get some justice so this won't keep happening and people won't have to have a bad impression of your profession.
Ihateu2 please keep on fighting for what is right!!! I wish you luck and hope someone steps up to help you.

Richmond, KY

#43 Mar 22, 2013
dude has admitted to federal copyright infringement. obvious crybaby. no posts showing a win on either the criminal or civil level to support that there was ever any wrongdoing done, ever any crime committed against this so-called victim. has to resort to rambling on gossip forums to convince others of his "case."

in a word: bullshit.

or is that 2 words?

Lexington, KY

#44 Mar 22, 2013
I have seen people WITH or WITHOUT badges think they're better than others... Thats human beings.
I hateU2 has way too much time

Doniphan, MO

#45 Mar 23, 2013
iHateU2 wrote:
<quoted text>m.I tried to get him to give me a blood test but he kept saying i am done i am done and i needed to see a doctor because my arms had open wounds but he said i am done.
When i received the dui paper he said i denied to see the doctor which was a lie and that is why the charge was dropped because he did not have my signature on it.I begged to see the doctor for i needed medical help bad and i sat in a cell for 5 days with no help at all.I have proof of how bad my arms was and video and the trooper and all the guards did not do nothing but bear Maced me after 2 days of just being quit asking for a phone call to my mom and i could of bailed out in a few hours but nobody in single cells was getting nothing.No baths or phone calls like they had no time.After day 2 the pain was bad i started hitting the door then instead of proper medical care i was bear massed and not 1 person would come into cell it was that bad.Bear mase in open wounds does not feel very good i rather have calamine lotion like what i was using when they took me to jail.
I filled out 3 medical slips which as i was walking away i saw him throw it away.When the nurse came in on Friday she looked threw the Glass marked something down on paper and left for the weekend leaving me there with open sores.She never opened the door to see how bad it was as the window is foggy and hard to see threw.I have scars over not getting medical help for 5 days.When i did get out i saw the tackle box and there was something in there that could of helped.That was Dougs doings he is a dirty jailer and should not be in charge of nothing but a car wash maybe Clean his act up!
If the KST would of took me for a blood test like he lied about i would not have scars on my arms now.
I can see how that guy died in there and if Doug stays jailer you can expect more people dieing.I wonder if some of the guards still cashing there check with commissary money which is a whole another story of the shady stuff they get by with.
Look ik tht i have made fun of u in some of the other post an myself have been an inamte a the MCDC an know exactly some of what ur talking bout i have been in those single cells myself an have seen some of the same things tht you are talking about but listen to me if u are wanting to get a lawsuit then u need to stop talking aboput it here on topix!! I myself had a wound an was treated the same way but let me tell you , you need to stop talkin about this tuff on here an get you a good lawyer!! i have seen doug fire One of the most awesome guards because of his wife needing him by her side because she was going to have to have EMERGENCY surgery but when he called in Doug fired him an Mark got a lawsuit agaisnt him but the other guards can just call in all the time an nothing is ever said but when Mr. Mark needed to be there by his wife's side at the hospital Mr. Doug let him go an that wasWRONG!!!! Listen to me yesi do feel sorry for you but also ur getting on my nerves with gettin on every thread an posting about this!! U need to lawyer up an shut up!!! PLEASE do something about this so tht the MCDC can be cleaned up!!
grey gods

London, KY

#47 Mar 25, 2013
Ha, ya'll ever find that buzzard bait in crab orchard?

Jeffersonville, IN

#48 Apr 3, 2013
When seconds count, police are minutes away.

Take responsibility people, you have to protect your self. Police are for keeping the peace and solving crimes. Not preventing crimes, you are the best equip to prevent crime against you and yours. Learn martial arts, learn to shoot, install flood lights on your house and property.

If you hear screaming outside check it out yourself before calling the police. You don't have to jump in the middle of it but remember animals can make vocal sounds. Ever heard two cats mating before, sounds like someone being pushed into a meat grinder!

The idea that a noise outside is a crime in progress shows a huge lack of trust in society. Get of the house a little more, or move to a better neighborhood.

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