Do black people have souls

South Africa

#43 Aug 13, 2012
i think people that think of all this stuff must remember if you spend your time worrying if the one next to you have a soul or not you forget about your own soul and own is a test a big test and its how you write it that depends on the designation, treat people like you want to be treated, and i know its hard even for me.

Wakeman, OH

#44 Sep 25, 2012
No they don't.. Just look into their dark soulless eyes for the proof. I believe, instead of becoming Angels when they die, blacks turn into bats..

Richmond, KY

#45 Sep 25, 2012

Then again, neither does anyone else; an immortal soul is just a made-up concept, part of ancient religious fairy tales to explain the unexplained at the time & to assuage the human fear of mortality & death. An ignorant throw-back to primitive foolishness... Kind of like racism.

Harrodsburg, KY

#47 Sep 25, 2012
Leave it to someone to pull this thread out again to incite more arguments. Blacks get upset at this and rightly so, then go on the offensive attacking all whites. Then it just snowballs as whites that aren't racist get upset at the black's responses and the everyone gets madder. Out of this further racism is born.

United States

#48 Oct 10, 2012
ignorant wrote:
1st of all the person that started this discussion is bored and ignorant. Black people are much better than white people they eat their children, they do all kinds of crazy stuff. 2nd 80% of inmates are in prison because of white people like you, and 99% of white people are standing in the welfare line, with those dirty face kids, no shoes on string hair, just dirty, i have never seen a black man hold a sign saying, "will work for food" just white people, take a strong look at yourself.
are u retarded? More than 70% of inmates are black. Google it. Hopefully ur smart enough to figure out why.

Berea, KY

#49 Oct 19, 2012
because black people are trying to prove they arnt slaves anymore thats why they got act like they are all tough cuz they have such hatred so they always getting into trounble trying to prove a pointless point plain and clear

United States

#50 Nov 15, 2012
Blacks decended from apes;go to the zoo youll see.

Richmond, KY

#51 Nov 15, 2012
what century do you ppl think this is? you nor I are any better than anyone else.there are stupid white ppl, stupid black ppl, stupid mexicans, chineze, japaneze, etc....the point is we are all humans.

Richmond, KY

#52 Nov 15, 2012
The only minority I discriminate against are racists - and they are the definite minority in this country; a dwindling throwback to age-old ignorance that know they have no place in the modern world, so they rage and rant and pout, but ultimately just embarrass themselves and anyone associated with them. They shouldn't vote, go to schools with our children, or be allowed in any reputable public place. They should never be allowed to breed or raise children. In fact, these mouth-breathing window-lickers should probably be eradicated so as to prevent them from infecting any more hapless children or imbeciles with their baseless lies and fearful, cowardly hate speech. Method of execution: Hung until death by the neck using white sheets.

Richmond, KY

#53 Nov 15, 2012
point proved about stupid ppl.

Easley, SC

#54 Mar 23, 2013
When it's your time to go and you have to watch a flashback of your life I bet you will feel all the hurt from that very moment you wrote that question. You will feel every word in the question. You shall feel each person that read it or responded to it...their rage, hurt, sadness at that very moment. It will be overwhelming pray that you are just confused and find a relationship with God. I will pray for you.

A Black Person With A Soul

Lagos, Nigeria

#55 Mar 24, 2013

New Baltimore, MI

#56 Apr 18, 2013
all humans have souls i'm black and yes
anyway the question is where are your souls going to end at. with all this decriminalization it's not heaven. better quite with all the hating basic on skin color.

Richmond, KY

#57 Apr 18, 2013
I have a soul, and unicorns are real, and bigfoot ate my homework.

I know I have a soul, because this book that says the earth is just a few thousand years old and the center of the universe says we all got this great big magical invisible sky daddy that loves us and had this jewish son that turned into a zombie for my sins. and they wants me to not drink or be gay or mow grass on sunday because it makes the evil invisible lava demon happy.

I know bout bigfoot and unicorns because they were in some other book, I think.

Yay souls!
surpriem being


#59 Dec 12, 2014
black people do not have souls they are ape like that have evolved through time i have often pondered this question myself and have concluded with the same answer .its like owning a dog or a monkey they have evolved to a point or rather have been trained in the confines of white society or by there white masters you only have to look at the average black African to ad credence to the argument they have not done much better than monkeys with out the aid of the white man. white people only have to look at there Owen ancestry as prof that we evolved totally differently through a different species
EinsteinsLeftSho e

Richmond, KY

#60 Dec 13, 2014
This is why other countries hate America, we have all types of ignorant, backwards, uneducated brain dead people here that take everything for granted. They've never set foot outside of this country, nor interacted much with any foreigner, no understanding of any other culture but American. What happened to the American diplomat? What happened to the types of people that made this country great?
Black, white, whatever color this country is built on their shoulders and most don't even realize this. We Americans lack insight on what the outside world is, and most are content not to give a rats posterior! This is what makes our once proud country a cess pit, full of uneducated, illiterate, back wards thinking, family destroying, riot causing, welfare collecting, proud Americans.
This is a blind country leading a blind people, make it your goal to become educated and knowledgable and maybe we can bring Lady Liberty back on her feet!
Almost Amused

Richmond, KY

#61 Dec 13, 2014
Wondering wrote:
I have heard that animals do not have souls, but where do blacks fit into this equation? If it is true, as science has shown, that blacks are decended from apes, then do they have souls?
I read a few days ago that the Pope says all living things have souls.

Maybe your soul is corrupt?

Racism and ignorance are not attractive. You are stupid. I hope that you do not pass on your genes.
hedi from cali

Merced, CA

#62 Dec 15, 2014
Wondering wrote:
I have heard that animals do not have souls, but where do blacks fit into this equation? If it is true, as science has shown, that blacks are decended from apes, then do they have souls?
are you that stupid?
hedi from cali

Merced, CA

#63 Dec 15, 2014
are you really that stupid?
hedi from cali

Merced, CA

#64 Dec 15, 2014
Wondering wrote:
I have heard that animals do not have souls, but where do blacks fit into this equation? If it is true, as science has shown, that blacks are decended from apes, then do they have souls?
are you really that stupid

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