VIVINT home security systems!!! Scame...

Draper, UT

#432 Sep 29, 2013
wondering wrote:
I had a scare last night (noise, items moved on my porch as soon as i turned off the lights) and suddenly tonite i had someone from vivint show up at my door. i'm not convince is not a coincidence. be careful all.
yep you are right I bet that rep came to your house and moved your porch stuff all around and spooked you the night of. Lol just to make a little commission. And I bet he picked out your house of the whole Neighborhood. I am impressed with how dumb people are. It's just an alarm. And the adt is the best lol. I had them!!! And I was paying 81.99 a month for what Vivint gave to me for 49.99! Plus I did not pay for installation. Adt seems like the scam to me
Max P Off

Wayland, MI

#433 Oct 7, 2013
My home was broken into. The Vivint system FAILED!!! The only thing that Vivint could offer, to, "make it right," was a month free. No thanks to,yet, another company,that takes the money, and then runs you circles, NEVER, leading you to, nor directing you to, anyone, who can solve or fix that which is broken. Save yaourself a lot of time and headaches. JUST SAY NO TO THIS KENNITE COMPANY.

Emporia, KS

#434 Oct 11, 2013
I have Vivint and they are smooth talkers but the person saying their a SCAM is somewhat correct. Maybe a different reason than why I say they are. I have had their system for 5 months and I have yet to have one month that every component of my system worked. I have had control panels, power supplies, smoke detectors all crap out and tonight when I called there "Customer Care" person said he would absolutely fix the problem I am having and when the conversation ended he said he was sorry but could not make a appointment due to their was no one in my area available to fix my system and they were sorry but nothing they could do other than to advise me to call their "Customer Loyalty" Department the next day and they would be able to assit me. This is a SCAM, in the fact they are billing me every month for a system that does not work. Its JUNK and its expensive JUNK..Vivint if you are reading this you should feel ashamed.

Humble, TX

#435 Oct 12, 2013
I've had Vivint since June 2013 and had one incident where the system malfunctioned due to a power surge. They came out within 48hrs to make the repair. I love the system and have no complaints. Of course they in business to make money, but as far as I'm concerned the monitoring and service has been very good. I love the live instant response on the panel that allows me to speak with a live person when the alarm is triggered. As a customer I'm satisfied with equipment and service.

Missoula, MT

#436 Oct 15, 2013
Ck the small print in your contract; it says, "the security system is NOT requred to be operational" AND it also says that they can raise the price at any time.

Edmonton, Canada

#437 Oct 17, 2013
LuLu wrote:
I wasn't sure at first with getn an alarm ....but VIVINT COMES WITH MORE; smoke detector, carbon monoxid, all doors and window protection eveythin else good that was mentioned prior....they we're even professional and curtious... heck they even have VINIT ON A Nike brand don't do that with any company.... I love my system
You are not a very keen or smart person

Edmonton, Canada

#438 Oct 17, 2013
You are fairly daft and I doubt you know anything with regards to how nike does business.

Needville, TX

#440 Oct 22, 2013
You know how you can tell when one of Vivint's shills writes a review? They all use the same phrase, "I love my system."
That's how I can tell that "Michael" is lying. I also live in Houston and had problems with my system components failing. No one ever came out to repair it. Heck they wouldn't even come out to complete the install unless I paid them $70/hr. I was lied to by the salesman, lied to by the installer, and just plain screwed by the company. Horrible, horrible company.
feelin dumb

Wadsworth, NV

#441 Oct 23, 2013
Kevin Garnett wrote:
I worked for Vivint back when it was APX for 2 years as a technician. It is a scam and everyone knew it was all about sales and pressuring people... not about home security. Here is some info about the company, which bothered me the most:
- They claim to put on summer promotion where they door knock on "the safest house on the block" in hopes that your neighbours will take notice of the sign in your yard.
- They name drop other neighbours who fell victim in hopes that you trust them
- They changed from APX to Vivint because of all the bad publicity, BBB review, and they could push the fact that they are a new company and want to establish themselves, which is why they won't advertise
- Activation fee is bonus money for the sales representative... if you do want a security system, pressure the sales rep to get rid of the activation fee (bonus money) and pressure them to give as much equipment as possible, otherwise you aren't interested.
- Security signs are the best way to deter anyone from breaking into your house.
- Security signs are a double edged sword, advertising for company, deterrent from criminals.
- Technicians are pressured to install as quickly as possible, in order to get back on to a job list, in order to install the most and make the most money. Sometimes that means doing a terrible job on installs or poorly teaching the customer how to use their system.
- Technicians who install an alarm system are likely to mess up and cause damage to your house if they a new. They will most likely lie and say they have been doing it for a couple years.
- Technicians get bonus money if they can upgrade your "free" system with additional equipment. They will sometimes use fear tactics or reference their experience and how a certain area of their house isn't protected.
- If a sales representative comes to your house at 9pm and sells you on getting a system, they will pressure you into agreeing to let the technicians install it THAT NIGHT... which is a terrible idea. Technicians will rush the job, and the reason they do it that night is so that you don't change your mind
- Technicians will be waiting in the area for the sales representatives to make a sale and then rush to the house within 10 minutes in order to install it so that you don't change your mind. They claim it is because they care about customer satisfaction and if you agree to a service, you should get it as soon as possible. Not true, it's so that you don't think about it or talk to a family member who talks you out of it.
Thank you for telling us this info
I wish I hadn't fallen for these bastards. I was feeling very vunerable because my husband just left for Afghan.
I can't get these bastards to cancel with out paying thousands of dollars now. I hope they all rot in hell.

Spokane, WA

#442 Nov 8, 2013
[QUOTE who="citizen."]<q uoted text>
Wow you wrote that like a real salesperson would.[/QUOTE]
aqreed lmao

Spokane, WA

#443 Nov 8, 2013
feelin dumb wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you for telling us this info
I wish I hadn't fallen for these bastards. I was feeling very vunerable because my husband just left for Afghan.
I can't get these bastards to cancel with out paying thousands of dollars now. I hope they all rot in hell.
same here .. cant getrid of this shit

Columbus, OH

#444 Nov 24, 2013
If you're out of contract with Vivint there's a kit to use your Vivint equipment and switch your monitoring to save money with no contract.

You get the same service with better central station monitoring.
They are Horrible

Charlotte, NC

#445 Dec 2, 2013

Needville, TX

#446 Dec 6, 2013
I didn't realize how bad Vivint was until just recently when my wife, kids and I went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. When we arrived, my parents were at the grocery store. I have a key, so I unlocked the door. I didn't know they had been scammed into getting a Vivint alarm system. The alarm went off and someone started talking to us through the control panel asking for the passcode and gave us 60 seconds to provide it. My wife tried to call my parents cell to get the code, but we couldn't get my parents on the phone and were told the police were going to be dispatched. A few seconds later the home phone rings and it's Vivint calling. I explain that I am the homeowners son and just came in for a visit and that I don't have the passcode. The woman then tells me that under the circumstances she will cancel the call to the police.
What? So all of this state of the art equipment can be bypassed by saying you are related to the homeowner? No questions, no verification, no nothing. I could have cleaned out the house or been in the middle of a home invasion and saying I'm a relative gets me a free pass. My parents never got a call on their cell phones to verify my story and had no clue any of this happened until I told them. Sorry, worthless service.

United States

#447 Dec 17, 2013
adt dealer wrote:
<quoted text>
Haha the uneducated. Don't you know that ADT will detect a line cut? Furthermore did you know that ADT uses cell links and system known as a fort knox? Yea do a little more research before you make accusations. ADT is the best out there. That's why I chose to work for them. I only chose the best.
No they dont
Experienced Buyer

United States

#448 Dec 18, 2013
Tony wrote:
Sure, there can be individuals working for any company that are unethical. But how is it rational that you make an entire company with over half a million customers that are being protected and two awards from JD power and associates to be a scam? Sure, any door to door company will have a hard time with the reputation of representatives, but have you even seen all of the instances in the news where lives have been saved? Its like you are mocking the person in little rock who didn't die in a fire in his home because a vivint system called the FD when he was unconscious. Or the people in Joplin whose Vivint tornado alerts were going off 5 minutes before the public sirens (the hospital in joplin had such brutal casualties, in part, because the tornado hit right after the public sirens went off. They didn't have enough time to prepare). Or check the news in sparks, NV, where a woman was running for her gun in her bedroom while being chased through the home by an intruder with a sawed off shotgun, blowing the locks off of doors. The Vivint two way system helped save her life. These are all just within the last couple months, imagine how many lives have been saved through the company's existence. Calling an entire company a scam is a mockery of these lives saved.
Of course when you hire thousands of college kids, there will be a few bad seeds that come as a surprise. But they don't last. Which is why what you are doing by posting about it can actually be helpful for a company like this. But its only helpful if you make a rational choice and actually make a wise, balanced, educated evaluation of what is going on. Instead, you are taking a small, localized experience and attempting to do internet-sized damage to an entire company who might not deserve it. Just always remember that its not wise to be quick or hasty to make massive judgments :)
Tony, you sound like a VIVINT Employee/Executive in disguise! It's very interesting how an average consumer would have the kind of detailed knowledge of a company, without being fed the information from the company. You were on a good roll until you started quoting all the people in the different cities in such detail, that you instantly lost all credibility! Good try!
a more informed person

Zephyrhills, FL

#449 Jan 24, 2014
NONYA wrote:
I am uncomfortable with this company since I DO NOT know how they got my info. and when the man on the phone said I know where you live, that is a little disturbing. Why did they change their name? Why are they going from state to state? Why are they contacting people by phone? ADT & Federal don't contact people by phone at least they haven't me and I have had several companies contact me. Their solar system sounds funny, you let them put the panels on your house then buy the power from them. NO! That in its self is a scam, the whole idea of solar is so you don't have to pay every month. What's the difference of paying the electric company & paying Vivint every month for power used & then they also get money from the power company for the energy the panels collect that you didn't use. They should be paying you for the use of your home. And now it seems that you can't trust the BBB according to the piece on 20/20. Stick with a company you can trust, that you initiate the contact and above all DO YOUR RESEARCH & NEVER LET STRANGES IN YOUR HOME. Use your brains people.
First off just some helpful advice for you, ADT does do phone sales, they have pre recorded auto dialers that start off the same way every time about how "the FBI claims 80 percent of all home invasion burglaries happen thru the front door) using scare tactics right off the bat. next is the solar issue you had, Not sure who explained it to you or weither you were listening but how it works is they install panels on your roof for free and then take 10 percent of the energy they create to sell back to the power company as compensation.(leaving you with 90 percent of the power created and a free new solar panel set up.) Vivint like almost all companies do what is called summer campaigns in larger cities (as does pinnicle, platinum, ADT, Devcon, Monitronics, and many many more. If you have any questions just ask any of the vivnt sales guys. Obviously I used to work for the company until I opened a company of my own. but I have also worked for 4 other security companies and would just like to state for the record that out of all of them. Vivint was the best I worked for on an ethical standpoint.

just some food for thought, ADT the number one security dealer in America has been around for what, 105 years?!? and not once have they EVER won a consumer digest best buy award for either their product or there customer service. as a matter of fact NO other security company in the US has other than Vivint. now for those uninformed the Consumer Digest Best Buy Award is given to only 3 percent of all companies in the world, and is given BY THE USERS not some random select group of 5 or 6 people. it's based on things like customer service, ease of use, money savings, cost, quality, and technical support.

Like I said if you have questions feel free to stop one of these guys on the street (especially those of you who are afraid to let them in your house) they will gladly explain any and everything to you. ask them not about wireless equipment but about CELLULAR which is different people. ask them about what kind of equipment you get, ask them about the reputation of the company, ask them about customer service. hell ask them anything you want.

Bacliff, TX

#450 Jan 25, 2014
ADT wrote:
ADT is much better wouldn't change a thing!
ADT is terrible, they want to charge for everything and all extra sensors
Sad to say

Georgetown, IN

#451 Jan 25, 2014
adt dealer wrote:
<quoted text>
Haha the uneducated. Don't you know that ADT will detect a line cut? Furthermore did you know that ADT uses cell links and system known as a fort knox? Yea do a little more research before you make accusations. ADT is the best out there. That's why I chose to work for them. I only chose the best.
You should have gotten an education.

Pleasant Grove, UT

#452 Jan 26, 2014
agree with you wrote:
<quoted text>
I had the same problem. I didn't seem to trust them.My dog were trying to get out of the house to get to him. He then asked what kind of dogs. I told him and he left quick
Yeah everyone always has a story about how tough their dog is and how it is this and that blah blah blah. No one is impressed with you. And learn how to type. Your dog could have replied with a much more coherent post than you.

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