Booneville, KY

#1 Jul 12, 2013
i love it what about you?

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#2 Jul 13, 2013
Whomper wrote:
i love it what about you?
I know chucky and kristy are bad on that stuff, as some others. It turns u into people that no one can trust and people that aren't who they were. I hope u get help, too many people dying from this, u will too!!!

Stanton, KY

#3 Jul 13, 2013
Whomper wrote:
i love it what about you?
If you're even able to read, you little coc* suc#er, read the front page of Saturday's Herald-Leader. Very sad and disturbing story about something you "love"?. It's time for you to get help NOW. Either way, you're still an azzhole for even posting this crap about something that KILLS!!

Columbus, IN

#4 Jul 14, 2013
Once you fall in love with junk, well your together for ever. First time I shot was in lexington back in the 90's. it changed my life and not for the better. Been clean for 8 years and things ain't never been like they was, now I can't have a meaniful relationship because junk made me feel better than a woman ever could.had to move to a small town in my home state where I didn't know anyone Had to give up on all my old freinds and I have trouble making new ones cause I have nothing in common with them. I can't sleep at night, can't eat some days, somedays I feel as dope sick as I was 2 days into the cure. And if you ever had the flu times that by 100 and that's what dope sickness feels like your blood pressure drops you can't sit still and any movement hurts. This is How you are going to feel when the brownstone from cincy is cut off. Maybe you will move to California and find out about black tar it makes that junk from Ohio look like goodys headache powder. I was lucky when I found out about tar "I lived thourgh it" I kicked by myself no NA no hospitals. But I'm stubborn and most people can't handle it. And when I kicked I had someone around that loved me. Now I'm doing the best I can hope you can survive like I did.

Georgetown, KY

#5 Jul 15, 2013
I know that Kentucky is the Disney land of weed in the east, but where the hell is all this heroin coming from? I know there has been a large spike of heroin use because I have seen several users ambling into my workplace at 3 am. What was it that led to this spike in heroin supply and demand?
so sad

Georgetown, KY

#6 Jul 15, 2013
Smoker wrote:
I know that Kentucky is the Disney land of weed in the east, but where the hell is all this heroin coming from? I know there has been a large spike of heroin use because I have seen several users ambling into my workplace at 3 am. What was it that led to this spike in heroin supply and demand?
The reason for the heroin spike is because new laws have made it harder for people to get pills. Therefore people are looking for alternatives. It's so sad to see people sink to this level but I have a dear family member that I have watched these drugs take over him. For many years I have watched him turn into someone I don't even know anymore. Now I disown him but always hope that one day he will realize his family loves him and only wants to see him come back to his senses and be the good man he used to be. To all the family members of these drug addicts, never stop trying to help make them better. It's a long and painful journey to watch them lose all sense of reality but never forget you love them and let them know you care and don't want to sit and wait to see the consequences.

Georgetown, KY

#7 Jul 15, 2013
But why heroin? Why the most addictive substance on the planet? Why not meth or crack or weed? Why not something that is easier to stop.
grow your own

Goshen, KY

#8 Jul 15, 2013
Heroin comes from the poppy flower. Look it up. People could grow their own opium poppies right here in the hills of KY or in your front yard. Its not illegal yet. Just don't get caught scraping the bloom pods, that is totally illegal.

Georgetown, KY

#9 Jul 15, 2013
What's the profit margins for heroin?

Richmond, KY

#10 Jul 15, 2013
I alway thought opium came from some jack leg factory out in Seattle some where . Who would have thunk it?
Just Saying

Richmond, KY

#11 Jul 15, 2013
Drugs have the potential to be the solution to their own problem: Give as much of the highest potency shit to every junkie that wants it, and when they OD, BANG! Problem solved, and tons cheaper than having to investigate, arrest, incarcerate, rehabilitate, and repeat over and over again. Also, will provide a highly visible and undeniable deterrent to others: Do drugs, you friggin die!

Georgetown, KY

#12 Jul 15, 2013
While I agree, I only think it should be the harder drugs. The problem is how do we distribute it.
Just Saying

Richmond, KY

#13 Jul 15, 2013
Drugs wrote:
While I agree, I only think it should be the harder drugs. The problem is how do we distribute it.
Never happen. My comment was less a real suggestion and more wishful thinking on my part.

As much as it makes sense from a logistical standpoint, I realize that people on the whole are generally too tenderhearted to support such action. Even if some state or territory were to kick off a pilot program and offer adults all the high-end, uncut drugs they wanted, the crying mother of the first fool to croak due to an OD would have news watchers, paper readers, preachers and activists calling for it to end.

The people of the country are conditioned by prevailing concepts of right and wrong that are directly opposed to the natural order of things - you know, the rules all life besides mankind must follow? Rules like: If you're too sorry to sustain yourself or avoid poisons and predators, you should die off? No, no, not humans! We've made it a point to think we're better than all that, so we have rules and holy texts and law books and social services to justify our abandonment of nature. We have dozens of laws and traditions and holy texts that tell us to instead coddle the loser and the failure. We are taught to value the quantity of human life over its quality.

These well-meaning but short-sighted pushovers would rather see hopeless recurring addicts forced to continue their endless cycles of crime and punishment and misery than be afforded an opportunity to OD, hoping that some measly few *might* break free from their addictions and survive.

Yet clinically and statistically, it just isn't so; more addicts keep using than ever quit, and many stand a good chance of dying for it. And even if they don't die, their life is guaranteed to be absolute shit - if it weren't, why would they continue to use drugs? They'll go on sponging and draining society, having zero positive influence on others or the world until their slow but inevitable end finally comes.

But rather than allowing or even aiding them to spare themselves and society all of that, we are compelled to make only token efforts, and to support the growing masses of hapless drug-addicted idiots and the messes they leave behind.

It's in our culture and pushed by our religions to be this way, and too few can see past it to the simpler, harsher, but more effective solutions to stupidity that have been around since life first began. It's taken many thousands of years for man to stray so far from these simple truths... How long til we re-awaken to them?

I won't hold my breath waiting.
Truth to Power

Charlestown, IN

#14 Jul 17, 2013
Drug addiction is a disease my friend which happens to afflict the poor and rich alike . Whether its illicit narcotics, legal prescription medication, or alcohol, all are highly addictive and pretty much here to stay. Until the powers that be finally start to understand that fact and act accordingly through a more treatment based approach vs punishment based ones for non violent drug offenses, nothing will change.

Louisville, KY

#15 Jul 17, 2013
All I can say is the funeral homes are raking the money in!
Works with them

Berea, KY

#16 Jul 17, 2013
I work in an adult rehab program. Here are some things I see every day: almost every I.V. Drug user gets hepatitis C, which is usually not curable, and if you treatments for it, they are described as "similar side effects as chemotherapy." So, if you try to treat it, you get really sick, and probably will not be cured. Many get HIV, and Hep B too, and I am seeing these diseases in 18, 19, 20, year olds, they are young, and think they are invincible, then they get this diagnosis while going through detox, and its psychologically difficult. Of course these diseases are also spread by intimate contact, and they put any future partners at risk. Due to the life style, I also see lots of users with STDs not needle spread.
Most users are thieves, they have had to steal to buy the stuff. They also lie to cover their use and the thieving. These aspects alone can contribute to families being torn apart.
Users are not emotionally stable, and this instability can last long after they detox, it's as if heroin rewires the pleasure and reward centers in the brain, and causes long term emotional damage, such as mood swings, aggression, depression, etc.
Users detoxing feel pain, especially they report leg pain, I guess that's why they call it kicking the habit. People who have been clean for months still report these pains to me.
Users if they are young when they start become trapped at that emotional stage of development as long as they are using, so I see 50 year olds reacting like 15 year olds. This is because they use the drug as an emotional crutch and have not developed coping skills.
Addicts get sick too, have babies, have to have surgeries, etc, and I have worked in the hospital setting previously, so I can also vouch that there is no safe amount of pain medication they will give that can cut the real physical pain in those circumstances once the tolerance level is so high, I have seen people lying in a bed screaming in pain, maxed out on morphine, and it does nothing for them because they are already taking opiates recreationally.
There is hope for people who want to quit, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and support, and the person must be dedicated to it, and remove themselves from the lifestyle and everyone in it.
If you are reading this and playing around with heroin, know that you can't play long before it will own you, it will ravage your body and your mind, maybe long term, it will turn you into a thief and a liar, even lying to yourself. It will destroy the bonds you have with family and true friends, and give you false friends who are there only for your money or your drugs. When you hit bottom, you get to meet me in a clinic and I will tell all this all over again as I hand you a lab result showing you have hep C for the rest of your life.
A side note to answer a previous question, most heroin here is from Mexico by way of Detroit.

United States

#17 Jul 19, 2013
Well said!

Elko, GA

#18 Sep 20, 2013
Smoker wrote:
But why heroin? Why the most addictive substance on the planet? Why not meth or crack or weed? Why not something that is easier to stop.
Really?! You think that meth is an easy drug to quit? Apparently you haven't noticed all the mobile meth labs and toothless people running around Kentucky! Crack is also a horrible drug that destroys lives also. As for weed it is not really a bad drug in my opinion. But you need to wake up if you think that Kentucky doesn't have a Meth problem. And the reason why people abuse heroin who are in pain is because it was used back in the old days for pain and crack and meth are not very good for pain. It doesn't matter if its heroin, meth, or crack all the above are bad drugs that destroy lives and families, none of them are good or a better choice. Especially not meth!

Irvine, KY

#20 Sep 25, 2013
The herion is coming out of Detroit where they made the perc 30s so hard to get now. Anyone that ever done Percs knows this..
car mat

Lexington, KY

#21 Sep 25, 2013
go for it shoot that heroin shoot a lot of it that way you die faster ,look you are a drug addict and no one cares about you,because you dont want to be free so shoot it baby allyou can get booyaaaah

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