VIVINT home security systems!!! Scame...

Waterloo, Canada

#257 Aug 23, 2012
You all sound like babies. Bickering over which company is better. Everyone has their preference. the same as they do for cellular providers and cable/ satellite providers. Just go with what suits you best. And no need commenting on this post for me to see because I will never be back to check it. Have a good day all.

Snohomish, WA

#258 Aug 27, 2012
Just had one of their sales reps show up at my door at 8:30 PM, and then wanted to come in and discuss setup and installation. Had to tell him 3 times I wasn't interested before he finally left in a hough, wish it had been only a minute and a hough. If you like pushy fast talking sales persons, then this is the company for you.
stupid idiot

Macon, GA

#259 Sep 1, 2012
It is just like 911, I have added security at the cost of losing my privacy and I am paying for it. I keep googling Vivint and it seems mostly negative and I keep hoping to read something positive but that is usually Vivant writing. AAAAAAuuuuuuGGGGGGhhhhhhh

Saint Cloud, FL

#260 Sep 4, 2012
The guy who came to my house said he was working with the HOA and that the alarm system set-up was being covered by the HOA. He asked a bunch of questions about my home security, which I danced around, not wanting to be rude.

He was ticked when I wouldn't let him in the house and asked me if I wasn't concerned for my safety.

A follow-up to the HOA confirmed that they were in no way connected to these guys, which got me to worrying about whether they were dishonest sales people or thieves doing recon.

After determining that they were probably not thieves, I called Vivant, who did not care at all that their people were lying and gave me the impression I had wasted their valuable time.

These guys are scammers and they aren't even all that good at it.

Silver Spring, MD

#261 Sep 4, 2012
isaac wrote:
Dude I work for a competitor to Vivint but if you think ADT is going to give you what Vivint gives their customers you must be high. Check into the ADT "Pulse" system and if you want to pay $1,799 to buy it and $70 per month monitoring just because you recognize the name ADT then you should go with them. In my mind ADT scams people way worse than any door to door company. Everyone that I run into that just got their "new" ADT system within the last year always shows me 15-20 year old equipment that ADT installed. Terrible substandard systems. <quoted text>

Are you seriously going to defend them? look up their reviews. Come on now, you have to work for them to say craziness like that. They responded to my request for info and started asking for DOB, SS# so they could run a credit check, who does that? I gave them a fake name and figured I could always fix it if I was happy with the sales pitch.

After seeing the horrible reviews, I called to cancel my APPOINTMENT, MY APPOINTMENT, not my service just my appointment. They said I had to fill out a form and have it sent it hahahahhahaha, WTF??

Run as fast as you can. Nothing personal Issac, just saying.

Cheers :)

Pleasanton, CA

#262 Sep 5, 2012
Look up bbb 2020 and you will realize Bbb is a scam. I work for Vivint I talk to hundreds of people who hate Adt. They are a great company though. At the end of the day Adt is great and Vivint is too. You don't receive awards from jd power and consumer digest if you suck. You honestly sound ignorant. Do your research not a 10 minute google search. I love ignorant people.

Minnetonka, MN

#263 Sep 6, 2012
i have worked for vivint/apx for 5 years in charleston s.c. as a service tech. we are not scammers nor did we get bought out simply a name change. we offer peace of mind as the second largest security company in the us.if you dont want peace of mind with a state of the art system dont buy but to slander our good name and compare to a meat seller is disrespectful and ignorant . and we win the jd powers award for customer service every year

United States

#264 Sep 6, 2012
Also funny how I have set up for Vivint about 120 homes this summer in Cali and yet I've never had a customer call mad I signed them up. Actually the opposite. I've had probably 15 percent call or text thanking me and love their system. At the end of the day it's in the eyes of the beholder. Vivint isn't perfect but we are better than most. Look at the product. Service. Growth. Vivint all the way

United States

#265 Sep 7, 2012
Frankie wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you seriously going to defend them? look up their reviews. Come on now, you have to work for them to say craziness like that. They responded to my request for info and started asking for DOB, SS# so they could run a credit check, who does that? I gave them a fake name and figured I could always fix it if I was happy with the sales pitch.
After seeing the horrible reviews, I called to cancel my APPOINTMENT, MY APPOINTMENT, not my service just my appointment. They said I had to fill out a form and have it sent it hahahahhahaha, WTF??
Run as fast as you can. Nothing personal Issac, just saying.
Cheers :)
Isaac we ask for the dob and social for your credit. We put so much equipment in the home we have to make sure your gonna pay your bill. Most every company does that. Haha. Pretty standard
Maria Texas

United States

#266 Sep 23, 2012
Eric wrote:
Vivint is a great security company!
I did the install in June, They came with the door to door approach, The guy was very friendly,(he's a salesman people, so of course he's going to try to get you to buy it). Well after the good deal was cut I signed the contract, was explained in full on the papers I signed the terms and conditions of the contract. They installed that night and what a handy system! It's very reliable, customer service is VERY friendly, I've called a few times and even posted a few questions on their Facebook page and received a quick response (after hours). I would HIGHLY refer Vivint to anyone.
If Vivint is so good they why can't people living in apt. complexes by it???
Tim Smith

United States

#267 Sep 23, 2012
Love Mine
Awesome Company
Million Times Better Than ADT

Vacaville, CA

#268 Sep 24, 2012
Maria Texas wrote:
<quoted text>If Vivint is so good they why can't people living in apt. complexes by it???
the bottom line is because with vivints business model it would be way to risky of an account. people dont realize how much money it is to produce an account. tech, equipment, license, rep, about 1150 for one account. what happens if you move in 8 months, or a year. even if you signed a contract its hard to bind someone to a apartment when they dont live there any more. when we sign up a home owner, its a less risky account. the bottom line is just the risk per account. smart business rather than adt's mentality throw in any account we can

Greenville, SC

#269 Sep 24, 2012
there are plenty of home security system reviews that are listed on google. try to check those out.

Tucson, AZ

#270 Sep 27, 2012
Please realize these people are salesman as you would a car salesman just say no and close the door if u don't want the service don't buy it I own it no complaints

Tucson, AZ

#271 Sep 27, 2012
Madison County wrote:
Do not buy from these people who are wearing orange and going door-to-door in the Richmond area. It is a scam!!!! Tell everyone!!!!! There is 16 different salesmen and installers in the area who are scamming people in our community.
How is this a scam what proof do u have
John Marks

Calgary, Canada

#272 Oct 8, 2012
Sales agent was good, cocky and pushy but professional so for a door to door salesperson I was ok with him.
Install guy came and was knowledgeable and in too much of a hurry for me. He stated he had been doing installs for a couple years, so was quick. It would have been OK except he forgot to install a couple sensors and then did not activate them properly after I pointed out his mistake.

Had one bad sensor which was not much fun getting repaired. The service people are very polite on the phone, but they are not well trained. Spent most of the time on hold. After they sent two batteries that went dead they wanted to charge me $49 to have someone come out to repair. I said repair what the sensor was broken from the first week of install. On hold for another long time, and was transferred to tech. support who asked me the same questions. NOTHING bothers me more than ALL/ANY service reps. doing the same thing. Anyway I told her it was ridiculous I should have to pay anything after a week of running. She finally agreed so I told her to just send the new sensor and battery which they did. Replaced the faulty sensor, with there support people which went quickly.
I've still got an issue where a couple of sensors are not showing up in history. They work but the history isn't available. I've spent a few hours on the phone with this issue and it still is not fixed.
As for monitoring, all I can say is they are FAST. If the alarm goes off they are on the speaker within a few seconds, I assume they would phone the police just as fast if I didn't give them the correct password.
All in all I'm happy with the product and service. Although I use the word service with a grain of salt as NO ONE has good service anymore, expect for the odd small mom and pop type companies.

United States

#273 Oct 9, 2012
love my vivint system. had a sensor go bad, it was replaced the next day free of charge. had them call me at work one day because a motion sensor went off, police meet me at my drive way. kids helium balloon lost helium and droped from the ceiling to the floor. customer service was great. signed a 3 year contract just like a cell phone, or a car payment, or anything else. no scam, plan on keeping for a long time. the sales pitch was fast,informative, to the point. "when do you want your system installed?" right now! I want what I just paid for! I don't want to wait a week for install or schedule a install date. I think it's great that they have people ready to install. can't think of anything bad to say about vivint.
The Problem Solver

Saratoga Springs, UT

#274 Oct 10, 2012
ADT and Vivint are both very good companies. They both offer different features that benefit individuals in specific ways. However, if you are trying to make a point about which one is better, I would suggest that you don't bash the other company. Using fallacies are just desperation tactics, and opinions. From what I've researched, Vivint was recently acquired by Black Stone for around two billion dollars. So far, Vivint had protected over one million home owners and are the fastest growing customer base in the nation. Though ADT may have more customers currently, they have also been around longer. Vivint is the leaders in Home Automation, Home Security, Customer service, and energy management. They have also received the Consumer Digest Best Buy award as well as the JD Powers award. Doesn't sound like a scam to me. If it sounds like a scam, you are probably working for ADT and recognize that you are losing customers left and right. I would do what I could to help protect my job, including bashing the leading competitor. I would suggest quitting your current job and to going work for Vivint before they become a global company and leave the other companies farther in the dust than they already are.
Deceased Still Conned

Union City, GA

#275 Oct 15, 2012
This company is such a SCAM. A salesman came to my mothers house and sold her a system. My Mother was legally blind, there was a witness there at the time who didn't read the contract because she wasn't the one signing or paying. My Mom was going to move into a seniors apartment building in about a year, they had a waiting list. The salesman told my Mom she could cancel at any time. She moved in October 2008. This is now October 2012 they are sending me bills for a place she hasn't live in for 4 years and she has been dead 3 months. They sent me a copy of the contract the salesman lied it was for 5 years. He told her lies to get her to sign. I have tried to deal with these con artists but they say that they can't cancel an account without a death certificate. They were taking money out of her account unit she died. I live in a different state and didn't know any of this till she was terminally ill. Death is a matter of public record, and the agent told me they couldn't cancel without a death certificate because this was life saving equipment. Get real she was living in a retirement home the last 4 years of her life and now they are billing my dead mother sending it in her name to a different state but they can't cancel it. They lie, con, and keep taking money for services they aren't providing and won't let you cancel. Nothing but con artists, liars, and thieves. They have changed their name because of all their under handed dealings. IF YOU ARE SMART YOU WILL NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY THEY HAVE MANY FILINGS IN SEVERAL STATES FOR BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES. I did have to laugh though the agent wanted to know if I had an alarm system and said I should think about it. I told him Vivint would be the last people I would ever do business with-he says well it is documented we have the fastest response time yeah criminals do learn to move fast don't they? Buy a dog and get a gun, just don't pick Vivint.
jeff thompson

Milwaukee, WI

#276 Oct 23, 2012
Vivint is the WORST alarm company Iv'e ever dealt with. We called and cancelled our service with them on 8/15/12 before our next bill was due on 8/20/12. Then we got billed for august. When we called they said we have to fax a letter to cancel so we did on 9/11/12. Then we got billed for 9/20/12 because they said that we have to pay for any due dates that fall 30 days after they get our letter of cancellation. They withdrew $120 from the checking account and we didnt even have service with them any more. I then discover they withdrew another payment for October and we are supposedly going to get a refund.

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