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#1 Jan 4, 2013
You can keep deletein ill keep rightin it everybody need to know that your a child molester

Louisville, KY

#2 Jan 15, 2013
Who is Shorty? Is shorty an ex
Know the Guy

Tucker, GA

#3 Jan 15, 2013
I think not.

If it's the same guy I see at work every day, I know for a damn fact that he'd not have the job he has or even be allowed on the premises if he'd been involved in such criminal proceedings as you claim. Our workplace does thorough and ongoing background investigations on all employees due to the sensitive nature of what we do. Too many bills or speeding tickets and you get the axe, so I *know* he'd not be here if what you say had even a shred of truth to it.

If I'm wrong, please post links to the arrest(s) or court conviction(s) as they appeared in the news or the papers ( or ), as such would surely exist, if your claims were true.

Because unless you're just an obsessed, jilted ex, and/or some baselessly defaming, worthless Topix troll, you should be not only able, but eager, to prove your claims.

Otherwise, it's obvious you are full of crap, and no one should take you or your accusations as anything but the rants of a spiteful liar.

We'll be looking for those links, Precious. Til then, you're full of shit.
Know the Guy

Tucker, GA

#4 Jan 17, 2013 should be :-P

What? No links? How unsurprising! Awfully hard, I imagine, to provide evidence of something you made up.

Myth: Busted.
piano duster

Portage, MI

#5 Jan 18, 2013
Mike is a no good loser who sleeps at work so he can beat his wife. He's molested two of his daughters. It's just a matter of time before they come forward and put that piece of shit away.
Know the Guy

United States

#6 Jan 18, 2013
Still no links to newspaper listings of charges or convictions, just unfounded hearsay? Sorry, not buying it. Neither should anyone else.

You're not the first pissy shit-talker to get on here & lie on someone they were mad at. Look around this forum: It's full of gossip & lies posted by cowards and character snipers who quiver and hide behind the pseudo-anonymity of fake names on Topix. Just like those pouting children (plus a good number of adults that also act like brats) when asked for proof, you just repeat your lies. How typical.

If you can't back up your claims, you're just making a bigger ass of yourself for all to see by repeating/compounding them.

You're quick to post this man's name; you really should post your own name so we can know who the crybaby liar is we're dealing with.

Of course, if Mike wanted to, he could hire an attorney and press a civil defamation case. Said lawyer could then ask the court to compel Topix to release your IP address, and likewise compel your Internet/mobile provider to use the time & IP address to identify you. Any US-based so-called "private" proxy also must keep access logs to comply with federal homeland security laws, that can't save you. And public wireless hotspots have logs that include times and MAC addresses that will also ID you through your access device.

Lotta work for the lawyer & courts, mind you, but the court, tech & legal costs will be included in the civil judgement against you. It's happened before; Google for news stories of Topix-related defamation & bullying cases for more info if you're too stupid to believe me.

But, since you're so obviously and completely full of shit, and no one takes Topix BS seriously anyway, it's not like anyone believes you, so no *real* harm is being done, even if the law sees it differently.

I'm looking forward to what you'll come up with next :-P I quite enjoy picking apart your delusions and mocking you. I might even tell Mike about this thread, so he can either laugh along with me... or take whatever action he sees fit. Then again, it's probably not worth his time, is it? If he gave half-a-shit about you, you wouldn't be resorting to insulting him on Topix.

What a loser you must be.
Know the Guy

Richmond, KY

#8 Jan 21, 2013
Oh, she "stated" it?


You're telling me (hearsay) that she told you (hearsay x2) something?

Wow. What conclusive proof you (still don't) have...


"Charges" would imply that you, or I (and I've looked) or anyone could then find SOME mention, SOME line or two, on SOME public news or newspaper site or the public court docket. Such info is public, and published. The local TV stations are more than happy to out such people, as well.

But no. I was unable to find any such evidence of your claims anywhere. And clearly, neither were you, because you still haven't posted a damned thing, other than your repeated, broken-record of lies.

How much more epic failure would you like to demonstrate in your petty quest to get back at this guy?

Come clean and tell us truthfully: Did him hurt it's widdle feel-bads? Did it get it's widdle heart broke? Did ooo not get what ooo thought ooo was gonna get when things went bad? Pooooor baby!

Your Topix-tantrum is childish and embarrassing, but not very original. You're not the first liar to be exposed as a vengeful trollop trying to get even, or some other wounded or spiteful acquaintance that feels helpless and turns to Topix to try and exact some cheap digital come-uppings.

Facts remain: He's still employed at a place that would terminate him on the spot if anything you've said were remotely factual, and you have continually and consistently failed to back up anything you've said with anything but hearsay and supposition that no one with any critical thinking skills would ever believe.

So yeah, you've failed.

Think again wrote:
His daughter's mother in-law works at the depot as well and stated that both daughters have pressed charges for molestation. So, obviously you don't know the guy.

Louisville, KY

#10 Jan 21, 2013
I think the person out of Il is Lily his Ex I bet it is she will say anything to start shit on Mike
Know the Guy

Richmond, KY

#11 Jan 22, 2013
Think again wrote:
Your a douche bag, BGAD can not fire you on the spot, because of the union. That one guy was stealing Ammo and it took BGAD forever to completely terminate him. Obviously you must a gaurd out there, so basically you're a complete waste time and money.
The ammo situation would have required investigation, and while the investigation was pending, sure, the employee would not be terminated until it had concluded. But he was probably put on admin leave, or restricted from secure areas.

The crap you're accusing Mike of, on the other hand, is of an immediately compromising sort, security clearance-wise. Were any of it true, he'd be immediately denied access. If any of it were even pending, and somehow he was allowed at work, he'd not be allowed in sensitive areas.

Neither is the case.

Therefore, you are STILL full of shit.
Know the Guy

Richmond, KY

#12 Jan 22, 2013
John wrote:
I think the person out of Il is Lily his Ex I bet it is she will say anything to start shit on Mike
Of course it is. That or some other prior acquaintance; some other equally worthless and powerless idiot, thinking that they can just throw any old lie up on the internet and not be challenged by people who actually know better.

Mike served his country honorably in the military, and continues to do so as a civilian employee. I'm sure he's not perfect: He's not always the nicest of fellows - hell, he can be quite the asshole when he wants to be. And clearly, on at least one occasion, he's had dealings with a complete psycho-bitch with a propensity for out-right lies and deceit.

But by the very nature of his long and current/continued employment in a position where he and his record are routinely monitored to assure continued integrity, he is most definitely NOT a criminal. And that fact will trump internet hearsay and shit-talk every time.

But if this person wishes to continue making a complete and utter fool of themselves on a childish and failed quest to lie on a man for petty revenge, that's between them, The Good Lord, and whoever raised them to be such a poor and dismal excuse for a human being. However, MY momma raised me to call bullshit when I see it, and these "accusations" are obviously - and provably - just that.

Henderson, KY

#13 Jan 23, 2013
LOL is this the same jack*** who lived on a turpin dr with a overweight blonde **** and his 5 yr old kid, hes such a prick. he **** & whines blaming *** on ppl that theyre hurting his kid and they havent done **** to the kid in the first place. hes a overactive bumbling sob that needs to be in the ground & have the kid taken away from him. he was flirting with some 15 yr olds that lived next door to him while that boar pig gf of his was sometimes out of town.
Know the Guy

United States

#14 Jan 23, 2013
anna wrote:
LOL is this the same jack*** who lived on a turpin dr with a overweight blonde **** and his 5 yr old kid, hes such a prick. he **** & whines blaming *** on ppl that theyre hurting his kid and they havent done **** to the kid in the first place. hes a overactive bumbling sob that needs to be in the ground & have the kid taken away from him. he was flirting with some 15 yr olds that lived next door to him while that boar pig gf of his was sometimes out of town.

**WARNING! The following paragraph is a test of the Sarcastic Response System**

"Wow. With all of that inside info about his whereabouts and his family, you couldn't POSSIBLY be some disgruntled, spurned ex or friend-of-an-ex, pissy & mad at his new woman (who you notably insult multiple times in your post). SURELY you're just a concerned citizen offering up the facts merely for public awareness. Gee, thanks for your kind, non-biased and HIGHLY RELIABLE contribution. You're TOTALLY believable."

**This has been a test of the Sarcasm Response System. Had the above paragraph been an actual declaration of my belief, I would need to have my head examined for being as much of a dimwitted twat as the person to whom it replies.**


Notice, Readers, how the theme of defamation has shifted from easily disproven lies about the man's criminality, and has now resorted to petty insults of both the man and his new love interest.

Having so utterly failed to attack the man's character by being countered with direct requests for evidence of earlier claims (which were then utterly punked by irrefutable facts to the contrary), the defamer(s) now show their TRUE colors, lashing out and insulting the man and his new, clearly improved woman. It really does read, like a childish schoolyard tantrum, doesn't it?

Just when I think that Mike's hater(s) can't fail any more completely, they lower the bar even further: Notice that the defamer also attempts to refute a claim of child abuse allegedly made by Mike against another? And yet Mike has the kid while the other party does not.

What does THAT tell us?

Simple: That Mike has not only been deemed a law-abiding and upstanding citizen by continuous background checks during the course of his government job, but also, he has been selected as the more fit parent of his child by the local courts, as well. This is not opinion. This is fact.

So what does ALL OF THIS tell us about the claims being made by his detractors, and about the caliber and character of the detractors themselves?

It's becoming pretty obvious, I should think.

I can only guess at what will follow. To what new low will the hater(s) sink? How much more will they display their own stupidity, deceitfulness, petty jealousy, and even admissions of their parental failure? Will a new word for "extreme failure" need to be invented so we can describe them and their ongoing efforts? "Superfail" or perhaps "Megafail?" Maybe "Ultrafail?" Can words even begin to cover it?

Stay tuned!
Know the Guy

United States

#15 Jan 23, 2013
"Anna-Lily Fail?"
Know the Guy

United States

#16 Jan 23, 2013
"Shorty PianoDuster Fail?"
Know the Guy

United States

#17 Jan 23, 2013
"I Can See Why Anyone Would Leave You And Try To Forget Your Triflin'-Ass Name -Fail?"

Paris, KY

#18 Mar 3, 2013
I'm his daughter

Georgetown, KY

#19 Mar 3, 2013
hent to school with him never even knew he ever hada gf, never new guy to do wrong but isa dipstick and can overstep his bounds with people at time because of it. But Ther is no good god damm reason to accuse any man of such a thing with out backing it up!!!!!!! If your not lying and defaming the man call the cops and file a report let them know!! Otherwise your allowing a man to commit the worst of crime and deserve the same prison sentence!!

Course your lying obviously by your name change but too FUKKINN STUPID!!!! To change your ip loctation like all high school drop out whores whos dads porbally really did molest them!!

!!!!!!!!SO PUT UP OR SHUT THE FUKK UP!!!!!!!!!

I don't even like the guy but I'll be damned if any bitccc defames and accuses a man of such a horrid thing without cause and reason lil lone proof!!

Paris, KY

#20 Mar 20, 2013
lily is my big brother ex girlfriend im sorry if thinkin im talkin about him but no im talkin about our father mike tiravanti

Richmond, KY

#21 Mar 22, 2013
Still nothing but bullshit without any evidence of actual crimes committed or even charges being filed.

Each post made by anyone with claims of wrongdoing, still with no links to any bookings, court listings, articles or announcements confirming their claims, is a wasted post.

No one with any sense believes otherwise.

The fact that any evidence of their claims, any at all, has been requested and re-requested, and even independently looked for, and still has yet to be found or to appear here, tells everyone reading all they need to know, no matter who claims themselves to be what relative or person close to the accused. If anything, such a person should be even more able to find and post a link to something to confirm their claims/lies, and still they fail.

The only thing yet to be learned at this point is just how much MORE foolish, spiteful, deceitful and defamatory do these accusers wish to appear to the readers of this forum - without evidence, each further post merely compounds that appearance.

It really is getting quite ridiculous.

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