VIVINT home security systems!!! Scame...
vivint salesman hard up

Deer Park, TX

#341 May 10, 2013
These guys must be really underpaid or just desperate. They will lie and say whatever they feel necessary to close someone. Liars and thieves! Stay far away!
Satisfied Customer

Winchester, KY

#342 May 11, 2013
Not sure how these guys are a scam. I had Lainharts Security when we first built our home and they sucked to say the least. Vivint has been nothing but a blessing for us. Sorry you had a bad experience but they did me and my neighbors great!

Newington, CT

#343 May 17, 2013
This company is all about money. Most of the sales reps go around lying to customers so that they will get the product. Once you agree that's your first mistake. Most of the technicians are new with little to no training. Do you want someone to install a security system in your home who has never been trained? It happens way to often with vivint. Also they come in and leave within 1 hour?. Lets be honest, if you have children, pets, valubes do you want your system done in 1 hour? The company is supposed to protect people, not just take there money. Scam.

Houston, TX

#344 May 18, 2013
I personally know people that work for the company. It's not a scam. These guys are working off of commission. A very good commission so of course they're going to be persistent. This is how they make their living just like everyone else. They have team meetings in the morning and training sessions and typically start knocking around 1 or 2 pm. Some of the managers do not let them leave their "terf"(area they are required to knock until they've done everything they can to make a sale and advertise) until late like 9 and 10pm. A sales tactic they use is its pretty much a done deal if you get inside the home so they are trained to do certain gestures to get inside to increase the chances of setting people up with a system. They're hard workers and it makes sense that they show up when someone is home....... They're trying to get their commissions. They are just a bunch of guys that get sent out of their states over the summer trying to reach their incentives and make money. Cut them some slack. Just because its a slightly unconventional way of making money spent mean it's a scam. As far as the equipment I don't know but they don't do it to screw you over if something goes wrong. They need to support their families too and it pays wayyyyyyy more than the ordinary job. That's the truth. Any questions?

Houston, TX

#345 May 18, 2013
So Ashley from Vivint says we should cut them some slack and let them screw us. After all, they are just trying to earn money. So that makes it ok.

Norfolk, VA

#346 May 23, 2013
I Vivint sales rep came to my house today. He said he do not get commission. When I told him that I do not make any on the spot commitments, he started getting rule in my house and play with my intelligent. You know I just did not want deal with the clown.

United States

#347 May 23, 2013
Solicits are NOT welcome!!!
Vivint Victims Unite

Dartmouth, Canada

#348 May 25, 2013
The fact of the matter is that Vivint does not provide what it contracts for - they did not install a complete system in my home and never entered my contact info into their computer system - therefore, my system was totally USELESS FROM THE START- LESS THAN USELESS.

Additionally, all the posts of complaints are extremely similar - pushy sales people, uncooperative telephone operators, ignoring customer letters, faxes, emails, etc., etc.- all these people cannot be exaggerating - these are real problems experienced by real people which Vivint is either unwilling or unable to resolve and Vivint should be totally ashamed of itself for treating people this way. I know the run around I got was totally heinous - I called and was told to email. I emailed and was told to call - REALLY - even my 10-year old niece can see right through what they are doing.

And, lastly, I hardly think a five-minute warning would give anyone nearly enough time to prep for the arrival of a tornado! In any event, the few coincidental pros do not come anywhere close to outweighing all the problems Vivint customers are experiencing and the negative customer feedback. They cannot all be wrong. And why would anyone say these things if they were not true!
Vivint Victims

Dartmouth, Canada

#349 May 25, 2013
Ashley, wake up, dear, they are scammers. Once they get the system in your home, they do nothing but take your money. In my opinion, they steal your money because they do nothing for it. For example, if they do not enter all of a customers info into their computer system which means they cannot contact you in the event of an alarm, they are not effectively monitoring the system; ergo, you are paying for something you are not getting. You tell me how that is not a SCAM!!!

Also, when you refuse to agree with them, Vivent telephone operators are RUDE!! VERY RUDE EVEN THOUGH THE CALLS ARE RECORDED - REALLY!

I hope you never encounter any scammers - I really do not think you could recognize them. Best of luck.
Vivint Victims

Dartmouth, Canada

#350 May 25, 2013
It is a scam because they contract that they will do certain things and then they don`t do them but still take your money. Explain how taking someone`s money for nothing is not a SCAM.
Vivint Victims

Dartmouth, Canada

#351 May 25, 2013
Vivint Victims

Dartmouth, Canada

#352 May 25, 2013
I have had the system so I know what I am talking about. The equipment is extremely low quality - bottom of the barrel comes to mind. They didn`t even install a complete system in my home. I think Vivint should be put out of business for heinous business practices. They engage in scare tactics and do not deliver what they contract for and they do not care about their customers. All they care about is Vivint. THEY RUN THEIR CUSTOMERS AROUND - CALL, NO, EMAIL, NO, CALL, NO SEND A SIGNED CANCELLATION NOTICE, THEN CALL. REAllY! Ah, no. So, do not try to say I do no know of what I speak when I say they are the worst company I have ever dealt with bar non in any industry anywhere at any time.

Also,it is a free country and people are allowed to voice their opinions whether those opinions agree with yours or not.
Todd Stanley

Orem, UT

#353 May 25, 2013
Sounds to me like you're a close minded individual. It also looks like there are many who agree with me. Vivint is an amazing company, and yes they have saved lots of lives and are continuing to do so every day. You judge by very little personal experience.

Leesburg, FL

#354 May 26, 2013
Why are all positive reviews of Vivint judged to be "planted" Vivint employees, but negative reviews never suspected to be competitors trying to slander an innovative company they can't keep up with? In a few years the majority of the people bad mouthing Vivint will regret not getting a system when they could afford it.

Houston, TX

#355 May 27, 2013
Elise wrote:
Why are all positive reviews of Vivint judged to be "planted" Vivint employees, but negative reviews never suspected to be competitors trying to slander an innovative company they can't keep up with? In a few years the majority of the people bad mouthing Vivint will regret not getting a system when they could afford it.
My Vivint contract just ran out, and I have regretted getting involved with this sorry excuse for a company for 5 years. The system was never completely installed as was stated in my contract and when I would try to contact them about it, they would only say that they would send someone out to look at it but it would cost me $70/hr. A month after the system was "installed" components started to fail. For the past 2 years I haven't even been able to arm the system. This system was crap. The reason we suspect the positive reviews are plants is that we have these systems and know that they suck. So I suspect you are a plant or don't have a Vivint system. If you did you would know they are crap.

Naperville, IL

#356 May 29, 2013
I'm a long time technician who works for the company. No pretending there! I'm sorry to those who have dealt with "unruly" salesman in the past. I promise you, the company is working to police the sales force better. I would say people's opinion of the company is based off the representative and technician they dealt with. Honest rep/ good tech = good opinion. Pushy rep/ bad tech = bad opinion. I can say the guys I work with don't do bad business.
From the tech side... I work hard to make sure the systems we install are installed correctly. I've fixed many existing alarm systems from ADT, Brinks, Vector, ect...(I really hate malfunctioning alarms!) A major problem with mainstream Honeywell, GE, and DSC alarm's is that the panel does not notify the company about failures such as lose of phone line or cell unit failure to connect.(BTW, if your panel says FC your alarm isn't connected to anyone). All company's have their problems, this one is no exception
This is a good company trying to do right by people. Just sometimes people who don't care or human error gets in the way. Try to cut em' a little slack... There's a lot of us who are trying to do our best.
(And yes, I have one in my house! The new Panel from 2Gig was and is a game changer. I'd like to see the new XFinity panel, as well as the ADTPulse but Xfinity is new to alarms and ADTPulse is way pricey.)(these are the only two that feild a comparable color touchscreen panel)
Mike in AR

Rio Grande City, TX

#357 May 30, 2013
Our Vivint saleman was very polite, but when he tells us not to discuss the deal he was offering with our neighbors across the street(they were getting theirs installed at the time), that is a huge red flag. He also spouted the claims of the thermostat saving us $30/month. Needless to say, I declined the system.
Vivint salesmen

Fuquay Varina, NC

#358 Jun 3, 2013
Mike in AR wrote:
Our Vivint saleman was very polite, but when he tells us not to discuss the deal he was offering with our neighbors across the street(they were getting theirs installed at the time), that is a huge red flag. He also spouted the claims of the thermostat saving us $30/month. Needless to say, I declined the system.
You should reconsider. We as sales reps have the challenge of getting people excited about a new system to those who moments earlier were never considering doing anything and lets be honest we are all a little lazy and procrastinate doing thing... That line should not be a red flag as much as a not very well hidden sales tactic to make you feel like your getting a good deal. Who doesn't like a good deal? Look at it this way. If you see a $20,000 car for sale for $15,000 and you go in and tell the salesman you will give him $15,000 dollars for the car. What you don't know is that your neighbor just came in and tried working the salesman over and got him down to $12,000 dollars but ended up not buying the car. Is the sales rep going to tell you he would actually do it for less or will he let you buy it for $15,000, which for a $20,000 car is still a good deal. Think of alarm salesman the same. We don't want to give up half our commission every sale but we will if that's what it takes to get a sale. Your neighbor may have bought the system for what is still a good deal and perhaps their life style and situation didn't require as much equipment and yours would have. I have a vivint system in my house and I love it!!! As the technician stated earlier. There are good reps and there are bad reps. Our company is cracking down on these bad reps and cleaning house cause we are too good of a company to allow these shady dishonest reps to stick around but don't confuse innocent sales tactics as people being dishonest. Also don't believe everything you read online. I am also a French model.... Lol.
smells fishy

Versailles, KY

#359 Jun 4, 2013
We have had a door knocker in our small neighborhood for 5days! I called the police on him the second day after i saw him walking up to houses on his cell phone and just bearley tapping on the doors, not to mention pacing up and down the same street atleast 5 or 6 times over a couple hours. I have got the plate # of the car who picked him up.
I checked back in with the police and Unfortunatly the police did tell me that he checked out with a solicitors license, so they cant give him the boot.

I ignored him when he tapped on my door, but should he come back i believe i will meet him at the door with my 40cal on my hip. I despise rip off solicitors, if I didnt ask for your services you can f-off.
smells fishy

Versailles, KY

#360 Jun 4, 2013
So Vivant supervisors, who ever is working in Versailles is doing a horrible job repping your company, he has my elderly neighbors a concerned.

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