VIVINT home security systems!!! Scame...

Houston, TX

#402 Aug 1, 2013
Eddie wrote:
Vivit is no scam. I've did business with them the past 6 years. No problems, Good service for me. They are a legit security business.Being careful or suspicious is one thing, but folks, enough of the paranoia. My alarm went off once and the police came. What more do you want or expect.
My expectations are small. I expect to get what I paid for and for what I am paying for to work. They failed on both counts. In short, they suck.

Memphis, TN

#403 Aug 1, 2013
I got amazing service from Kenny (sales manager) and Paris (installation tech) here in Olive Branch, MS! I was shopping around multiple companies and Vivint by far had the best system and I am tickled with my selection! We wanted the full Home Automation system, minimal start-up costs, and a reasonable monthly fee. Kenny made sure we got everything we needed to keep our home secured and I feel comfortable going to bed at night knowing that Vivint is keeping me safe. Thanks, Kenny and the MS team!

Yukon, OK

#404 Aug 3, 2013
I absolutely love my system from Vivint. We didn't have topay a dime up front. The installation was completed the same da. We signed a contract for 4 years and should we move before the contract is up, Vivint installs same system in new house, free of charge. All windows and doors are protected. There are two glass break areas, we have smoke detectors and carbon dioxide. Our lights and our tempor-contro is also on the system. We have two portable camera also. Any place you put your cameras can checked with your smartphone and see exactly what's going on. With your smartphone you can check your thermostate, see if anyone is in your house
I love it and they covered my house which is 2500sq. Ft. And the monthly chsrge is $68.00. No charges for equip. Oranything else.

Nicholasville, KY

#406 Aug 4, 2013
So the people who have the security system and like it, did you buy from a door to door sales rep who was contracted through "ARM" ??
Secured in Miami

Miami, FL

#407 Aug 7, 2013
This Friday will make it one month since I had my system installed by Vivint. They did not come knocking at my door, they were referred to me by a satisfied relative. The rep, a very pleasant young man explained everything in detail, asked if I had any questions or concerns. After I agreed to install the system, the tech arrived the same evening, uninstalled ADT and installed theirs, not once during the whole process did I receive a call from ADT. I had ADT since 1994, when I contacted them last year to inquire about an upgrade, they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg, I got more from Vivint AT NO COST at all. Now that I no longer have ADT, they constantly send me emails. I will give Vivint the benefit of the doubt. Before the installation, I even spoke to someone on the phone to verify if I understood the offer. I'm thankful that I can keep an eye on my property from anywhere, even while I'm at work. I worked for a major communications company for many years and even they got reported to the BBB from time to time.

United States

#408 Aug 7, 2013
do NOT let this company ACH from your checking account . I cancelled service 4 months ago ( after contract was up ) contacted my bank to cancel the ACH , and they still pulled money out this month . They changed their name and with access to my account were able to take another payment . SCAM !

United States

#409 Aug 7, 2013
two months after system was unplugged and discarded , a rep called to ask " how is our service ? " I asked her if they were still monitoring my home , and she of course lied and said yes . I informed her it had been unplugged for months and she transferred the call to tech....

Faber, VA

#410 Aug 8, 2013
It's hilarious that so many comments in this thread are obviously posted by sockpuppets for the alarm companies, and nobody even notices. LOL
nathan maneke

United States

#417 Aug 12, 2013
Do not even think about going with Vivint. They are liars, will charge you more than the agreement, dont hook equipment up properly, and offer a 30 day trial that doesnt exist. Very corrupt!!! If you want the full story go to BBB website.

Hampton, VA

#419 Aug 15, 2013
Here it is two years later, an I had a salesman pull this same tactic with me today...he was unbelievable, but when I told him I was in sales as well he told me that I had no respect for the game...get lost buddy!!
Lincoln NE wrote:
Caution! I had a rep from this company knock on my door yesterday saying that they were comping the service to a select few customers to get their name out in my area. I told him I had never heard of the company, he said really? Then proceeded to name awards the company has received and also said there many signs in yards in my area (I've never noticed the signs and I looked for some today and did not see any...and remember he also said that the company was trying to get their name out in my area). He went on to describe numerous break-ins that have supposedly occurred in my area. When I repeatedly asked him how much it would cost me, he kept saying that is the beauty of this, the system is a wash for me cost wise. I kept asking how much it would cost me and he finally said that the company advises on ways to save on utility bills and the savings will pay for the monthly charges. The rate he said I would save in utility bills was ridiculous ("on average" $40.00 a month). I told him for my place my utility bills some months are $40.00 or less in total. Anyway, he wanted to come into my home and I refused. I asked for a business card so I could check out the company and he said okay, he always gives cards out to the customers who decide to get the system. He finally left when he realized his strong arm tactics were getting him nowhere and of course he did not give me his business card. This may be a reputable company, but the selling tactics I experienced yesterday were not reputable. Any reputable company would welcome and even encourage you to check out the company before committing to a service like this.

Grande Prairie, Canada

#420 Aug 17, 2013
Had a Vivant sales rep lie to me at the door saying I could get out of the contract whenever I wanted, but I can't. I called Vivant and explained the situation and they did not care that one of their sales reps was misleading. Seems unethical to me.
diane Middleburg FL

Middleburg, FL

#423 Aug 20, 2013
These people are canvassing our neighborhood which clearly has signs posted no solicitation. They are pushy and insist that they are not selling anything, but giving you something. I pointed out that I had a system but they state theirs is better. After telling them no for about the 10th time I just went back in the house and closed the door. After doing research on this company, I found out they are part of Comcast, which I cancelled my cable service with months ago cause of their poor service and customer service. Beware of them.
Ida givenothing

Saskatoon, Canada

#424 Aug 21, 2013
The same stupid guy has come to my house with the same speil three times in two months and I keep telling him to get lost LITERALLY! APX Was horrible before and the nice little orange doesnt change a thing!!!

Lorton, VA

#425 Aug 23, 2013
Just try cancelling your 'wonderful' service and you will have a completely different opinion. No contract? Read the fine print. Vivint NEVER lets you go even when you move.
Love mine wrote:
Just to be clear. I didn't have to pay anything at all up front. I didn't have to pay anything for my system. I didn't have to pay anything for installation. I did have to sign a contract for four years but my rate is locked at 50 bucks a month. And if you can't commit to 50 bucks a month for four years then your haouse probably ain't worth protecting anyways.

Lorton, VA

#426 Aug 23, 2013
The problem is when you attempt to cancel. In our case, this awful company does not have a legally binding contract and when my 86 year old mother sold her house, they told us that she owed in excess of $1000. They have you jump through a thousand hoops, promise you the world but never actually stop charging you. Given the fact that there are thousands of complainants with stories similar to mine, I called a class action lawyer. When this is all done, they will be sued for tens of millions.
Eddie wrote:
Vivit is no scam. I've did business with them the past 6 years. No problems, Good service for me. They are a legit security business.Being careful or suspicious is one thing, but folks, enough of the paranoia. My alarm went off once and the police came. What more do you want or expect.

Tuscaloosa, AL

#427 Sep 8, 2013
I just got my Vivint system installed a few days ago. I love it, I went with the home automation option that gives me automated deadbolts with a keypad on it and a pan/tilt camera that I can see/record live video from my cell or laptop. I also got every door and window covered along with a monitored smoke alarm. I really like the touchscreen control pad, it gives you weather updates along with system info. It will also alert you if there is bad weather in your area. I highly recommend this system to anyone.

Dallas, TX

#428 Sep 14, 2013
Madison County wrote:
Do not buy from these people who are wearing orange and going door-to-door in the Richmond area. It is a scam!!!! Tell everyone!!!!! There is 16 different salesmen and installers in the area who are scamming people in our community.
I got robbed by these people. The robber was a worker or the company / tech person. The police told us to stay far away from this scam company..stick with ADT a gun and a pit bull..

Lockwood, MO

#429 Sep 21, 2013
I am uncomfortable with this company since I DO NOT know how they got my info. and when the man on the phone said I know where you live, that is a little disturbing. Why did they change their name? Why are they going from state to state? Why are they contacting people by phone? ADT & Federal don't contact people by phone at least they haven't me and I have had several companies contact me. Their solar system sounds funny, you let them put the panels on your house then buy the power from them. NO! That in its self is a scam, the whole idea of solar is so you don't have to pay every month. What's the difference of paying the electric company & paying Vivint every month for power used & then they also get money from the power company for the energy the panels collect that you didn't use. They should be paying you for the use of your home. And now it seems that you can't trust the BBB according to the piece on 20/20. Stick with a company you can trust, that you initiate the contact and above all DO YOUR RESEARCH & NEVER LET STRANGES IN YOUR HOME. Use your brains people.

Lockwood, MO

#430 Sep 21, 2013
CHASE--- Sounds like you have a plan. STICK to it.
Jimmy Hix

Dallas, TX

#431 Sep 24, 2013
Vivint sent a liar, cheat and a thief to our home to sell us a Burglar system. He tried to get me to agree to 42 months on the phone with his money people at the company and two times I refused. So the salesman said “no problem, I am so sure you will love this system, we will not hold you to 42 months. We’ve had the system for 27 months and my hours got cut back to 32 hours per week and I now have one child in college and one starting at the end of this year. My wife and I both had expensive surgeries last year and my job may not be here Oct 1, 2013 because of Government cut backs. I called a money girl at Vivint and explained all of this to her and she offered me a couple of options that may have helped a very small bit but I was so angry, I told her to keep it, that I would not recommend Vivint to anyone and I would have to borrow money to pay their stinking bill. Later, I find out others in our Fort Worth Texas neighborhood were lied to also. One woman whose husband was not at home told me a Vivint salesman came to her home when her husband was not at home and gave her a hard sell. She ask him to leave and heard something in the laundry room it was his installer starting to take her thermostat controls off to replace them with Vivint controls. She yelled for them both to leave, she was calling the police. In reading my very long contract I do see the 42 month clause there. I missed it before (my bad). This still does not excuse the lies the salesman and his money girl told me about our deal. It also does not excuse this companies total lack of compassion for good customers who have hit very hard times. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

Jimmy Hix

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