VIVINT home security systems!!! Scame...
Vivint Phone Rep

Salt Lake City, UT

#298 Jan 19, 2013
One other thing. Vivint actually tells us NOT to go onto sits like this and post ether good or ill, to protect US from action, encase something where to happen as bad things can happen over the internet. I AM a vivint Employee, i admit it, i love being one, and if you simply communicate calmly and clearly to us, we would be more then happy to help you do anything you wish with your system. but we MUST honor the contract, and we MUST follow procedure. canceling is a customers prerogative so you do have to do the leg work in order to cancel a security account.... what kind of security would you be getting if we simply canceled upon request by phone at any time. someone could simply guess your pass codes and then once it is canceled and monitoring stopped break into your house. its perfectly legitimate.

Dothan, AL

#299 Jan 20, 2013
I had one come to my house, he was very pushy as well, when he saw that I wasn't interested he actually asked if he could put his sign in my yard to make the neighbors think I was using them. If your product is that good, you don't have to turn to shady tatics to sell it.

Angleton, TX

#300 Jan 21, 2013
Do not sign with these crooks,they are not up front with you on the contract. You must send a certified letter to get them to cancel.They do no care if you are safe only that you pay.
Wife got shot

Plano, TX

#301 Jan 22, 2013
Love mine wrote:
I have the new touch screen and if my alarm goes off and I dont put in my password in time someone comes on the speaker of my system....not my phone....and asks for my password. If I don't give it to them the cops are at my house in less five minutes.
Like my title says the intercom system they use caused my wife to get stabbed by an intruder. I dropped them real quick. ADT "even if you do enter or give the correct password" dispatches an officer as soon as the alarm goes off before calling to confirm whether the alarm is false or not. In the time it took the vivint person to activate and speak cops could have allready been their. I have the ADT Pulse system which also includes an intercom but it is only used when the panic button is pressed and the intercom is made into the handheld device which can be carried with you while u go hide unlike the vivint system.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#302 Jan 30, 2013
lol wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow. Sounds like a pretty well thought out lie from a salesman for vinvint.
Yes, because a VIVINT employee would misspell the name of their company...
Zhenya Louis

Pleasant Grove, UT

#303 Jan 30, 2013
They are the second largest security company in the USA, so they must be doing something right. They monitor through cell towers, so you don't need to have a land-line like with ADT. If you got rid of your land-line like I did, this is the way to go. Also, their camera system is fantastic. You can keep in touch with the family 24/7 from anywhere in the world. They are a little more expensive, but their equipment is the best. Just sayin'.

United States

#304 Feb 6, 2013
Some of these posts are hilarious! I just wanted to say I've been a customer of Vivint for about 3-4 years now. I joined with them when they were originally APX. I have wall mounted sensors as well as the standard alarm and have never had any problems. There were 2 times that I opened a window while the alarm was armed and immediately a representative came on the alarm and asked for my password.

One time I came from home and went directly into our garage that is not attached to our home and the alarm went off but I didn't know it. The alarm was sounding off inside the house but I didn't hear it in the garage. Shortly after Police arrived.

I'm not a fan of the orange sign they have created because it looks too happy to represent an alarm company but their actual services have been awesome!

Amarillo, TX

#305 Mar 1, 2013
boots wrote:
i called bbb and they said it was being investgaing i let a girl in my house then i became weary of her because she could not explaine her job she asked alot questions and wanted to know where our box was at and she when down my hall and i thought i had better call the bbb and they told me about can not let people in your house my friend called me and ask me if they had come to my house and isaid they had and she said they had checked on them and do not let them in your house i said i did let a girl in.we have a alarm and i told her we did not want another she walked out in ahurry when we told her we were not interested.
I have Vivant and we love them. They have been outstanding as far as installmemt, customer service and also when our alarm went off.
Vivant is NOT A SCAM@

Amarillo, TX

#306 Mar 1, 2013
Vivant is NOT A SCAM. We have them and love them! They are more advanced then the ADT we had and their customer service is wonderful!
Random guy

Lockhart, TX

#307 Mar 6, 2013
RRSs wrote:
You can't even spell "thier" right. Nothing else you say has any validity
unknown wanna know

Winchester, KY

#308 Mar 10, 2013
what is the 20dollar fee that a couple of senior citizens have brought to my it afee to the city of Richmond,police department or etc. is it an excessive alarm fee or what and is it constitutional

Santa Maria, CA

#309 Mar 16, 2013
Bellow is from: Sisi:
[/My mistake: Let them in and feed them, and they lie to me. I told them that I did not want it. They pushed me very hard and asked me, beg me and said: "just let the technician plug the control panel into the outlet in anywhere of my house, if I do not like it, they will take it out right away. There is no obligations!" Because I did not know how it works, so I let them do it. Actually, as soon as they plug the control panel into the outlet. It is connected without knowing it. They would never tell you the installation is done. After they plug in, they would asked you to answer some questions to the person on the cell phone. They call it is survey. Actually, it is confirmation for the installation and even you did not sign the paper. After this, they would ask for avoid check, the reason is the equipment (control panel) is plugged into your outlet. So you would think it is right to give them the check, and you would never know that you are obligate to make payment. To me, I told them the very next day, and ask them to bring the control panel out of my house. They refused. I had to call the office in UT, they asked me to Fax the cancellation notice with my signature. I said why I have to sign, since I have never sign the paper. and I found out that installation had done! It is a scam. I went to bank changed my account number and also I need to report this case to police.
Please let the word out, so the other people can be protect. QUOTE]

United States

#311 Mar 18, 2013
nanamamma wrote:
they came to my house also.eas suppose to have installed monday.nobody showed up.they didnt give us a buisness card phone # or anything.have adt comin saturday.plz ppl watch these guys.

That wasn't them, then. Vivint had the people install it before the sales person leaves your house. People could show up claiming to be any company. One must always keep their eyes open.
Satisfied Ga Customer

Waycross, GA

#312 Mar 26, 2013
I am a current Vivint customer and have been for 3 years now. We also had a door to door salesman that was very friendly and very well mannered. He did not pressure me or my husband into signing contract. Everything was explained in detail. He was even upfront about the elderly woman that had been scammed by a former employee. We have saved hundreds on our light bill since installing our system. The phone app that allows us to access our system from anywhere is simply amazing. Go on vacation and want it to appear someone is home...turn lights on/ off via phone. Forget to turn heat/ac on/off...not a problem. Forget to arm your system.. not a problem. Need to let family member in while your away...not an issue. You can have access to all this via phone/internet just by logging into your account. After 3 yrs, I still love my system.

United States

#313 Mar 30, 2013
adt rep wrote:
They lie and tell people glass break covers a whole house. They are a fly by night company. They are out of Utah and don't help you after a summer sales job is done. CHeck the bbb they used to be apx. F with the bbb now after a year of being vivant they already are down to a c-. If that doesn't spell sC-am I don't know what does. They make it difficult for the general public to trust alarm companies!
they or we don't claim glass breaks cover the whole house only an idiot would make that claim
StompingOnStupid People

Bay City, MI

#315 Apr 2, 2013
LuLu wrote:
I wasn't sure at first with getn an alarm ....but VIVINT COMES WITH MORE; smoke detector, carbon monoxid, all doors and window protection eveythin else good that was mentioned prior....they we're even professional and curtious... heck they even have VINIT ON A Nike brand don't do that with any company.... I love my system
Do you really think that a company paying to advertise on a ridiculous shoe means that it is a good company? That is the most flawed and retarded logic I have ever encountered. Then again, reading your pitiful grammar and spelling told me everything I needed to know.

Go find an active wood chipper and throw your stupid ass into it.
StompingOnStupid People

Bay City, MI

#316 Apr 2, 2013
EmmaCay wrote:
Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for some kind of commercial alarm systems in Fort Collins, CO. There have been a few break-ins in the area I live in. Its better to be safe than sorry I always say. Check out , if you've had problems with Vvint.
SimpliSafe has amazing systems which are wireless, centrally monitored and very well built. There is absolutely no contract, no credit check, no hidden fee of as much as a single cent! What could be better than all that? Well, I will tell you: what you do pay for monitoring, if you want it, is likely the least expensive on the planet! Want more still? OK: get immediate text messages for all system events and interact with the system from anywhere at all with your iPhone or Android handset- and all of that is included in the cost of monitoring:$24.95/month. Easily add smoke, carbon monoxide and water/flood sensors, all of which, of course, are centrally monitored for your safety.

I am NOT a SimpliSafe employee or representative, I am an incredibly happy SimpliSafe customer for just over two years.

South San Francisco, CA

#317 Apr 2, 2013
CAUTION!!!! If a vivint sales rep comes to your house do not let them in! I had one come to my house and lie about everything just to get me into a contract. They are con artists!! They also took advantage of my grandmother who is about 80 years old. It makes me wonder how many other elderly people they have been taken advantage of. I don't know how these people sleep at night. I will admit that the system is nice. I just don't understand why all of the dishonesty.
Jason Strong

Walla Walla, WA

#318 Apr 4, 2013
I've heard a ton about vivnt. Good and bad. I hear the alarm systems are good though! I've been trying to find an alarm system for my home in Calgary, but didn't really know what to look for when selecting one. But I found this and to be very helpful! Thanks for sharing.

Dallas, TX

#319 Apr 7, 2013
That's interesting...I used to work for Vivint. The reps were taught by there leaders to do inappropriate things. They even award the reps they know do bad things...which encourages others to do the same. They have the reps sign paperwork to promise not to do those things but than teach them to after. It's smart legally to do that. I know a technician who was let go for informing the managers about illegal activities a rep was doing. It was ok if it was a low producer but once they found out it was one of their top producers they let the tech go.
somepeople wrote:
<quoted text>
Vivint was not bought out. They changed their name from Apx and did not replace any staff. I agree that the sales people are pushy and sometimes rude and will lie just get a sale. My husband is constantly fighting to get rid of those types of sales people (yes he works for Vivint). The majority of the staff at Vivint are good people and care about the customers. Just like in any industry there are shady sales people. They give any company a bad name.

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