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#42 Nov 18, 2012
My kids are grown now, but back in the 90's a teacher had me convinced that my daughter Was ADHD. I put her on the medicine and it changed my daughters whole personality. I took her off of the meds immediately. There were no tests done on my daughter, only a note from the teacher. I have a friend that IS ADD and I can't talk to her without her medicine. Most of the time it is mis-diagnosed. It is a real disease though.

Elkton, KY

#43 Nov 18, 2012
Sis Phylis and Hung Lo are just trouble makers. They post garbage like this to get a reaction. Set brain to ignore
You are crazy

Frankfort, KY

#44 Nov 18, 2012
Common Sense wrote:
Well, I say just take your retarded children and keep them away from my kids. I won't let my children play with a bunch of doped up spoiled brats. It's too sad that they began mainstreaming the retards with the normal kids.
I agree with that Sister Phyllis. She sounds like she knows what she is talking about.
I have googled the topic and there is plenty of information both for and against ADD ADHD etc.
Lets face it. You are a bad parent with poor parenting skills. Teachers are LAZY and would rather have your poor little rude bastard drugged up so they stay in line.
Now, spank your efing kid and make them mind. My kids mind and don't create a problem in class. If they do, they get a good old fashioned trip to the woodshed.
First of all you are the one that needs to be taken to the wood shed and a razor strop used on your stupid ass!

Richmond, KY

#45 Nov 18, 2012
People are more than happy to deflect the blame for a misbehaving child to some ailment or condition, rather than risk the pain of accepting personal responsibility for it.

In turn, the medical/pharmaceutical industries are more than happy to accept people's money for treatments for any such ailment or condition.

It isn't that simple.

Times have changed. Due to the economy, children have less supervision and fewer stay-at-home parents. Their friends, multimedia - these are now the most powerful influences on our young, not parents that they barely see.

Due to current cultural norms, less religion is imposed upon today's children, from parents, from schools, from media outlets... which - if nothing else - once served as an effective, belief-instilled 24-hour psychological nanny, to discourage poor behavior even when no one was there to scold them.

Due to today's raucous level multimedia saturation, poor behavior and amoral attitudes are blasted at kids from every angle, begging for their adoration and emulation. Television, movies, music, video games, all share pervasive themes that discourage kindness or accountability.

Further, the flow of that media has become like a drug; some form of electronic device or connected gizmo is always around, if not the focus of attention, then ever-present in the background, bombarding young minds with and endless tide of information.

Parents too busy to prepare proper meals inundate their young with fast-prepped, pre-packaged, carb filled, sugar laced, caffeinated crap that cranks their nervous systems well beyond any levels that were normal in decades past.

Laws have been passed that prevent and punish for any sort of martial punishment, the one thing that could possibly cut through the brain-overloaded, sugarized/caffeinated mayhem and get their kids' attention.

And people are surprised that their kids have short attention spans? That they act out? That they don't behave or listen? That bullying and other terrible behaviors are on the rise in schools?

Parents honestly think a contrived condition or an ailment is needed to explain away these things?

And worst of all, rather than examine and change the elements that contribute to this, they would rather add MORE chemicals to the mix to try and counter their bad/absentee parenting shortcomings??

Good luck with that.

United States

#46 Nov 20, 2012
Hasshole, Sis Phyllis and Mother Love are the same person.

United States

#47 Nov 21, 2012
While you are ranting about you ignorant opinion... the government gives money and assistance to children with this diagnosed disorder whether you like it or not. If you research with half a brain... you will see that the active ingredients in these drugs have been used since the 50's & 60's. Now, if you have a REAL problem with Adhd & government assistance... then go to your government for a change & get off your fat lazy a$$ b!itching on topix.

Richmond, Canada

#48 Dec 6, 2012
Sis Phylis wrote:
I'm mad as a hornets nest!
All of these parents getting free food stamps, SSI and other government benefits just because they got a snotty nose brat.
I mean if these good for nothing lazy parents would have just spanked their kids and made them mind, they wouldn't be in this position.
I see these young uns misbehaving. Everyone wants to blame it on ADD ADHD and get them on dope. Them the little brats walk around like they are zombies. Why? Because they are now all doped up.
Instead of holding the child or parent accountable, let's just make up a title and place it on them, excusing any type of bad behavior.
What it really is are loser parents, bratty kids and lazy teachers. You didn't see this in the school when the teacher and principal could bust their little asses with a paddle.
Lets all hold our teachers, parents and children to a higher standard. No more doping up the snotty brats.
Who is with me?
Sis Phyis.
im sorry your so miss informed these 2 vary difrent (says what they are in there name) mental disabilities are vary real they are not just about behaver for instance ADHD is a disability simaler to autism there a meany symptoms to ADHD including behavioral problems (this dos not mean acting badly ) I a lot of times can't focus on one thing I usaly need to do somthing elts as I'm doing somthing or I go from one thing to a mother (this makes school quite dificalt ) I'm also dislesic is a nither symptom as well I endeared 3 years of tests and studies I have been on several meds and yes if the kid is on the rong mess they are zombies I whent from ridalin to 2 others and then finally dexidrin dexidrin worked vary well aloud me to learn how to control my symptoms and now I don't use meds (I still chew things and click pends to help me focus ) I have found pations that pritty much eliminate my symptoms so before you say something is fake why don't u go to medical school first
MRS applescrhodem

Kimper, KY

#49 Dec 6, 2012
Alot of these kids just need there ass's wore out and they would act better.
Sick of her

Richmond, KY

#50 Dec 10, 2012
Sis Phyllis and Mother Love obviously need a good hard ass POUNDING!! Sounds like she has a lot of pent up hate and aggression about not being able to get any cock. I'm sure with that shitty, ignorant and judgemental attitude that it makes it hard to get a man to even use your holes for his pleasure. Sounds like a ball gag, an ass beating and then a good hard ass pounding would shut her the hell up! Anyone that would pick on defenseless children is obviously lacking something.

Richmond, KY

#51 Dec 10, 2012
Autism add adhd skyrocket after vaccines skyrocket. The gov't wants it this way. My son got deathly ill. Stopped talking and walking and has had terrible effects from these poisons they pump into our kids. Parents do your research. And not with the cdc or other gov't agencies.
very sure

Lexington, KY

#52 Dec 10, 2012
attention disorder? really? i'll tell you what, let me take away thier video games they play for hours (kind of funny that they can focus like crazy on this...) and give me 1 minute with a swift boot in thier ass and i will have 100% of their attention. no pills, no drugs, no doctors, just my boot and thier ass!

problem solved.

(pssst, it's called parenting, tough love, etc...)

Taylorsville, NC

#53 Dec 15, 2012
Look you dumb troll shut up okay look if kids have problems and it unnecessary to tan thier asses because Adhd add its dumb now how I now because i had it when i was little you dont need to fight.

United States

#54 Jan 27, 2013
My daughter has it I would never spank her for something she can't control that is child abuse my husband says u must not have a kid with it they are the most prescious kids out there

Richmond, KY

#55 Jan 27, 2013
I'd say let your nuts drop and spank them extra good if that don't work throw their phone and computer out the window and spank them again and never use punctuation when you do it
Sister sledge

United States

#56 Jan 28, 2013
When my son was in the first grade his teacher informed me I needed to gettin child checked for
ADHD . I refused saying boys were rowdy as the year went on the problems at school
Became worse and worse . Finally I was called in and told I would be turned into social services for Being a unfit mother if I didn't get my son on some Meds !!!! A lot of ppl are forced by the Schools to do this .. By threats of child abuse or neglect because we don't want them
On Meds ... So it is not always the parents fault and if u r so holy stop judging ppl u know nothing about !!! Spend more time at church and reading the Bible and less time on topix bashing ppl !!

United States

#57 Jan 28, 2013
I am a student at UK and when I was younger I often heard relatives and my parents friends make remarks like the ones I see here about kids being over medicated and needing to be "whooped" and whatnot. Having spent a lot of time in schools during my field hours and in research I have read and worked on myself, there ARE children who truly suffer from ADD and ADHD in our communities and schools. These children are unable to control themselves in the same way that other children learn to and it is reflected in their relationships, their family structure and mindset, schoolwork, ability to form friendships, and life in general. Children who are successfully being treated with a combination of therapeutic intervention, a strict daily schedule and structure, and often a combination of medications, can see drastic changes in their personal lives, family wellbeing, and academic performance as well as overall behavior. It's true, some children are spoiled rotten and allowed to get away with too much and are mistakenly labeled as add or ADHD sufferers, but there are many genuine cases where these children need intervention. One example, I can't divulge specifics, but a young boy that I am currently working with came from a home where he was very strictly "whooped" and disciplined and so much so that he was taken away from is parents for them abusing him in this way... He lives with an aunt and has been through therapy and was doing terribly in school, had almost no friends and school and was very disruptive and misbehaved constantly, even being violent and reckless at times. The child is now in a stable, loving environment and te therapy is working to get to the root of his issues with his parents and he has been diagnosed with ADHD... The new medications in combination with behavioral modifications and a very stable structure have him in the top 10% of his class now and he is behaving like a well mannered young boy. Sure he still has his moments and is all boy, but the differences are remarkable because he is being treated properly. Don't judge all people who have children with ADHD, it is a real condition and even adults can suffer from it. A good friend of mine has been hyperactive her entire life and was diagnosed only at age 19 with ADHD and it has improved her life to take the medication and she is excelling this year in college.

Richmond, KY

#58 Jan 29, 2013
Pills can fix anything ! Seriously I knoe

Milwaukee, WI

#59 Feb 15, 2013
Here's a thought, from a Christian woman who believes in spanking, with a son with diagnosed ADHD......Step 1. get your medical degree, 2. see the proven evidence of the ailment 3. THEN speak. I agree there a lot of children misdiagnosed with ADHD, but there are some that are spot on ADHD/ADD. Their brains (yes, it can be seen. Yes, there is evidence) function differently. They learn differently. Not addressing this is setting these kids up for failure. I know a relative who thought like you about his son (who had ADHD)......he ignored it. Punished it. His son is an incarcerated drop out. Got his butt beat plently. Did NOT turn out alright. No, doctors didn't know much about this before the 80's. New discoveries are made each year. Open your mind to the fact that your uneducated opinion may be, just MAYBE, wrong. Or, pray about it....see what God has to say to you....and let your words be seasoned with salt. Anything less than this is rude, puffed-up pride and no one in their right mind is going to listen to you.

United States

#60 Mar 10, 2013
Your Wrong wrote:
I have a child that has ADHD and he doesn't have a behavioral problem. He is very well mannered and polite. We don't receive assistance from anyone. I think you need to do a little more research before you get on here mouthing about children with ADD and ADHD. My child is not a snotty brat and I'm no loser parent. This is a disorder that cannot be helped. My child is not strung out on medication. They need medication to help them stay focused. If you don't have a child with it then don't get on here judging the children with it. You have no clue what its like.

Too much sugar, processed junk. You are a lazy parent.

Duluth, GA

#61 Mar 11, 2013
I was diagnosed with ADD when ibwas in the 4th grade. I took medicine for it until I was a Sophmore . I wasn't a bratty kid and my parents are great, they aren't lazy and they raised me right.. Without the medicine i couldn't stay focused on anything, once I started the medicine ibwas able to focus on my school work and went from getting d's and f's to getting a's and b's. I am now 20 years old and i take medication for adult ADD. Without it my job is very stressful and I get distracted very easily.... And no, being in thus medicine doesn't make me walk around high all the time.... Don't get in here and talk about things you know absolutely nothing about. Just because a child has ADD or ADHD does not make them bratts or that they have bad parents...

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